NYC Port Authority Bus Terminal: The World’s Largest Media Façade

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One of the City’s most forgettable buildings has been transformed into a model of modern technology. The Port Authority Bus Terminal (PABT), located in midtown Manhattan between 40th and 42nd street, now boasts the world’s largest transparent media façade completed by GKD Metal Fabrics which effectively covers the building’s outdated steel façade. More images and project description after the break.

Chatelard / Clermont Architectes

© Daniel Osso

Architects: Clermont Architectes
Location: ,
Collaborators: Ion Moreno, Maria Campos Piera
Engineers: Bem Ingénierie – Fluitec – SJA
Economist: Cosinus
Photographs: Daniel Osso

Update: The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center / Renzo Piano Building Workshop, architects

© , architects

Today we are providing our ArchDaily readers with an update for the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) by Renzo Piano Building Workshop, architects.  The sustainable arts, education, and recreation complex aims to enrich the everyday lives of its surrounding community and attract millions of visitors from around the world. As we previously shared the project will be financed by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation and has an anticipated 2015 completion date.

The Indicator: Iwan Baan…On Photography

© Iwan Baan

Nobody ever discovered ugliness through photographs. But many, through photographs, have discovered beauty. Except for those situations in which the camera is used to document, or to mark social rites, what moves people to take photographs is finding something beautiful.

-Susan Sontag, On Photography

Julius Shulman was best known for photography that envisioned architecture as art. His images distilled architecture as paeans to its central function in society. As such, Mr. Shulman created a photographic trope that either ignored people altogether or portrayed them as props that highlighted architecture’s mastery. It is thus fitting that the winner of last year’s inaugural Julius Shulman Photography Award went to a photographer whose focus some might arguably say is people.

Beach House Q / Longhi Architects

© Juan Solano / CHOlon Photography

Architects: Longhi Architects / Luis Longhi
Location: ,
Project Year: 2010
Project Area: 404 sqm
Photographs: Juan Solano / CHOlon Photography

Peter Zumthor lecture at the Centre Georges Pompidou

Enjoy this lecture by Swiss architect and Pritzker laureate .

The lecture took place in May 19th the Centre Georges Pompidou, where Zumthor revisited 6 recent projects:

The video has also a simultaneous french translation, but it’s still watchable in english.

Update: You can mute the right channel to remove the french translation, as some readers pointed in the comments section below.

Thanks Vicentiu for the tip!

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Winner of the Sinfonia Varsovia Concert Hall Competition / Atelier Thomas Pucher


Atelier Thomas Pucher has won the international competition for the new seat of the world renowned Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra in Warsaw. The 20,000m² cultural centre is housed on the site of a former Veterinary Institute with existing – yet dormant – buildings and a fairy-tale like park. The area occupies a 1,800 seat symphonic hall with first class acoustic properties, large rehearsal areas, merchandise facilities, musical workshops and a small hotel for artists in residence and music lovers on vacation.

Next Human Network Green Factory / NBBJ in collaboration with Samoo Architects & Engineers

© Park Young-Che

The new headquarters building for Next Human Network (NHN) was developed to embody the corporation’s goal of opening new frontiers through creation and innovation. As such, NBBJ, in collaboration with Samoo Architects & Engineers, designed the ‘Green Factory’, an interactive and sophisticated building offering creative freedom for NHN and its employees.

Architects: (lead designer), (lead architects)
Location: Bundang, Korea
Client: NHN Corporation
Building Cost: $200 million
Project Area: 1,097,919 sqf
Photographs: Park Young-Che, Roland Halbe Photography

Residence In Kishigawa / Mitsutomo Matsunami

© Mitsutomo Matsunami

Architects: Mitsutomo Matsunami
Location: ,
Project area: 161,66 sqm
Project year: 2011
Photographs: Mitsutomo Matsunami

Entry for the Serlachius Museum Gösta Extension Competition / magma architecture


The task of the competition for the Serlachius Museum Gösta was to design an extension containing five times the area of the existing museum. The current museum is a solitaire exposed on the top of a hill at a lake in a dramatic landscape. proposes to preserve the beauty of the natural surroundings and integrate them into the visitor experience of the museum.

Help us with our Architecture City Guide: Barcelona

Courtesy of Flickr CC License / Ulf Liljankoski

Next week we will be taking our Architecture City Guide to and we need your help. To make the City Guides more engaging we are asking for your input on which designs should comprise our weekly list of 12-24. In order for this to work we will need you, our readers, to suggest a few of your favorite modern/contemporary buildings for the upcoming city guide in the comment section below. Along with your suggestions we ask that you provide a link to an image you took of the building that we can use, the address of the building, and the architect. (The image must be from a site that has a Creative Common License cache like Flickr or Wikimedia. We cannot use images that are copyrighted unless they are yours and you give us permission.) From that we will select the top 12 most recommended buildings. Hopefully this method will help bring to our attention smaller well done projects that only locals truly know. With that in mind we do not showcase private single-family residences for obvious reasons. Additionally, we try to only show completed projects.

Help us with Barcelona.

Example of the information we need for your suggestion:
Casa Batllo / Antoni Gaudi
43 Passeig de Gracia, Barcelona, Spain

The Cube / Orange Architects

Courtesy of

Orange Architects, a partnership between Dutch architecture firms JSA, CIMKA and HofmanDujardin, shared with us their design of a luxury apartment block on Plot 941 in Sin el Fil, an eastern district of . The design was commissioned by the Lebanese development corporation Masharii.  The 50-metre-tall block will contain 19 apartments ranging in size from 90 to 180 m2.

Follow us after the break for more on this project.

Pitagora Museum / OBR

© Mariela Apollonio

Architects: OBR
Location: , Italy
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 1,000 sqm
Photographs: Mariela Apollonio

Video: Robert Hammond on The High Line

Co-founder of Friends of the , Robert Hammond shares on TED the transformation from abandoned elevated railroad line to one of the hottest spots in City.  The High Line recently opened Section 2 of the park, which continues to provide a break from the chaotic city streets.  The users have an opportunity to experience an elevated space with uninterrupted views of the Hudson River and the city skyline.

Practice 2.0: Work Smarter Not Harder


By: David Fano

Have you ever had the experience of sitting through a graphics standards committee meeting? It’s where happy and ambitious thoughts go to die. What starts as a good cause for your firm quickly devolves into very long and highly subjective arguments about things such as title blocks, line weights, line styles, fonts, font sizes, tags, symbols, and of course… naming conventions!

I’m not in any way trying to devalue documentation standards or the importance of title blocks. What I am saying is: We spend a lot of time reinventing the wheel.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, architects held about 141,200 jobs in 2008 (source). Hypothetically, if each architect in the U.S. spends 30 minutes a year on average working on standards, as a profession we spend 70,600 hours on standards every year. Just for reference there are 2,080 hours per year in a standard full-time work week (52 weeks x 40 hours). That’s like a firm of 34 full time architects working on nothing but standards every year.

Apartment In Poznań / mode:lina

© Marcin Ratajczak

Architects: mode:lina
Location: Poznań, Poland
Interior design: Jerzy Woźniak, Paweł Garus of architektura & consulting
Project area: 100,1 sqm
Project year: 2011
Photographs: Marcin Ratajczak

Lumini Shop / Rocco, Vidal + arquitetos

© Nelson Kon

Architects: Rocco, Vidal + arquitetos
Location: ,
Engineering: Souza Lima Construtora
Structure: Ideal Projetos de Engenharia
Lighting design: Franco e Fortes Lighting design
Wiring project: Aloeletrica
Photographs: Nelson Kon

Red Town Office / Taranta Creations

© Shen Qiang / Shen Photo

Architects: Taranta Creations / Enrico Taranta, Juriaan Calis, Giorgio Radojkovic
Location: ,
Project Year: 2010
Project Area: 120 sqm
Photographs: Shen Qiang / Shen Photo