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IE University Unveils Creative Campus in Segovia's Historic Palacio de los Condes de Mansilla, Spain

IE University has just announced the establishment of a new Creative Campus to be inaugurated in 2025 in Segovia, Spain. Situated within the historic Palacio de los Condes de Mansilla, this new campus will serve as an extension of the IE School of Architecture and Design. Developed to become an Innovation Hub, the project spans more than 5,000 square meters and boasts a Fab Lab, construction workshops, biomaterials, textile research laboratories, experimentation spaces, digital fabrication classrooms, and an exhibition venue. The amenities are designed for creative minds from different disciplines to collaborate, fostering a platform that provides real solutions for different challenges.

Concéntrico 10 Demonstrates How to Create Playful Engagement and Welcome Diverse Perspectives

Architecture and Design Festival Concéntrico celebrates its 10th anniversary from 25 April to 1 May 2024 with an edition that aims to reflect on the impact of the annual festival upon the city of Logroño, Spain, as well as to consider how the city continues to evolve. Through installations, exhibitions, lectures, performances, workshops, and activities, Concéntrico proposes a reflection of the urban environment, welcoming architects and designers to intervene and challenge it while opening conversations about pressing matters.

Seven Spanish Brands and Their Milan 2024 Showcases

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Milan Design Week is a celebration of creativity, innovation and excellence in design, captivating audiences from all over the world. It is an event that encompasses various design-related exhibitions and activities in Milan, while Salone del Mobile is Milan Design Week's main trade fair focused specifically on furniture and interior design. Every year, the city is transformed into a vibrant hub where designers, architects, artists and enthusiasts converge to explore the latest trends, ideas and innovations in the world of design. The instance is a catalyst for inspiration, promoting dialogue, collaboration and discovery across a range of design disciplines, from furniture and interior design to architecture, fashion and more.

Concéntrico 10 Opens with 20 Urban Installations to Explore in the Spanish City of Logroño

From April 25 to May 1, 2024, Logroño hosts the tenth edition of Concéntrico, a celebration of urban innovation and transformation. This year, the festival explores the future of cities, incorporating new formats, engaging diverse audiences, and tackling urban challenges through the lens of time as a catalyst for change in design. Featuring 20 interventions and activities involving over 100 professionals from 17 countries, the program encompasses processes such as renaturalizing public spaces, reimagining urban structures, and integrating recycled materials from previous editions.

Concéntrico, Logroño’s Festival of Architecture and Design, Prepares Its 10th Anniversary Edition

From April 25th to May 1st, 2024, in the Spanish city of Logroño, Concéntrico prepares for its 10th anniversary edition. Envisioned as a contemplation of changing urban environments and an opportunity to share insights about these processes, this year’s International Festival of Architecture and Design incorporates new formats to engage a wider audience and explore time as a catalyst for change in urban and social design. The festival expands its program, featuring 21 installations by designers of 20 different nationalities, in addition to several other initiatives and explorations.

UNESCO World Capital of Architecture 2026: Barcelona and the Capacity of Architecture to Transform Reality

Joining Copenhagen and Rio de Janeiro, Barcelona has been named the UIA’s 2026 World Capital of Architecture by UNESCO. This title recognizes the city’s commitment to promoting the values of architecture, urban planning, and sustainability. Outshining Beijing as the other contender for the 2026 title, Barcelona won the bid with its proposal titled “One today, one tomorrow,” with a plan to host a series of transformative events across all its districts and become a research laboratory analyzing the capacity of architecture to transform reality over time.

Reimagining the Role of Culture: Manifesta Announces 15th Biennial in Barcelona, Spain

Manifesta 15 Barcelona Metropolitana has unveiled a decentralized biennial event spanning across the landscape of Barcelona. Taking place from September 8th to November 24th, this edition of Manifesta, the European Nomadic Biennial, introduces a regionalized strategy. Famous for its avant-garde exploration of global challenges through cultural lenses, the approach aims to empower citizens in catalyzing a socio-ecological transformation across Catalonia. The event aims to reimagine the role of culture in societal transformation through art, dialogue, and collective action.

The Urban Transformation of Medellín: A Case Study

CityMakers, The Global Community of Architects Who Learn from Exemplary Cities and Their Makers, is working with Archdaily to publish a series of articles about Barcelona, Medellin, and Rotterdam. The authors are the architects, urban planners, and/or strategists behind the projects that have transformed these three cities and are studied in the "Schools of Cities" and "Documentary Courses" made by CityMakers. On this occasion, Victor Restrepo, Coordinator of CityMakers in Medellin, presents his article "Medellin: A Case Study".

Barcelona's Iconic Sagrada Família On Track to be Completed in 2026

Officials have just confirmed that Antonio Gaudi’s iconic Sagrada Família's final stage of construction has commenced, on track to be completed in 2026, 144 years after its establishment. The announcement was made last Wednesday, aligning with the centenary of the architect’s passing. According to the annual report, construction efforts have resumed, finalizing the Evangelists towers in November 2023. Additionally, active construction is ongoing for the Chapel of the Assumption and the tower dedicated to Jesus Christ, which are on track to be completed in 2025 and 2026, respectively. The towering 172.5-meter central spire is included in the project, planned to stand as the tallest edifice in Barcelona, Spain.

A Unique Approach to Creating Public Spaces: In Conversation with Alejandro Haiek

Architecture practices usually start their design process with a client, who provides a program and a site. Alejandro Haiek, founder of The Public Machinery, approaches things differently. The Public Machinery describes itself as a network of architects and designers working collectively, actively observing, imagining, and proposing public urban interventions themselves. Their proposals are at the intersection of art, architecture, and engineering and weave community engagement, ecology, and new technologies into innovative forms of social infrastructure. They secure funding through research and public grants, enabling them to create public spaces that defy expectations in both their design process and in the form their projects take.