Dakar Sow House / SAOTA


Architects: SAOTA / Stefan Antoni, Greg Truen & Juliet Kavishe
Location: ,
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 1,402 sqm
Photographs: SAOTA

Sontatel Headquarters / EXP Architects + Archi-art + ANMA

EXP Architects + Archi-art + ANMA collaborated to design the headquarters for  in Dakar.  The long building is comprised of several layers and wrapped in a geometric skin. The building’s main entrance is slightly elevated making the massive form seemingly float over those who enter and colored volumes mark different activities which complement the main offices.  The large masses of office areas are distributed around a center circulation hub and clad with vertical fins to shade the sun.  As one moves through the building, the offices vary in style as the three levels contain double heights.  The large roof provides open views of the sea for all workers to enjoy.

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