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The Shelton Marshall Residence is an urban home for a family of four built in the Westside neighborhood of downtown Kansas City. With a main structure consisting of just under 2,000 square feet, the house makes a compelling argument for quality over quantity within the context of a downtown neighborhood that is striving for increased urban vibrancy.  The layout of the residence is a “U” shaped plan, organized around an entry courtyard to the east and a shaded full-length porch to the west. While the entry courtyard dips 6’-0” below the back-yard grade, the front porch floats dramatically in the trees, over 20’-0” above Madison Avenue. Large sliding glass and screen doors connect the kitchen, dining room and the living room to the courtyard and the porch, and provide the entire house with sufficient cross ventilation to enjoy summer breezes during evening hours. The house leverages natural daylighting to provide 100% of its daytime illumination, and utilizes dimmable fluorescent cove lighting and limited recessed halogen fixtures for nighttime illumination. View more View full description
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