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Photographer Manipulates Architecture to Create an Imaginary World

Regardless of what field designers specialize in, they are capable of translating their ideas and fantasies into visible and tangible material. After all, a designer's principle is quite simple: If it doesn't exist, create it.

For his final photography exam, Szabó Viktor took photos of existing buildings and manipulated them into structures that only exist in his imagination.

© Szabó Viktor © Szabó Viktor © Szabó Viktor © Szabó Viktor + 18

Mayank Thammalla Transforms the Venetian Canals into an Architectural Canvas

Nothing is ordinary about the Italian city of Venice. Whether it is the vividly-colored architecture that dates back to Gothic and Byzantine eras, or the fact that the city is floating on water, culturally-rich Venice is an intriguing destination for people of all backgrounds and interests.

With every visit to Venice, London-based architect and photographer Mayank Thammalla found himself discovering new scenic views of the city, ones that are often tucked beneath its architecture. In his recent photographic series ‘Echoes of Venice’, Thammalla used the canal ripples as his canvas and displayed the deteriorating architecture of Venice from a unique, inverted perspective.

© Mayank Thammalla © Mayank Thammalla © Mayank Thammalla © Mayank Thammalla + 22

Düsseldorf University's Brutalist Architecture Through the Lens of Luciano Spinelli

Although Brutalist architecture is often criticized for its raw, unfinished look, it has been frequently used in the design of public buildings, with many becoming iconic landmarks. Some architects chose to break away from typical concrete structures and implemented a pop of color on the walls, window frames, and flooring, adding some dynamism to the monotonous palette.

Shot with a Leica M6 film camera, architecture and interior design photographer Luciano Spinelli photographed the Düsseldorf University campus, displaying the contrast between its brutalist architecture and vibrant design features.

Fernando Higueras’ La Corona de Espinas Through the Lens of Zisko Gómez

Madrid-based architectural photographer Zisko Gómez captures the recently-growing interest in Spanish architect Fernando Higueras with his photo series of Higueras’ “La Corona de Espinas,” or “The Crown of Thorns.” The building is currently headquarters to the Spanish Cultural Heritage Institute and contemporary art foundation ICO recently organized an exhibition in Madrid of Higueras’ work.

© Zisko Gómez © Zisko Gómez © Zisko Gómez © Zisko Gómez + 42

Explore Brazil's Architecture Studios Through the Lens of Marc Goodwin

Architectural photographer Marc Goodwin recently visited Brazil to continue on his journey documenting the world's architecture offices. Expanding on his current list, he's already visited Panama City, the Netherlands, Dubai, London, Paris, Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, the Nordic countries, Barcelona, and Los Angeles. In Brazil, Marc photographed 20 offices across a range of scales and project types. Find out more about the individual offices and the city they are a part of through Marc's feature.

© Marc Goodwin © Marc Goodwin © Marc Goodwin © Marc Goodwin + 38

Gallery: Chinese Blue by Sebastian Weiss

Name: Chinese Blue

Photographer: Sebastian Weiss

Location: Beijing

Year: September 2018

Bumps / SAKO Architects. Image © Sebastian Weiss CCTV Headquarters / OMA. Image © Sebastian Weiss National Centre for the Performing Arts / Paul Andreu. Image © Sebastian Weiss Mandarin Oriental / OMA. Image © Sebastian Weiss + 20

Discover 20 Years of Tokyo's Development Through the Lens of Peter M. Cook

British architectural photographer Peter M. Cook has documented the city of Tokyo and its evolution for more than twenty years. Following the development of the city and its buildings with a large-format camera, Cook's first book of photographs have been published by Hatje Cantz Verlag with 100 shots. The monochromatic, large-format photographs reveal a story of one of the world's most iconic cities.

© Peter M. Cook © Peter M. Cook © Peter M. Cook © Peter M. Cook + 10

Gallery: Monolicious by Sebastian Weiss

Name: Monolicious

Photographer: Sebastian Weiss

Location: Milan

Year: 2018

Sheraton Hotel Malpensa Airport / King Roselli Architetti. Image © Sebastian Weiss Universita Luigi Bocconi / Grafton Architects. Image © Sebastian Weiss Chiesa di Maria Immacolata di Longuelo / Giuseppe Pizzigoni. Image © Sebastian Weiss Palazzo Mondadori / Oscar Niemeyer. Image © Sebastian Weiss + 12

Top 5 Courtyard Installations at Milan Design Week Through the Lens of Laurian Ghinitoiu

Over the past few days, exceptional products have been exhibited at the Salone del Mobile, ranging from furniture pieces and light fixtures, to textiles and finishes. As part of Milan Design Week, the Salone saw impressive collaborations with architects and the use of never-seen-before materials, all displayed at the Milan Fairgrounds, while some projects — too grand and imposing for a constraint exhibition — took place at the second part of the event, the Fuorisalone.

Take a look at some of the most remarkable outdoor installations at the Milan Design Week 2019 captured by the lens of architectural photographer Laurian Ghinitoiu.

Temporary Exhibition by Space Encounters. Image © Laurian Ghinitoiu Conifera by COS x Mamou-Mani. Image © Laurian Ghinitoiu Echo by Pezo von Ellrichshausen . Image © Laurian Ghinitoiu La Foresta dei Violini by Piuarch. Image © Laurian Ghinitoiu + 22

RCR - VII International Workshop of Audiovisual and Photography

The workshop has the aim of broadening knowledge of audiovisual and photography, centered in Architecture and Space. The course develops from the approach to the territory and architecture of RCR and combines reflection on Visual Arts and its implementation in practice through creative work. The exercises are raised around the awakening of the senses, stimulating the creation of images that make us experience wanting to touch, listen and be in this specific place.

Explore Panama City's Design Studios Through the Lens of Marc Goodwin

Architectural photographer Marc Goodwin recently visited Panama City to continue on his journey documenting the world's architecture offices. He's already featured an impressive list, including the Netherlands, Dubai London, Paris, Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, the Nordic countries, Barcelona, and Los Angeles. In Panama, Marc photographed a range of work spaces across eight offices, from a studio of five people all the way up to 200. Looking outside and in, he captured both the spaces where designers work and glimpses into the city itself.

Mallol Arquitectos. Image © Marc Goodwin SKETCH. Image © Marc Goodwin Pinzon Lozano & Asoc. Arquitectos. Image © Marc Goodwin Femur arquitectura. Image © Marc Goodwin + 17

A Soviet Union of Historic Images

What would historic cities look like if scale didn’t exist and functions were manipulated?

Dutch artist Tamara Stoffers found inspiration from an old Soviet Union book published in the early 1960s, which featured images of mass-housing apartment blocks without any ornamentation or color. The book highlighted the symmetry and functionality of Soviet architecture, representing what a communist future strived to look like. It became clear to her that a lot of stories lie in the history of USSR that deserve to be explored.

Stoffers' admiration extended beyond Russian architecture, looking at everyday objects, banners, postcards, and books. In a matter of 4-5 years, she put together a series of surreal collages taken from more than 30 picture books. The images, which seemed intriguing on their own, were mixed and matched with complementary photographs in an exaggerated, amusing way, presenting the Soviet Union as never seen before.

Kalinin Prospekt. Image © Tamara Stoffers Voronezh. Image © Tamara Stoffers Baku. Image © Tamara Stoffers Cathedral of St. Sophia. Image © Tamara Stoffers + 15

Gallery: City of Light by Sebastian Weiss

Name: City of Light

Photographer: Sebastian Weiss

Location: Lisbon

Year: March 2019

Hospital de Santa Maria / Hermann Distel. Image © Sebastian Weiss Gare do Oriente / Santiago Calatrava. Image © Sebastian Weiss National Archive of Torre do Tombo / Ateliers Associados. Image © Sebastian Weiss Champalimaud Center for the Unknown / Charles Correa Associates. Image © Sebastian Weiss + 17

Dust, Cracked Walls, and Enchanting Artwork

Magic lies in architectural ruins. Beneath the dirt and mold, fractured walls and deserted rooms still stand, preserving the remains that have lingered long after their owners' departure.

During his explorations of abandoned places across Europe, photographer Romain Veillon stumbled upon enchanting frescoes and paintings that were left to fade in the parlors of the aristocrats. Veillon became keen on finding more of these imaginary museums across the continent, and to his chance, managed to discover many in France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, and Portugal.

Before their art is forgotten and their houses quietly rust away, Veillon captured the murals found in these haute bourgeoisie family houses, which illustrate stories of the cities they lay in and the people they once belonged to.

© Romain Veillon © Romain Veillon © Romain Veillon © Romain Veillon + 37

The Virtues and Limits of Photography in the Representation of Architecture: Five Photographers Share their Perspectives

As a way of representing architecture, photography has certain undisputed qualities. With it, it is possible to present to a project from a distant corner of the globe to people anywhere in the world, showing everything from general views to internal spaces and constructive details - extending the reach and, in a way, the access to the architecture.

But like any other form of representation, it is not infallible. Even as technological advances allow for ever more well-defined images and editing software offer tools to retouch and even alter aspects of the built space, photography by its very nature lacks the means to convey sensory and tactile aspects of architecture. It is not possible - at least not satisfactorily - to experience the textures, sounds, feelings, and scents of spaces through static images.

Faculdade de Biologia Celular e Genética / Héctor Fernández Elorza. Madri, Espanha. Image © Montse Zamorano Sesc Pompeia / Lina Bo Bardi. São Paulo, Brasil.. Image © Manuel Sá The Sales Center in Wenzhou TOD New Town / NAN Architects. Wenzhou, China. Image © FangFang Tian Tate Modern Switch House / Herzog & de Meuron. Londres, Reino Unido. Image © Laurian Ghinitoiu + 15

New Documentary on Portuguese Photographer Fernando Guerra Follows His Journey Through Architecture

“The Flying Photographer” is the name of the documentary that will showcase Sara Nunes (architectural film director from Building Pictures) following the amazing journey of Fernando Guerra during the period of one year of travel to get the best architecture photographs from around the world.

17 Bauhaus Instagram Feeds to Follow

Celebrate Bauhaus 100 through the world's number one visual storytelling platform, Instagram. An essential tool for designers, Instagram is a constantly growing digital database of market sharing and stimulation. Social media has changed not only how we gather precedents and market our designs, but also our designs themselves. "Instagram Culture" drives designers to create more shareable moments. As we continue to seek these dynamic encounters, let us not forget our forefathers of user experience design and the Bauhaus school.

The Brutal Majesty of Bratislava's Slovak Radio Tower, Through the Lens of Alexandra Timpau

© Alexandra Timpau, Alex Shoots Buildings
© Alexandra Timpau, Alex Shoots Buildings

Opening in the late 1980s after more than ten years of construction, the Slovak Radio Tower is an unmissable feature in the landscape of Bratislava. The building, an inverted pyramid of steel frame construction, was designed by Štefan Svetko, Štefan Ďurkovič, and Barnabáš Kissling during the height of socialist realism.

© Alexandra Timpau, Alex Shoots Buildings © Alexandra Timpau, Alex Shoots Buildings © Alexandra Timpau, Alex Shoots Buildings The Brutal Majesty of Bratislava's Slovak Radio Tower, Through the Lens of Alexandra Timpau + 19