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Aquarium: The Latest Architecture and News

Australia is Building the World’s First Coral Conservation Facility

Contreras Earl Architecture has revealed its design for the world-first coral ark. Located at the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef in Port Douglas, North Queensland, Australia, the conservation facility “aims to secure the long-term future and biodiversity of corals worldwide which are under severe threat due to climate change”.

LMN Designs New Ocean Pavilion for the Seattle Aquarium

Design practice LMN Architects have unveiled new details of the design for the Seattle Aquarium Ocean Pavilion. The $113 million project will include the 50,000-square-foot Pavilion sited adjacent to the existing Seattle Aquarium. The pavilion will link together the new Seattle Waterfront, downtown and the historic Pike Place Market.

Seattle Aquarium Ocean Pavilion. Image Courtesy of LMN ArchitectsSeattle Aquarium Ocean Pavilion. Image Courtesy of LMN ArchitectsSeattle Aquarium Ocean Pavilion. Image Courtesy of LMN ArchitectsSeattle Aquarium Ocean Pavilion. Image Courtesy of LMN Architects+ 6

Tatiana Bilbao: "The Greatest Challenge in Designing the Mazatlán Aquarium Was Recreating What Goes On in the Gulf of California"

© Tatiana Bilbao Estudio© Tatiana Bilbao Estudio© Tatiana Bilbao Estudio© Tatiana Bilbao Estudio+ 21

The aquarium project was a part of a large-scale plan to revitalize the Parque Central in Mazatlán, Mexico. The project, designed and overseen by Tatiana Bilbao Estudio, seeks to build onto the already existing natural, cultural, and public space in a way that highlights its global quality and uniqueness. For visitors, the aquarium is an opportunity to explore and experience the marine ecosystems of the Gulf of California. For locals, it’s a look into the marvels of their own backyard. In this interview, we sit down with Mexican architect Tatiana Bilbao and get the details about the project, its design, and the challenges that come with building one of the largest aquariums in Latin America.

3XN and GERNER GERNER PLUS Reveal Competition Design for Undulating Aquarium in Vienna

3XN and GERNER GERNER PLUS have released details of their competition entry for the design of a new aquarium in Schönbrunn Zoo, Vienna. Developed in collaboration with aquarium specialists ATT, “Poseidon’s Realm” was designed to be “elegant, simple and mysterious, lying across the landscape like a great veil.” The scheme was awarded second place in an international competition for the aquarium’s design, with the winner yet to be announced.

The “Poseidon’s Realm” scheme is defined by a spacious green roof landscape embedded in the zoo’s path network. The aquarium covers a total area of 65,000 square feet (6,000 square meters), divided across four levels, with a large, glazed, wave-shaped entrance enticing visitors to transition between outdoor greenery and a “softly undulating waterworld.”

Courtesy of 3XNCourtesy of 3XNCourtesy of 3XNCourtesy of 3XN+ 7

Arch Out Loud Announces Winners of New York City Aquarium Competition

Aquatrium. Image via Arch Out Loud
Aquatrium. Image via Arch Out Loud

Arch Out Loud has announced the winners of their New York City Aquarium and Public Waterfront Competition, which invited students and professionals alike to design "an intertwined public aquarium and park" on an underutilized riverfront property located on the East River in Queens. Participants were asked to “redefine the aquarium typology, examining its relationship to the urban context and the public domain.”

The call for submissions was answered by 556 participants and 178 proposals from forty counties, and included ideas that pushed the physical boundaries of the site and responded to the idea of redefining the typical aquarium typology.

Aquarium of the Pacific Reveals New Design for Major Expansion

San Francisco-based architecture firm, EHDD, has just unveiled their design for Pacific Visions, a 29,000 square foot, two-story expansion for one of the nation’s largest aquariums, the Aquarium of the Pacific. Pacific Visions' facilities will integrate the arts and research sciences which will allow visitors to understand the world’s oceans. The expansion is scheduled to open in the fall of 2018.

8 Projects by Architects, for Animals

The impacts of architecture on the quality of human life are often debated, and in the 21st century, projects are under greater scrutiny than ever for the experiences they provide for people. Buildings all over the world must address a specific context, responding to the cultural framework of their users.

In light of this, we’ve gathered 8 projects that have a different sort of user -- projects designed not just for people, but also for animals. Ranging from zoo buildings to aquariums, stables and shelters, these projects have the unique challenge of balancing a human and animal experience. See them all after the break.

Open Design Competition: NYC Aquarium & Public Waterfront

New York City has seen rapid redevelopment that has capitalized on previously undesirable locations. Sitting at the top of these locations are the sites that have access to waterfront. Most of the ventures in these areas are private economic interests that only address public value when there is a direct return on profit. If not taken into consideration many of these waterfronts will be absorbed and, with the constant return of people to the urban core, there lies a need to create public and cultural infrastructure. In a city that is filled with numerous icons, parks, theaters, and museums an

Architecture, Economics and Aquariums: Can ICM Revive the Bilbao Effect in Asia?

The "Bilbao effect" was once viewed as the savior of the other cities; a way for post-industrial cities in the 1990s and 2000s to not only replace their economic reliance on failing industry with tourism, but to reinvent themselves as capitals of High Culture, enriching both body and soul. This has long since ceased to be the case, and many now see it instead as an ironic monument to hubris. But while architecture in the west is attempting to find a viable successor, rapidly expanding economies in Asia and South East Asia seem poised to embark on a new wave of architectural and cultural flourishes designed to attract tourists and Thai Baht.

Avia Park, Moscow. Image Courtesy of ICMAquaMundo, Santo Dominigo. Image Courtesy of ICMMardan Palace, Antalya. Image Courtesy of ICMLife Support, Antalya. Image Courtesy of ICM+ 8