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Mike Sinclair 


111 East Grand and St. Kilda Surf & Turf / Neumann Monson Architects

© Cameron Campbell Integrated Studio© Cameron Campbell Integrated Studio© Mike Sinclair© Cameron Campbell Integrated Studio+ 20

Exploring Architecture through Performance, Photography and Fashion

© Miguel de Guzmán© Hey! Cheese© Imagen Subliminal© Dmitry Tsyrencshikov+ 53

The purpose of architectural photography is to show a design in the best possible way, with the artform often characterized by perspective correction and atmospheric lighting. However, few architectural photographers have experimented with other artistic disciplines. Miguel de Guzmán, Paul Vu and Jules Couartou are among those who have challenged the limits of this form of photography, generating an interesting crossover between architecture photography, fashion and performances. In their images, the relationship between space and the user is shown through a scene designed to register an effect on the viewer. The results are images which are full of creativity.

Hybrid Homes: Living and Working Collide in These 26 Projects

© Tsukui Teruaki© Toshiyuki Yano© Vincent Hecht© Charles Davis Smith+ 27

Normally, houses are divided into common areas, rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. However, sometimes the client demands to add other programs related to their work or hobbies, making efficient design and daily spatial distribution more complex. As architects, we are faced with an interesting challenge: to merge the private life of its inhabitants with more public and open programs, generating exciting mixed-use spaces.

If you are interested in designing hybrid homes, we have selected 26 houses with additions including shops, soccer fields, barns, greenhouses, and even skateparks.

The 50 Most Popular Architecture Photographs of 2017

At ArchDaily, we're lucky enough to know a fantastic network of architecture professionals, allowing us to share the world's best architecture with our audience. But our articles wouldn't be the same without the many photographers who dedicate themselves to making incredible, inspiring images. For that reason, here we present the 50 most popular architecture images of 2017.

Sculpture Studio / Modus Studio + El Dorado

© Timothy Hursley© Mike Sinclair© Mike Sinclair© Mike Sinclair+ 20

World Photo Day 2017: Our Readers’ 100 Most-Bookmarked Architectural Photographs

This August 19th is World Photo Day, which celebrates photography on the anniversary of the day on which France bought the patent for the daguerreotype, one of the earliest photographic processes, and released it to the world for free in 1839. At ArchDaily, we understand the importance of photography in architecture—not only as a tool for recording designs, but also as a discipline that many of us enjoy. To celebrate the occasion, we decided to reveal the most popular images ever published on ArchDaily, as selected by you, our readers. Using data gathered from My ArchDaily, we have ranked the 100 most-saved images from our database; read on to see them.

Illinois Creek Ranch / El Dorado

© Mike Sinclair© Mike Sinclair© Mike Sinclair© Mike Sinclair+ 19

Shelton Marshall Residence / El Dorado

© Mike Sinclair© Mike Sinclair© Mike Sinclair© Mike Sinclair+ 20

Kansas City, United States

14 Architects Selected as Recipients of 2017 AIA Young Architects Awards

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has selected 14 recipients for the 2017 AIA Young Architects Award. Now in its 24th year, the award was founded to honor young architects - licensed 10 years or fewer regardless of their age - who have “shown exceptional leadership and made significant contributions to the profession early in their careers.”

AIA Announces Winners of the 2016 Small Project Awards

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has selected seven recipients of the 2016 Small Project Awards. This is the 13th edition of the program, which was established to recognize firms for their excellence in small-project design. This year the winners have been placed into two categories: Category 1, which awards “a small project construction, object, work of environmental art or architectural design element up to $150,000 in construction cost,” and Category 2, given to “A small project construction, up to $1,500,000 in construction cost.”

This year’s winners include a wide variety of program types and sites. Continue after the break for the list and descriptions of the projects.

Lawrence Public Library / Gould Evans

© Tim Griffith© Tim Griffith© Tim Griffith© Tim Griffith+ 26

Cerner Continuous Campus / Gould Evans

© Mike Sinclair © Art Gray© Art Gray© Art Gray+ 28

Volland General Store / El Dorado

© Mike Sinclair © Mike Sinclair © Mike Sinclair © Mike Sinclair + 18

  • Architects: El Dorado
  • Area Area of this architecture project Area :  4500 ft²
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year :  2015

The Best Student Work Worldwide: ArchDaily Readers Show Us their Studio Projects

Almost two months ago we put a request out to all of our readers who were completing the academic year to send us any built work that they may have completed as part of their studies. Our hope was to display the fantastic diversity of ideas and styles that is emerging from institutions across the globe, and the response that we got was fantastic. With almost 100 submissions, we received projects from countries as far afield as Chile, the United States, Norway and Japan. We also received everything from pragmatic projects such as a chapel for a disadvantaged community in Mexico or a low-budget sidewalk parklet, to wondrously bizarre constructions such as a steel worm that connects spaces through sound and an inhabitable haystack.

With the help of our colleagues at ArchDaily Brasil and all of ArchDaily en Español, we've compiled a selection of 26 of the most interesting, elegant or unusual projects from around the world - join us after the break to see what your international peers have been up to.

Courtesy of Rodrigo AmorósCourtesy of Adelina KolevaCourtesy of Ilya NekrasovCourtesy of Evelyn TingCourtesy of Alir HerreraCourtesy of Taller Integral de Arquitectura Dos© Mike Sinclair © Material & Detail Studio of MPARC+ 149

Farmers Park / Hufft Projects

© Mike Sinclair © Mike Sinclair © Mike Sinclair © Mike Sinclair + 16

  • Architects : Hufft Projects
  • Area Area of this architecture project Area :  156400
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year :  2014