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Architecture Atmospheres Portrayed on Film

In the last decades, architecture has embraced the medium of film to explore new readings of spaces and atmospheres. Crafting a visual narrative of the underlying design concepts while also establishing a connection with the viewer, architecture films use cinematic camera movements and carefully curated sound designs to convey emotion and create a compelling impression of the built object. The article looks into architecture films as a means of capturing the experience of a space, with films by 9sekunden, a team of young designers who combine their passions for film and architecture into an alternative means of exploring architectural atmospheres.

From Visual Arts to Rendering: The Relevance of Atmospheres in Architectural Visualization

[Render] Mancunian Tower (Tim Groom Architects). Image Cortesía de Darcstudio
[Render] Mancunian Tower (Tim Groom Architects). Image Cortesía de Darcstudio

[Painting] Landscape with the Temptations of Saint Anthony (1635-1638), Claude Lorrain. Image © Claude Lorrain [Wikimedia] under public domain© Alex Roman[Photography] The Ghost Streets of Shanghai. Image © Cody Ellingham"Urban Below" . Image © Han Wu & Studio 35mm (Hamid Khalili - University of Melbourne)+ 5

Techniques in visualization have evolved significantly over the years, providing increasingly accurate depictions that give architects a realistic view of their work before the foundation is even laid. For architects and the people they work with, the goal of a visualization is to illustrate the qualities and characteristics of a three-dimensional space that has yet to be built or is in the process of being constructed, by using hand or computer drawn images, videos, and even virtual reality platforms. All of these tools serve as a way of bringing an idea to life, whether for clients or judges in an architectural competition.