AI sport / Leaf Architects Studio

Courtesy of

Architects: Leaf Architects Studio
Location: Thessaloniki,
Architect In Charge: Theodoros Gazotzis
Collaborators: Pavlos Tsemperlidis
Area: 106.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Courtesy of Leaf Architects Studio

AS67 Student Housing / LoT

© George Messaritakis

Architects: LoT
Location: ,
Architects In Charge: Leonidas Trampoukis, Eleni Petaloti
Area: 2200.0 sqm
Year: 2011
Photographs: George Messaritakis

New Waterfront of Thessaloniki / Nikiforidis-Cuomo Architects

© Prodromos Nikiforidis

Architects: Nikiforidis-Cuomo Architects
Location: Aggelaki, Thessaloniki,
Architect In Charge: Bernard Cuomo
Area: 238,800 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Prodromos Nikiforidis, Ionnis Kaktis, Bernard Cuomo

B House / Office Twentyfive Architects

Courtesy of

Architects: Office Twentyfive Architects
Location: , Greece
Area: 770 sqm
Year: 2010
Photographs: Courtesy of Office Twentyfive Architects

‘Thessaloniki’s Wet Dream’ Thermal Bath Complex Proposal / NaNA (NotaNumber Architects)

Courtesy of (NotaNumber Architects)

NaNA’s project, titled ‘’s Wet Dream,’ is a proposal for a subterranean public bath beneath a central urban plaza with a glazed roof at street level. The 4000 square meter bathing complex responds to the city’s ambitious plans for the total redesign of Eleftherias Square (i.e. Freedom Square) into a landmark that will become a magnet for the city and beyond, their proposal sets to re-establish ’s long lasting culture of public baths as a form of built social space par excellence. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Redevelopment of the New Coast of Thessaloniki / Prodromos Nikiforidis – Bernard Cuomo

Courtesy of Prodromos Nikiforidis – Bernard Cuomo

Architects: Prodromos Nikiforidis – Bernard Cuomo
Location: ,
Architect In Charge: Prodromos Nikiforidi, Bernard Cuomo
Area: 28,000 sqm
Year: 2009
Photographs: Courtesy of Prodromos Nikiforidis – Bernard Cuomo

Open House Thessaloniki 2012

Courtesy of Οpen House

Taking place November 24-25, the Open House Thessaloniki 2012 event marks the first Open House event in Greece as a selection of architectural sites will be open to the public during that weekend. Celebrating the city’s architecture and design, the event aspires to expose the architectural treasures of this dynamic city, and make architecture accessible to all. Its aim is to contribute to the deeper understanding of urban design and public space, and enable all citizens and visitors to explore and understand the value of a well-designed built environment. Open House is a simple but powerful concept: showcasing outstanding architecture for all to experience, completely for free. For more information, please visit here.

ORL Clinic / Mal-Vi Architects

© Giorgo Papadopoulos

Architects: Mal-Vi Architects
Location: Kalamaria, ,
Size: 90 sqm (970 square feet)
Completion: 2011
Lighting design: Glights
Green space design: Vitaverde
Photographs: Giorgo Papadopoulos

Thessaloniki Water Transport Piers Proposal / Giannikis SHOP

From the water towards the Pier

Giannikis SHOP won the honorary mention in the national architecture design competition for the Thessaloniki Water Transport Piers in . Four Piers (Eleutheria Square, Megaro, Aretsou, Perea) are designed so that each Pier is composed of three elements: the floor, the pavilions and the inflated pneumatic structure. The main goals for this competition proposal were functionality, economy and innovation. More images and project description after the break.