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CIERTO ESTUDIO: 6 Women Architects Innovating Urban Planning and Collective Housing in Barcelona

CIERTO ESTUDIO was founded by six young architects in 2014. Since then, the team has not stopped growing and thus consolidating its professional practice in Barcelona. These six women architects are: Marta Benedicto, Ivet Gasol, Carlota de Gispert, Anna Llonch, Lucia Millet, and Clara Vidal.

10 Outstanding Contemporary Spanish Offices

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Spanish cities are clear examples of the overlapping of historical periods. Medieval urban layouts coexist with modernist urban plans, and their buildings show traces of Roman, Arab, Gothic, and Romanesque architecture. Moreover, in the era of Maritime Expansion, Spanish architecture was exported from the Iberian Peninsula to much of the world, especially the Americas. It is also difficult to speak of Spanish architecture without mentioning the Catalan genius Antoni Gaudí, whose distinctive style remains unparalleled in architectural history – inspiring and unsettling, without fitting into any particular single stylistic movement. In recent decades, Spanish architects have remained highly respected throughout the world. From the complex structures of Calatrava and the virtuosity of Enric Miralles, to the respect for context of Rafael Moneo. There are many others that should be noted, such as Ricardo Bofill, Alberto Campo Baeza, and the recent Pritzker winners, RCR Arquitectes.

Pioneering Women Architects: From Latin America to Spain

What are the stories of the first Ibero-American women architects? This is the main question we seek to answer in celebration of ArchDaily's theme: Women in Architecture.

25 Years of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain

The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao is celebrating its 25th anniversary this October 2022. Set on the edge of the Nervión River in the Basque Country, Spain, Frank Gehry's Guggenheim boosted the city's economy with its astounding success and changed the museum's role in city development. Twenty-five years on, the Bilbao Effect continues to challenge assumptions about urban transformations and inspires the construction of iconic pieces of architecture that uplift cities' status, calling investors and visitors.

The 3rd Lilly Reich Grant for Equality in Architecture is Awarded to a Research Project Celebrating Anna Bofill Levi

Fundació Mies van der Rohe has announced that a research project focused on Anna Bofill Levi has been awarded the third Lilly Reich Grant for Equality in Architecture. The project, titled “La arquitectura como contracanto: 1977-1996”, was initiated by architects Ma Elia Gutiérrez Mozo, José Parra Martínez, Ana Gilsanz Díaz, and Joaquín Arnau Amo. The research contextualizes the architectural works of pianist, architect, and composer Anna Bofill Levi and brings into focus the result of her multidisciplinary approach, intertwining practices and research in design, architecture and music.

Kengo Kuma & Associates Designs New Building for Bosonit in Logroño, Spain

The Japanese firm Kengo Kuma & Associates and the Spanish architect Javier Villar have designed a new headquarters for the technology company Bosonit in Logroño, the capital of La Rioja, Spain. A project that the architects define with the following motto: "in Logroño for Logroño", a clear premise that has been their leitmotiv.

Smiljan Radic Designs Hotel for Solo Houses Project in Spain

The Solo Houses project has just announced the incorporation of the Venta d'Aubert Winery in Crete, Spain, and the construction of a hotel designed by Chilean architect Smiljan Radic. Solo Hotel will become the centerpiece of the community and a catalyst for tourism and cultural activities around the project.

Concéntrico 2022: Exploring Ideas of Domesticity, Inclusivity and Ecology

Every year, the Concéntrico festival in Logroño, Spain, brings together architects and designers from all over the world with the hope of employing creativity to create a better city. During this year's event, a few overarching themes could be observed as critical points of interest for the participating architects and designers. Many urban installations hoped to help citizens rediscover places of interest in their city and beyond, while others challenged the often-fixed ideas of what a home can and should look and function. Many designers saw opportunities in the concept of unstructured play, as the exploratory activity can activate unused public spaces and engage people of all ages.

20 Installations and Exhibitions Inaugurate Concéntrico 2022: Logroño’s Architecture and Design Festival

"Concéntrico wants to achieve a better city", says Javier Peña as he inaugurates the International Festival of Architecture and Design of Logroño in Spain. An event that since its first edition in 2015 has proposed rediscovering the spaces of interest in the historic center, reflecting on the urban environment through different proposals for installations and ephemeral exhibitions. This year, it celebrates its eighth meeting from the 1st to the 6th of September.

Madrid and Barcelona Benefit from Spain’s Free Travel Plan

Spain pushes to promote cleaner transportation by offering free seasonal tickets for suburban and regional trains, which translates into roughly 48 million journeys per month. The initiative hopes to help citizens reduce fuel consumption and reduce the cost of living during the economic uncertainties and the rising energy prices. Earlier this summer, a 30% discount for municipal public transport has been announced, with local governments in places like Catalonia topping up to 60% discount. The program will run between the 1st of September and the 31st of December.