Albi Major Theatre / Dominique Perrault Architecture

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The winning proposal for the Major Theatre, designed by Dominique Perrault Architecture, aims at transforming the texture of the city as well as its cultural influence. Appearing as an outstanding architectural symbol, on the outskirts of the historic center, the architects gave priority to the presence of the Major Theatre instead of the cinemas, in order to organize around it a network of public spaces and of cultural facilities. Therefore, the Major Theatre will be its center. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Commissariat of Police in France / X-TU

© JM Monthiers

Architects: X-TU – Anouk Legendre & Nicolas Desmazieres
Location: ,
Design Team: Roel Dehoorne, Gaelle Leborgne, Melanie Bury, Ingrid Manger
Client: Ministery of Interior
Cost: 5,790,000 € TTC with tax
Total Floor Area: 3,857 sqm shon
Engineering: Estair L. Labrousse
Photographs: JM Monthiers

La Grande Motte / N+B Architectes

© Paul Kozlowski

Architects: N+B Architectes - Elodie Nourrigat, Jacques Brion
Location: La Grande Motte City, Montpellier,
Project Manager: Representative
Associated Architect: Julien Wafflart
Client: La ville de la Grande Motte
Site Area: 1,515 sqm
Building Scale: RDC
Cost: 835,000 € HT
Photographs: Paul Kozlowski


Jean Cocteau Museum / Rudy Ricciotti

© Agence Rudy Ricciotti

Architects: Rudy Ricciotti
Location: , France
Year: 2006
Area: 2,700 sqm
Photographs: Agence Rudy Ricciotti, Lisa Ricciotti, Olivier Amsellem


Ville de Nantes / TETRARC

© Stephane Chalmeau

Architects: TETRARC architectes mandataires
Location: Nantes, France
Client: Ville de Nantes
Cast Client: SAMOA (Société d’Aménagement de la Métropole Ouest Atlantique)
Engineering: CMB economist, SERBA structure, AREA fluids, AREA CANOPÉE consultant HQE,
ATELIER ROUCH acoustician, Architecture & Technique scenography
Surface: 6,800 sqm
Cost: 16,2 M€ HT
Completion: 2010
Photographs: Stephane Chalmeau


Playtime / TETRARC

© Stéphane Chalmeau

Architects: TETRARC
Location: Nantes,
Client: Lamotte Construction, IRSS
Design Team: Michel Bertreux, Patrick Moreuil, Daniel Caud, Louise Follin, Frédérique Raynal
Plan Area: 3,800 sqm
Total building cost: 8,2 M€ TTC
Photographs: Stéphane Chalmeau


Hanging Hotel: A Suspended Campsite for Climbers / Dr. Margot Krasojevic

Courtesy of Dr.

Dr. Margot Krasojevic is known for using digital parameters to explore the psychological effects of architecture – materials and spatiality – on its inhabitants.  The Hanging Hotel / Suspended Campsite is one such project that was completed in October 2011 for Holden Manz Wine Estate Cape Town in Massif de L’ Esterel, (Gorges Du Vedron) South of .  The project is an investigation in the choreography of perceptions of the environment around us.  In this particular project, catering to rock climbers, Dr. Krasojevic uses compound glass and a prism louver system to alter how the climbers see their environment and stimulates different psychological experiences based on these subtle shifts in vision.

More on this project after the break.

Branched Offices / Projectiles

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Architects: Projectiles – Reza Azard, Hervé Bouttet, Daniel Mészáros
Location: Epone,
Project area: 450 sqm
Project year: 2010 – 2011
Photographs: Courtesy of Projectiles

BORÉAL / TETRARC Architectes

© Stéphane Chalmeau

Architects: TETRARC architectes
Location: Nantes, France
Client: Habitat44
Engineering: HAYS fluides, SETEB économie, IBA structure
Surface: 2,880 sqm SHON
Cost: 3,64 M€ HT
Completion: 2011
Photographs: Stéphane Chalmeau


Vaucluse House / MPR Design Group

© Brett Boardman

Architects: MPR Design Group
Location: Vaucluse,
Design Team: Kevin Ng, Julia Teperson, Luke Buttenshaw and Brian Meyerson
Year: 2010
Area: Approximately 600 sqm
Photographer: Brett Boardman


Cité Municipale de Bonneuil-Sur-Marne / ECDM Architectes

Courtesy of Architectes

The starting point for ECDM Architectes in their design for the Cité municipale de is the context in which the new city hall will be located. Here more than elsewhere, the town hall will articulate, unify urban landscapes of great diversity, contribute to the implementation of a new polarity high symbolic value in a heterogeneous urban environment. The intersection of two major pathways of , between the Avenue de Verdun and the provincial road 19 is a strategic crossroads at the edge of urbanity strong and gives our response as an interface between the different territories of the city. More images and architects’ description after the break.

58 Housing Units in Boulogne-Billancourt / LAN Architecture

© Julien Lanoo

Architects: LAN Architecture
Location: -Billancourt, France
Client: Nacarat
Project Ownership Assistance: Saem Val de Seine
Cost: € 7,2 M Excl. Vat
Built Up Area: 4,639 sqm
Completion: November 2011
Team: Cotec (all-trades engineers), Leau (Environmental AMO)
Photographs: Julien Lanoo

Pavilion Spéciale 2012 / Ball Nogues Studio

Courtesy of

The Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris recently announced Los Angeles based, Ball Nogues Studio as the winner of the 2012 edition of the “Pavilion Spéciale” competition in Paris, . The Pavilion Spéciale is an installation that can be arched and curled at full scale with a small crane to form different types of space for the site. The installation will create a sense of place while providing a respite from the sun and rain. More images and architects’ description after the break.

The Plain of Sport / Rémy Marciano

© Philippe Ruault

Architect: Rémy Marciano Architect 
Location: , France
Design Team: Aude Bruel, Didier Le Guen, Florian Wigt, Kristyna Mudrikova, Anne-Sophie Gloanec, Chantal Senami Madode, Stéphane Flandrin, Julien Hubert
Consultants: IOSIS engineering, Horizon Landscape, Acoustique et conseil
Client: Municipality of Châteauneuf-les-Martigues
Photographs: Philippe Ruault, David Giancatarina, Jean Michel Landecy, Remy Marciano


School Center Lucie Aubrac / Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes


Architects: Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes
Address: Allée de Bourgogne, , France
Design Team: Mathias Neveling, Anna Zottl, An Vranken, Markus Himmel, Jeanne Stern, Maria Joao Pita, DI Katja Pargger, chef de projet; Barbara Fellmann, DI Dorit Boehme, Petra Meisenbichler
Area: 7,116 sqm
Completion: 2012
Photographs: David Boureau, Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes


Lot 4 – ZAC de la Porte de Gentilly / ECDM

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The Lot 4 – ZAC de la Porte de project by ECDM is primarily a proposal to articulate two territories, two urban landscapes separated by the influence of the device. This context of urban fringe releases a vast expanse where the vacuum is dominant, where the eye can see far. This work on the perception and interpretation of the landscape gives a facade gable major pivotal role. Whether from the device or from the streets of Gentilly, pine nuts are present, dominant in the interpretation of the building. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Theater of Cachan Proposal / O-S Architects

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The winning proposal for the new Theater of , designed by O-S Architects, acts as a curtain that rises over the city with the aim to transform the neighborhood with an urban, cultural and social point of view. The overall image of the project is conceived as a technological and functional tool that confirms the dynamism of the city of Cachan, for the sake of architectural and landscape quality. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Dominique Duvauchelle Stadium / Atelier du Pont

© Luc Boegly

Architects: Atelier du Pont
Location: Rue Dominique Duvauchelle, Créteil,
Programme: Changing rooms and spectator stand (300-seats) for Dominique Duvauchelle Stadium 900 sqm (net), €1,900,000 (pre-tax)
Delivery: January 2012
Design Team: Anne-Cécile Comar, Philippe Croisier, Stéphane Pertusier
Client: Plaine Centrale of Val de Marne
Completion: January 2012
Photographer: Luc Boegly