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Civic Center: The Latest Architecture and News

MAD Architects Unveil Canal-Inspired Design of the Jiaxing Civic Center

Led by Ma Yansong, MAD Architects have released their design for the Jiaxing Civic Center, a project that explores the relationship between city, nature, and people. The proposed center will be a new place of attraction for children, adults, and seniors, sitting on the city's central axis and surrounded by its South Lake, Haiyan River, and Central Park. The master plan will house three venues: the Science and Technology Museum, the Women and Children Activity Center, and the Youth Activity Center, all organized around a central green open space. The firm's latest public project in Jiaxing City, which is expected to be complete by the end of 2023, comes shortly after they unveiled their design for the Jiaxing Train Station earlier this year.

Courtesy of MAD ArchitectsCourtesy of MAD ArchitectsCourtesy of MAD ArchitectsCourtesy of MAD Architects+ 16

Zaha Hadid Architects Reveals Images of Zhuhai Jinwan Civic Art Centre, in China

Zaha Hadid Architects unveiled images of on-going construction works on the site of the Zhuhai Jinwan Civic Art Centre in China. Located in one of the world’s most dynamic regions, the project is set to become a hub of contemporary creativity. Recent photos highlight the installed steel structure for the roof’s canopy and evolving works on the four cultural venues.

Courtesy of Zaha Hadid ArchitectsCourtesy of Zaha Hadid ArchitectsCourtesy of Zaha Hadid ArchitectsCourtesy of Zaha Hadid Architects+ 9

Frank Lloyd Wright's Civic Center Captured on Film by Skyler Dahan

Skyler Dahan, an LA-based photographer, has captured Frank Lloyd Wright's Civic Center, in Marin County. Shot on Kodak Portra film with a Contax 645 medium format camera, the series of images highlight Frank Lloyd Wright's latest commission. Serving as a justice hall, the project was actually completed by Wright's protégé Aaron Green after the architect’s death.

Courtesy of Skyler DahanCourtesy of Skyler DahanCourtesy of Skyler DahanCourtesy of Skyler Dahan+ 7

Henning Larsen and RATIO to Design the East Civic Tower, Phase One of the Civic Campus in North Carolina

Henning Larsen was just selected for the design of the first phase of the Civic Campus in Raleigh, North Carolina. In collaboration with local firm RATIO, the project part of the city’s strategic plan consists of creating the East Civic Tower, the town's city hall.

The Democratic Monument: Adam Nathaniel Furman's Manifesto for a New Type of Civic Center

Civic buildings are, as a rule, both austere and intimidating. They are often designed to represent authority above all, taking cues from Classical architectural language to construct an image of power, dominance, and civic unity. Adam Nathaniel Furman, a London-based architect and thinker, has at once eschewed and reengaged this typology in order to propose an entirely new type of civic center ("Town Hall") for British cities. The proposal, which was commissioned by the 2017 Scottish Architectural Fringe as part of a New Typologies exhibition in which architects are imagining "how our shared civic infrastructure will exist in the future, if at all", is currently on display in Glasgow.

By "re-grouping various civic functions into one visually symbolic composition of architectural forms," references and types of ornament and allusions have been configured "depending on the metropolitan area within which it is situated in and embodies." In short, Furman states, the Democratic Monument "is an expression of urban pride, chromatic joy, and architectural complexity" which has universal symbolism but remains a beacon to its vicinity.

© Adam Nathaniel Furman© Adam Nathaniel Furman© Adam Nathaniel Furman© Adam Nathaniel Furman+ 20

Manila Architecture Workshop Awarded in 2016 Metrobank Art & Design Excellence (MADE) Competition

Manila Architecture Workshop (MAAW) was just awarded one of six outstanding entries to the recently completed Metrobank Art and Design Excellence (MADE) programs for Architecture and Interior Design. In partnership with the United Architects of the Philippines and BluPrint Magazine, MADE encourages architects to design inventive buildings that address public, economic, and environmental issues.

Courtesy of Manila Architecture WorkshopCourtesy of Manila Architecture WorkshopCourtesy of Manila Architecture WorkshopCourtesy of Manila Architecture Workshop+ 6