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Dengfenglai Guest House / ZX STUDIO

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Zhoushan, China
  • Architects: ZX STUDIO
  • Area Area of this architecture project Area:  400
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year:  2019

Open Call: Berlin Bohemian Hostel

Berlin is the 21st century contemporary world’s ideal capital. The city left its torrid history behind to quickly grow and cement itself into the intellectual and cultural core of the world. Berlin is the epicenter of any new movement that starts to demolish the old-world order. Ever since the wall came down in 1989, Berlin has been known as a bohemian paradise, a place where the empty spaces between east and west could be pioneered and inhabited by the most creative types, who could create and carouse with impunity. Numerous artists from across the globe have taken full advantage of Berlin’s transition period throughout the 1990s and 2000s to find gallery and performance spaces in the most unexpected places. The underground art scene is very modern, very edgy and relatively unlimited in the city of Berlin.

Together Hostel / Cao Pu Studio

  • Architects: Cao Pu Studio
  • Area Area of this architecture project Area:  800
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year:  2017

MASA Studio’s Competition-Winning Hostels Combine Modularity and Tradition for Cancer Patients

With a modular composition inspired by traditional sub-Saharan African building typologies, MASA Studio’s safe lodging proposal for Tanzanian cancer victims has been selected as the winner of the Hostels for Hope competition, which called for solutions to issues of health and safety in regards to the rehabilitation of cancer victims away from home in rural Africa. Organized by Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon, an international foundation combatting women’s cancers, the competition responds to the unfortunate decision that thousands of Tanzanian women have to make every year – to travel great lengths for unaffordable treatment and lodging, or to remain at home unable to fight the disease.

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GRAFT Wins Competition to Restore and Extend Youth Hostel in Munich

GRAFT Architects have won an invited competition to restore and extend one of Germany's oldest youth hostels in central Munich, Germany. Their proposal, which was judged alongside designs by haascookzemmrich (Stuttgart), Snøhetta (Oslo), and YES Architecture (Munich), centers around the idea of "experiencing community." Their proposal enables exchange and communication whilst also alluding to the "established traditions of simple traveling, youthful curiosity and the thirst for encounter." Connecting the historic quality of the building with the challenges of modern habits and traveling practices, their design "builds a bridge between origins and departure."