Hamar Police Station / Filter arkitekter + LPO

© Courtesy of Filter arkitekter +

Architects: Filter arkitekter + LPO
Location: , Norway
Project area: 6,500 sqm
Project year: 2009
Photographs: Kristin Hovde, Per Olav Pedersen

W35 / Marianne Borge

© Ivan Brodey

Architects: Marianne Borge
Location: Drøbak, ,
Project area: 35 sqm
Contractor: Hakon Wester
Photographs: Ivan Brodey

Marché Lier / Lund+Slaatto Architects

© Ivan Brodey

Architects: Lund+Slaatto Architects
Location: ,
Client: Veikroer properties
Project area: 950 sqm
Project year: 2009
Photographs: Ivan Brodey

ONETHOUSANDSQUARE / Lluis Sabadell Artiga + Ecosistema Urbano

Courtesy of Lluis Sabadell Artiga + Ecosistema Urbano

Spanish architects Lluis Sabadell Artiga + Ecosistema Urbano shared with us their project ONETHOUSANDSQUARE, winner of the Stortorget Main Square Competition in , . More images and architect’s description after the break.

INABA Awarded Permanent Artwork Installation

© INABA 2011

INABA‘s proposal was selected for a permanent artwork installation at the new concert hall in , Normway. From a field of six invited international teams the cylindrical structure, 8m in diameter and 13m tall will be the focal point of the five-story high lobby.

Follow the break for more about INABA’s proposal.

Architects: INABA
Location: Stavanger,
Client: KORO Public Art Norway
Graphic Design: MTWTF
Engineering: Buro Happold
Lighting: Ljusarkitektur
Project Team: (INABA) Jeffrey Inaba, Darien Williams, Karin Nelson, Yasmeen Khan, Micael Duran, Eugene Park, Sorayos Tang Chuenchomphu, Kristoffer Miller, (Buro Happold) Cristobal Correa, Jeff Thompson, (MTWTF) Glen Cummings, Aliza Dzik, (Ljusarkitektur) Kai Piippo, Clara Fraenkel
Photographs: Courtesy of INABA

Video: Henning Larsen Architects and Healing Architecture

In two new films Henning Larsen Architects puts focus on the users’ experience with two of their hospital buildings: The Radiation Therapy and the Research Institute at the Norwegian Radium Hospital in . Enjoy them!

Fagerborg Kindergarden / Reiulf Ramstad Architects

© Reiulf Ramstad Architects

Architects: Reiulf Ramstad Architects
Location: Fagerborg, Oslo,
Project area: 1,200 sqm
Project year: 2003 – 2010
Photographs: Thomas Bjørnflaten

Arena Ulstein Proposal / Lund+Slaatto & Nils Tveit


Lund+Slaatto Architects, in collaboration with shared with us their winning proposal for the Arena Ulstein competition in Ulsteinvik, Norway. The main idea of the project is to create a place of sports and activities, where the qualities of the magnificent surrounding landscape will merge with the bourgeoning urban live of the town of Ulsteinvik. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Red House / JVA

© Nils Petter Dale

Architects: Jarmund/Vigsnæs AS Architects MNA – Einar Jarmund & Håkon Vigsnæs
Location: ,
Client: Withheld at the owners request
Project area: 170 sqm
Photographs: Nils Petter Dale

Europan 2011 in Norway

The 11th edition of the Europan competition explores a European urban realm undergoing dramatic changes. The global financial crisis has led to tires burning in Greece and protesters marching the streets of Paris. A wave of young, unemployed but highly educated Europeans has been called “The Lost Generation”. Europe is a territory of emerging conflicts. Strained public budgets will force architects to develop strategies for public space that serve a greater set of purposes – political, economical, social, and environmental. Future emphasis is not on how architecture looks, but what it does. Even in , an economic island in many ways, a new post oil era is closing in. Paired with rising pension costs, a new reality of fiscal constraint is emerging even here. Europan Norway believes we will need to develop an architecture that does more with less. Europan 11 will be an arena where we can explore this on a broad international level.

Europan Norway presents three sites this edition. The site addresses the issue of by-product space of consumerism, as contenders are asked to design a dump yard transformation in east.

The Skien/Porsgrunn sites deal with a common space beyond communal borders and the need for developing sustainable infrastructure in urban sprawl, a reality for much of Norway’s widespread urban landscape.

Haugesund invites contenders to develop a concept that shows how the margins of existing urban centres can contribute to an expanded city centre model. Suffering from reduced activity in the historical down town, the city needs a design for a symbiotic coexistence between history and future, centre and outskirt. For more information, click here.

Dalene Cabin / Tommie Wilhelmsen

© Tommie Wilhelmsen

Architects: Tommie Wilhelmsen
Location: ,
Project area: 120 sqm
Project year: 2009
Photographs: Tommie Wilhelmsen

In Progress: Kilden / ALA Architects

© ALA Architects

Architects: ALA Architetcs
Location: ,
Project team: Juho Grönholm, Antti Nousjoki, Janne Teräsvirta, Samuli Woolston and Birger Grönholm with Niklas Mahlberg, Pekka Sivula, Pauliina Rossi, Pauliina Skyttä, Sami Mikonheimo, Jani Koivula,Auvo Lindroos, Aleksi Niemeläinen, Erling Sommerfeldt, Ingrid Kokkonen, Tomi Henttinen, Harri Ahokas, Anniina Koskela Klaus Stolt
Collaborators: SMS Arkitekter AS: Erik Sandsmark, Wenche Aabel, Lasse Stamrud, Hanne Alnes (local partner) WSP Multiconsult AS (structural engineering) Arup Acoustics (hall acoustics) Brekke Strand Acoustics (room acoustics) Sweco Grøner (mechanical engineering) Cowi (electrical engineering) TPC (theater technical engineering)
Client: Teater og Konserthus for Sørlandet IKS
Project area: 24,000 sqm
Project year: In construction
Photographs: Courtesy of ALA Architects

Strusshamn / Eriksen Skajaa Architects

Residential Alternative

Norwegian design team, Eriksen Skajaa Architects has shared with us their urban study for the redevelopment of a former industrial site in , a Norwegian coastal settlement. Follow after the jump for additional images and a brief description by the architects.

Lantern Pavilion / AWP / Atelier Oslo

© Jonas Adolfsen

Architects: / Atelier Oslo
Location: Langgata, Sandnes, Norway
Project area: 140 sqm
Project year: 2006 – 2010
Photographs: Jonas Adolfsen

“Come to Andalsnes” / Kristina Karlsson & Pauliina Koskinen Tonboe

Courtesy of & Pauliina Koskinen Tonboe

Kristina Karlsson and Pauliina Koskinen Tonboe received a shared first prize in the idea competition for the development of Åndalsnes in Rauma, Norway. Amongst 40 proposals from all over Scandinavia, their “Come to Åndalsnes” proposal stood out with the “best masterplan concept” . The jury highlights the value of the proposal treating ideas and solutions for the entire village even outside the competition area. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Solrosen Kindergarten / Stein Halvorsen Sivilarkitekter

© Jonas Aarre Sommarset

Architects: STEIN HALVORSEN AS sivilarkitekter MNAL
Location: Kong Rings gate 17, 3510 Hønefoss,
Project area: 1,300 sqm
Project year: 2009
Photographs: Jonas Aarre Sommarset

Andalsnes Master Plan proposal / Jagnefält Milton

Rolling Hotel © Jagnefält Milton

Swedish architects Jagnefält Milton shared with us their proposal, awarded with the third prize in an open international master plan competition for the city of Åndalsnes in .

A little description and more images after the break.

Østfold Airport Region Master Plan / FUTUREPROOF

Courtesy of

FUTUREPROOF, a dynamic architecture firm that combines design, communication and strategy, was commissioned in September 2010 by Østfold Fylkeskommune to design a master plan for the surrounding areas of Moss Airport in Norway.  The proposal incorporates a regional strategy of physically developing the region surrounding the airport itself and strengthening the airport as a main infrastructural hub without contributing to urban sprawl.

The architects were able to accomplish this by maximizing the density of development with necessary functions, such as hotel and conference facilities.  The regional strategy emphasizes that future development should be interventions in the existing city centers.

More images and information about this project after the break.