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Contemporary Architecture in Guatemala is Under Construction: Conversations with Taller ACÁ

"Architecture, city, and activism" are the words that define Taller ACÁ, an emerging practice led by Jorge Villatoro and Hans Schwarz in Guatemala City. Among their projects are the Tiny House Quinn and the Community Center Plantando Semillas, which were recently selected as the winners of the Danta Awards at the 2023 Guatemala Architecture Biennial. In the following conversation, Villatoro and Schwarz provide detailed insights into their inspirations, working processes, and future projections for architecture, both in the country and in Central America.

Exploring Contemporary Guatemalan Architecture

Guatemala is a country located in Central America that is organized into 22 departments, its capital and most populated city is Guatemala City. Mexico forms the geographic borders that contain this territory to the north and west, Belize and Honduras to the east, and El Salvador to the south. In addition, it faces the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Honduras. It is located in Mesoamerica, home to the Mayan culture, which extended to what we know today as Mexican territory. It is for this reason and for some other reasons related to migration issues that these two countries share similar traits in terms of climate and culture, which is highly enriching when we explore the development of the territory.

Raúl Monterroso: “We Seek to Make Society Aware of Guatemala’s Modern Architectural Values”

Raúl Monterroso is one of the referents when it comes to talking about the modern movement in Guatemala. Not only has he been a promoter of the preservation of the country's architectural legacy with his publication "The Guatemala City Guide to Modern Architecture", but he has recently collaborated with the Museo Experimental el Eco for its Re_vista 05 with a critical analysis titled "Modern dreams, magical realism and other fantasies of yesterday and today", which seeks to be a window for anyone to question and get involved with Guatemalan architectural values.

From Chile to Mexico: 30 Houses on the Coast of the Pacific Ocean

Is there only one way to inhabit the coast? The Pacific coast, the largest ocean on earth, is a vast territory with a great diversity of temperature, winds, and topography, among others. Consequently, it has a great variety of ecosystems, ranging from the freezing point near the poles, vast deserts and forests, to the hot tropical rainforest. Such majestic diversity is no stranger to architecture, responding to the different contexts in which it is placed. As a result, there is a great variety of architectural works, all of which share in framing the views of the sea.

Houses in Guatemala: Shade and Ventilation in Tropical Architecture

"Here in the tropics, it's the shade not the stove that refreshes and brings people together," says Bruno Stagno about tropical architecture.

National Pavilions at the London Design Biennale 2021 Highlight the Role of Design in Addressing Global Challenges

London Design Biennale is currently unfolding at Somerset House, with 38 exhibitions from across six continents showcasing the role of design in addressing global challenges. Curated by Artistic Director Es Devlin, the event centres around the theme ‘Resonance’, inviting designers and artists to consider the ripple effect of “ground-breaking design concepts on the way we live, and the choices we make”. At the third edition of the London Design Biennale, the national pavilions highlight new perspectives on world issues, exploring sustainability and the environment, globalisation and migration, history and daily life.

An Architectural Guide to Guatemala City

This guide is not a catalog. It is an open invitation to walk around the city and learn more about the architecture in Guatemala City.

Teddy Cruz Wins 2018 Vilcek Prize in Architecture

Each year the Vilcek Foundation selects American immigrant champions of the arts and sciences. This year the 2018 Vilcek Prize in Architecture was awarded to Guatemala-born, and now San Diego-based, professor and architect Teddy Cruz. Cruz uses his past experiences, living in Guatemala during its civil war, to focus his academic and professional career on shaping political and socioeconomic forces.