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Fernando Higueras: The Latest Architecture and News

Quatre Caps Explores the Unbuilt Architecture of Fernando Higueras in a Series of Images

Quatre Caps, a group of architects from Spain visualized in a series of images, the unbuilt works of Fernando Higueras. In fact, the pictures portray the buildings in their context, as if they were built back when they were first conceived.

© QuatreCaps© QuatreCaps© QuatreCaps© QuatreCaps+ 14

Fernando Higueras’ La Corona de Espinas Through the Lens of Zisko Gómez

Madrid-based architectural photographer Zisko Gómez captures the recently-growing interest in Spanish architect Fernando Higueras with his photo series of Higueras’ “La Corona de Espinas,” or “The Crown of Thorns.” The building is currently headquarters to the Spanish Cultural Heritage Institute and contemporary art foundation ICO recently organized an exhibition in Madrid of Higueras’ work.

© Zisko Gómez© Zisko Gómez© Zisko Gómez© Zisko Gómez+ 42

Architecture City Guide: 20 Places Every Architect Should Visit in Madrid

Madrid is unfathomable. If the city itself is immense, it´s examples of interesting architecture are overwhelming. For over a half a century, Madrid has been an experimental laboratory for modern and contemporary architecture in Spain. With numerous examples of innovative and experimental architecture, as well as many failures, few of which are valued and recognized. This selection seeks to show archetypal examples of architecture that have transcended time; it does not intend to be an exhaustive list of the city´s architectural works. Many will think that the list lacks important buildings and personally, I couldn´t agree more. That is perhaps the beauty of Madrid: there is a diversity of opinion, there are thousands of sites to see, the city surprises you with every step you take.

Poblado Dirigido de Caño RotoZarzuela Hippodrome. Image © Ana AmadoCiudad BBVA. Image © Joel FilipePrimer Puente impreso en 3D del mundo. Image Cortesía de IAAC+ 21

45 Years of Architecture Model Photography in Spain

138 images, 14 albums, 20 magazines, 13 original models and one projection are part of Modeling for the Camera: Photography of architectural models in Spain, 1925-1970, the current exhibition of the ICO Museum in Madrid, curated by Iñaki Bergera, PhD of Architecture from the University of Navarra.

The exhibition is tied to the book of the same name that was published in 2016, edited by La Fábrica and the Ministry of Public Works (Spain). In times when 3D visualization software has popularized, accelerated and perfected the rendering industry, both materials choose to value the legacy of architectural model photography in the 20th century.

Club Táchira, Caracas (Venezuela), 1956. Architects: Eduardo Torroja Miret and José Fructoso Vivas Vivas. Image © Modern construction archives- Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Alberto Sartoris. © García MoyaPreliminary design outdoor gazebo for music band. National Prize of Architecture, 1962. Architect: Juan Daniel Fullaondo Errazu. Image © Paco Gómez Archive / Foto Colectania FoundationHeadquarters of JORBA Laboratories, Madrid, 1965. Architect: Miguel Fisac ​​Serna. Image © C. Jiménez. Fisac ​​FoundationTorres Blancas, Madrid, 1969. Architect: Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oiza. Image © Collection Architectural College of Catalonia Historical Archives. Photography: L. Jiménez+ 15