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12 Steps to a Successful Critique

Juries, assessments, 15 minutes of hell... no matter what you call it, a critique is always agonizing. Regardless of how confident you are with your proposal and how much thought and effort you have put into every detail, at least one of the jury members will make sure to find something to complain about.

To prepare you for upcoming juries, artist Chanel Dehond has illustrated 12 steps to having a successful critique (or surviving one, at least).

The Petty Crimes of Architects

Everyone is blameworthy for at least one bad habit / behavior at his/her workplace: talking on the phone too loudly, stealing someone else's mug, walking around the office with a very odorous lunch...

After a little reunion with her friends who work in the architecture field, illustrator Chanel Dehond couldn't help but notice a few "crimes" that almost all architects are guilty of.

Take a look at Dehond's illustrations of the petty crimes done by architects and designers.

Easter Egg Hunt: Architecture Edition

Now that it's time for the Easter Holidays, kids (and young-at-heart adults) will be busy searching for colorful eggs hidden here and there. As for you architecture lovers, illustrator Chanel Dehond took egg hunts to the next level and found a way to make the activity a bit more relatable.

Take a look at Dehond's eggceptional collection of illustrations, inspired by some of your favorite structures from all over the world.

© Chanel Dehond © Chanel Dehond © Chanel Dehond © Chanel Dehond + 22

The Many Faces of Hudson Yards' Vessel

Hudson Yards’ Large Honeycomb… Hudson Yards’ New Shawarma Sculpture…”
Call it what you want, but the Vessel has created quite a buzz over the past couple of weeks, and it is not just because of its impressive architecture, or the panoramic view at the top (to which some claimed that getting there was an uncalled for work-out).

After coming across different nicknames of Hudson Yards’ now-famous point of attraction, architectural designer and illustrator Chanel Dehond selected some of the most amusing ones and transformed them into sketches.

Tell us, ArchDaily readers, what do you call the Vessel?

The Hoberman . Image © Chanel Dehond The Basket . Image © Chanel Dehond The Beehive . Image © Chanel Dehond The Faberge Egg. Image © Chanel Dehond + 11

These Chimney Sections Show Santa's Magical Shape-Shifting Abilities

Oh no! Santa is stuck in the chimney again! For many children, there is nothing more terrifying yet thrilling than the thought of waking up to see a pair of black leather boots and red pants dangling from the fireplace on Christmas morning—maybe he ate one cookie too many.

Chimneys come in all different shapes, styles, and sizes. With the thousands of chimneys Santa squeezes down every Christmas Eve, it makes you wonder about the maneuvers, tips, and tricks he uses to shimmy down even the most unusual of spaces. Santa’s maneuvers are caught, mid-squeeze, in this series of section drawings by illustrator Chanel Dehond. With some wacky chimney shapes, perhaps shape-shifting can be added to Santa’s list of magical abilities!