3 Houses in Paradis / Helen & Hard

Courtesy of Helen & Hard

Architects: Helen & Hard
Location: ,
Project Year: 2010
Client: Jan Fjermestad AS/Jadarhus AS
Photographs: Courtesy of Helen & Hard

Pulpit Rock Mountain Lodge / Helen & Hard

© Courtesy of Helen & Hard

Architects: Helen & Hard
Location: , Norway
Client: Trekking Association
Project Year: 2008
Project Area: 1,260 sqm
Photographs: Courtesy of Helen & Hard

The new Pulpit Rock mountain lodge, the winning design competition entry in 2004, accommodates twenty-eight guest rooms, a café, a restaurant and a conference room. The lodge is situated at the trail-head leading up to The Pulpit Rock, the sheer cliff cantilevering over the Lysefjord.


exterior 01 / © Industriromantik AB

Young Swedish architects, HULTMANMAGNUSSON, won the competition to design a new mining museum in Jøssingfjord, , a city famous for its long history of mining and excavation of Titanium powder, used for white color pigment. Located in the valley of the beautiful fjord, the 2000 m2 museum will exhibit the history, geology and technology of the area, together with temporary exhibitions. Their proposal was called Varde, meaning a manmade pile of stones common in this area of . By using natures own material and arranging it a new shape, an important place is marked in the landscape.More images and architects’ description after the break.

Video: Knut Hamsun Center / Steven Holl

We recently found this video on Architecture Record’s website that features Steven Holl talking about his design for the Knut Hamsun Center. This design has been honored with many prestigious awards including the North Norwegian Architecture Prize and the 2011 Byggeskikkprisen.

Danish/Norwegian team wins competition for Asker Sentrum

Activity plaza in Asker Centre’s new loop

Asker Municipality in Norway continues its urban development towards a larger, more dynamic city centre. DARK, ADEPT and a consultant team have just won the international competition for city development and expansion of Asker Centre. Their project proposal “In the Loop” presents a unified, urban city for sports and social experiences. More images and complete press release after the break.

Mesterfjellet School / Cebra, Various Architects, and Østengen & Bergo

aerial view : © Cebra / / Østengen & Bergo

Young, promising architects Cebra (more projects here), Various Architects (more projects here), and Østengen & Bergo (more projects here) shared with us their competition proposal where they won the first prize. Their “relativity” concept for the Mesterfjellet School creates a unique experience for , Norway, designed around the user’s room program, site conditions and functional specifications to cultivate a positive learning environment. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Solberg Tower & Rest Area / Saunders Architecture

© Bent Rene Synnevaag

Sarpsborg is a green, flat and calm piece of South and a traditional stopover for travellers on the route to and from Sweden. In 2004, the Norwegian Highway Department together with the Regional Government approached Saunders for a new project in the area; uniquely however, without having predetermined the commission’s particular needs.

Architects: Saunders Architecture
Location: Sarpsborg, , Norway
Project Area: 2,000 sqm
Project Year: September 2010
Photographs: Bent Rene Synnevaag

St. Hans “Haugen” Performance Center / ctrl+n

Courtesy of ctrl+n

The “Haugen” project is a proposal by Control New Arkitektur (ctrl+n) in order to start a discussion on how to make better use of the public spaces in , all year round. So they are here to pose two questions. Firstly, how can we maintain such use throughout the rest of the year? Secondly, how can we offer some much needed rehearsal and performance space back to the city? This proposal will engage and evoke through taking us back to our parks all year round. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Video: Peter Zumthor and Louise Bourgeois Steilneset Witch Trial Memorial

Shown under construction last month, the project is a memorial for the 91 victims of the 17th-century witch trials in Vardo, . Illuminated windows, 91 in total dedicated to each victim, are incorporated within Zumthor’s information centre design which measures over 400′ long with a connective thread of tautly stretched silk sheets.

in an interview with ArtInfo described his unique collaboration with artist Louise Bourgeois remarking, “I had my idea, I sent it to her, she liked it, and she came up with her idea, reacted to my idea, then I offered to abandon my idea and to do only hers, and she said, ‘No, please stay.’ So, the result is really about two things — there is a line, which is mine, and a dot, which is hers… Louise’s installation is more about the burning and the aggression, and my installation is more about the life and the emotions [of the victims].”

Video: Architectural Record and McGraw-Hill Construction

ADEPT wins competition in Oppdal, Norway


The scenic skiing and hiking area Oppdal in Norway is being revitalized with a new dynamic city center. ADEPT, in collaboration with Various Architects and Lalaland landscape architects, has won the international competition for Oppdal Sentrum.

Their winner proposal Oppdal+ presents a dense mountain village containing new developments – residences, holiday houses, offices and retail – designed in an eco-friendly and accessible manner to increase the flow and number of skiers, hikers and activity-seekers in the center of Oppdal. More images and complete press release after the break.

The Norwegian Steel Construction Prize 2011: Holmenkollen Ski Jump / JDS Architects


It was announced at a recent seminar, “Materials and Resistance” in , Norway, that the Holmenkollen Ski Jump, designed by JDS Architects, was the recipient for the Norwegian Steel Construction Prize 2011. A presentation of the winning project and award ceremony will take place under the Norwegian Ståldag (Steel Day), the 3rd of November 2011 at the Grand Hotel in Oslo. More images and description after the break.

Schandorff Square / Østengen & Bergo AS

© AS

The dead end Schandorff street in the centre of Oslo was converted from car parking lot to an urban green space, Schandorff Square, adding up to an existing green structure through an old cemetery in the east. The square was privately financed by developer Høegh Eiendom AS and completed in 2009 when it was donated to the municipality. The square is surrounded by well-known motives of Oslo: The Trinity Church in the south, and the Deichman Library’s pompous pillars in the east. The falling street Keysersgate opens a sight line from west.

Landscape Architect: Østengen & Bergo AS
Location: Akersgata 64-68 Oslo,
Project Area: 2,500 sqm
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Østengen & Bergo AS

Rommen School and Cultural Center / Østengen & Bergo AS

© Østengen & Bergo AS

The former school building was too small, and had to be replaced. The new building includes a large multipurpose sports hall, its own performance hall and an open library. Offices for the community culture school and part of the local council is also located here. The school houses 770 pupils from 1st to 10th grade. The facilities both indoor and outdoor will serve the whole community. The school is located to an almost flat site, slightly rising to the north, in a valley surrounded by hills. East of the site there are ravines with grassy slopes and valuable vegetation belts. Two power lines are crossing the area. With the largest line to the west, the project and the landscape design therefore pays more attention to the east. The vegetation belts in the east are reinforced and continue into the campus. Closer to the building, they get more cultured, and “finger-merged” with the building wings.

Landscape Architect: Østengen & Bergo AS
Location: , , Norway
Architect: L2 Arkitekter
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Rolf Estensen, Espen Grønli, and Østengen & Bergo AS

Gjerdrum High School / Østengen & Bergo AS

© Rolf Estensen

The landscape for this school was designed by Østengen & Bergo AS. The school is located in a gently sloping terrain towards the south west, with traces of past ravines. The building is located with its “back” to the north and opens against the sports facilities and the hills far away to the south. The schoolyard is developed around a central zone south of the building. To the west is built a garden formed as stylized ravines, linked to the building with wooden piers, including various activities. Along the south wall of the building is an activity area with basketball court, volleyball court, running track, jumping pits for long jump and table tennis. The area will also serve as a great gathering place for the school. In one of the ravines there is also a volleyball court.

Landscape Architect: Østengen & Bergo AS, landscape architects MNLA
Location: Gjerdrum,
Architect: Kristin Jarmund Architects
Area: 56,000 sqm
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Rolf Estensen, Jiri Havran, Dagrun Agnethe Ødegaard

Proscenium Trondheim / Point Supreme Architects + Gerousis + Hughes

Proscenium Trondheim

Last year, we shared the results of Europan 10 with you - a biennial competition asking architects for innovative housing solutions for European sites.  For 2011, the competition’s objective is to promote awareness about the environment and how we occupy the natural world.  We’ve been covering the 2011 proposals, such as Europan Norway 2011, and today, we share an update on the progress of the Europan 2010 winning scheme.   After winning the Europan for Trondheim NorwayPoint Supreme Architects, Alexandros Gerousis and Beth Hughes, have recently completed the second phase of the concept design and are preparing for the project to be realized.     Recently,  the project was identified as a pilot project for the Norwegian government’s ‘Cities of the Future’ program – currently one of only 6 in Norway and the second in Trondheim.  The project will serve as an example of environmentally sustainable design strategies combined with innovative architecture – reflecting the ambitions and principles of Svartlamoen which has also been regulated as an eco-urban testing ground.

More about the winning project after the break.

Vestfold Crematorium / Pushak


Architects: Pushak
Location: Sandefjord,
Client: Vestfold krematorium IKS (joint collaboration of the counties Tønsberg, Horten, Sandefjord and Larvik)
Engineers: Finn E. Madsø (brick), COWI as
Landscape architect: Landskapsfabrikken as
Project area: 1,039 sqm
Photographs: Courtesy of Pushak

Transforming Landscapes Exposition / Reiulf Ramstad Architects

Courtesy of

Reiulf Ramstad Architects will be hosting an exhibition that aims to explore the questions of this century that deal with the tension between local and global conditions of the natural and the artificial, between cyberspace and realspace, and between stillness and change.  Their ambition is to create a contemporary architecture-based analysis of the site, from which emerges a sensitive interpretation of these conditions, paving the way for architectural design.

Based on the uniqueness of each context, RRA hopes to establish a carefully chosen set of materials and spatial distribution characterized by each place and the intervention. Their projects are characterized by forms and innovative tectonic stress of a spatial continuity between exterior and interior landscapes.

The exhibition will take place this Friday, April 15, from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm at La Galerie d’Architecture.

Education House in Kjeller / Lund+Slaatto Architects

© Marte Garmann

Architects: Lund+Slaatto Architects
Location: ,
Client: Kunnskapsbyen properties
Project area: 7,000 sqm
Project year: 2009
Photographs: Marte Garmann