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Photographer Manipulates Architecture to Create an Imaginary World

06:00 - 23 June, 2019
Photographer Manipulates Architecture to Create an Imaginary World, © Szabó Viktor
© Szabó Viktor

Regardless of what field designers specialize in, they are capable of translating their ideas and fantasies into visible and tangible material. After all, a designer's principle is quite simple: If it doesn't exist, create it.

For his final photography exam, Szabó Viktor took photos of existing buildings and manipulated them into structures that only exist in his imagination.

© Szabó Viktor © Szabó Viktor © Szabó Viktor © Szabó Viktor + 18

An (ab)Normal Take on Architectural Representations

04:00 - 10 May, 2019
An (ab)Normal Take on Architectural Representations, © (ab)Normal
© (ab)Normal

Contemporary visualization tools have rendered exceptional illustrations, proving to be crucial in architectural representations today. However, some choose to explore objects in unprecedented manners instead of diving into "digital post-collage", unleashing different realms of design.

Created as an experimentation of visual narratives, (ab)Normal is a graphic patchwork that expresses design, scenography, illustration, architectures, and social utopias of a culture that revolves heavily around Internet, gaming, and religion. The iconographic images, which particularly focus on architectural representation, explore all the potentials of rendering, deconstructing, and reassembling photo-realism with a different hierarchies.

Jesus. Image © (ab)Normal Omotesando. Image © (ab)Normal The Ten Reincarnations of the Self. Image © (ab)Normal Unleashed. Image © (ab)Normal + 11

Easter Egg Hunt: Architecture Edition

06:30 - 21 April, 2019
Easter Egg Hunt: Architecture Edition , © Chanel Dehond
© Chanel Dehond

Now that it's time for the Easter Holidays, kids (and young-at-heart adults) will be busy searching for colorful eggs hidden here and there. As for you architecture lovers, illustrator Chanel Dehond took egg hunts to the next level and found a way to make the activity a bit more relatable.

Take a look at Dehond's eggceptional collection of illustrations, inspired by some of your favorite structures from all over the world.

© Chanel Dehond © Chanel Dehond © Chanel Dehond © Chanel Dehond + 22

Award-Winning Sketching App 'Concepts' Releases New Update Including Customized Brushes

08:00 - 4 July, 2018
Courtesy of David Clynk
Courtesy of David Clynk

Being a 21st-century designer is not always a walk in the park, but it certainly has its perks. Fortunately, innovative product and software designers have created numerous programs that transform our ideas and visions into visual and tangible reality.

Concepts, the “next-generation design platform” is an iOS application, suitable for all design and engineering fields. Accommodating almost 80% of all design tasks, product designers, fashion designers, game designers, and industrial engineers can benefit from what the application has to offer. The TopHatch creation - which is trusted by leading designers at Disney, Apple, Nike, PlayStation, Unity, and several other leading corporations - was initiated as a simple prototype, and gradually built on feedback and innovative updates.

Following our Top Apps for Architects article, the award-winning vector-based app, is launching a brand new update, with exclusive features that enable a limitless, customized, and more precise creative experience, exclusively shared with ArchDaily readers.

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Courtesy of Concepts Courtesy of Concepts Courtesy of Concepts Courtesy of Concepts + 16