Eladio 13 / Biagioni – Pecorari Arquitectos

© Federico Cairoli

Architects: Biagioni Pecorari  Arquitectos - Gabriel Biagioni, Sergio Pecorari
Location: ,
Collaborators: Matías Gabrielloni, Virginia Aranda
Area: 468 sqm
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Federico Cairoli

Pharrell to Collaborate with Zaha Hadid

Hip-Hop artist Pharrell is used to collaborating with big names – Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, and now? Zaha Hadid.

According to an interview with Hypebeast, the artist has decided to continue his dabble into the design world (he’s written a book and designed chairs in the past) by working on a home with the Pritzker Prize-winning architect:

Pharrell: “There’s a collaboration I’m working with , we’re touring around with the idea of a prefab for a house.

Hypebeast: Is that still at the planning stages or are you guys looking to erect something soon?

Pharell, enigmatically: “Well, we’re going to see something through.”

Via GreatSpaces and Hypebeast 

School in Tarragona / Batlle i Roig Arquitectes

Courtesy of Batlle i Roig

Architects: Batlle i Roig ArquitectesEnric Batlle, Joan Roig, Iván Sánchez
Location: Tarragona,
Collaborators: Albert Gil, Oriol Vañó, Carla Cadavid, Matteo Lencioni
Area: 3,555 sqm
Year: 2009
Photography: Courtesy of Batlle i Roig

AIA President Mickey Jacob Urges Congress to Aid Sandy Relief

Photography: The Rockaways, Post-Sandy © Amanda Kirkpatrick

In response an outrage that broke out amongst Democrats and Republicans, after House Speaker John Boehner failed to vote for Sandy relief before the end of the Congressional session two days ago, the House of Representatives have approved a $9.7 billion relief measure to aid flood victims of Hurricane Sandy. This is good news, as the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) recently warned that it would soon run out of funding if no measures were taken. Senate approval is likely to come later in the day and a second congressional vote is scheduled to take place on January 15 for a larger $51 billion request.

Understanding the importance of issuing this federal support,  President Mickey Jacob has offer Congress three key objects for helping these communities recover.

Read AIA President Jacob’s letter to congress and his three objectives after the break…

Arena Office / CUAC Arquitectura

© Javier Callejas Sevilla

Architects: CUAC Arquitectura
Location: Madrid,
Design Team: Javier Castellano Pulido, Tomás García Píriz
Collaborator: Francisco Puga Ortiz
Constructor: Aguirre Obras y Construcciones S.L.
Promotor: Arena Media Communications España S.A.
Installations: Juan M. Fernández
Year: 2007
Photographs: Javier Callejas Sevilla

Jack Nicklaus Golf Club / Yazdani Studio of Cannon Design

© Wan Soon Park

Architects: Yazdani Studio of Cannon Design
Location: Songdo-dong, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon,
Executive Architect: Heerim Architects and Planners
Executive Engineer: ARUP
Engineering: EDSA
Client: The Gale Company
Photographs: Wan Soon Park

[MAD] Skyline Games / PKMN [pac-man]

Photograph by Photographs by Javier de Paz García / www.estudioballoon.es

What are the first words that come to mind when you think of the the Eiffel Tower, the Chrysler Building, the Burj Khalifa? Extraordinary? Impressive? Iconic?

What about…fun?

For Spanish architecture office and collective, PKMN [pac-man], a skyline isn’t just a symbol of a city’s identity, it’s also rich ground for reinterpretation and play. The firm has taken 4 iconic buildings from their hometown of and have – Transformers-style – turned them into 4 funky games. For PKMN, it’s all about taking ownership of these corporate-owned buildings, giving them back to the people who live amongst them.

Plus, there’s Ping-Pong and mini-golf involved. What’s not to love about that?

Check out all of the buildings-turned-games, after the break…

Courtesy of Ian M. Ellis & Frances Peterson
Courtesy of Ian M. Ellis & Frances Peterson

North Brother Island School for Autistic Children / Ian M. Ellis & Frances Peterson

Designed by architecture students, Ian M. Ellis and Frances Peterson…, their proposal for the North Brother Island School for Autistic Children in New York City aims to provide a necessary resource for the Bronx, which is heavily underserved in

The Indicator: The Responsibility of Beauty

“Beauty is nothing other than the promise of happiness.” –Stendhal. Steilneset Memorial by Peter Zumthor and Louise Bourgeos. Photograph by Andrew Meredith.

In his 2008 book, The Architecture of Happiness, Alain de Botton argues that architecture has an extraordinary power when it comes to influencing who we are. In giving shape to our living environments, it plugs into our emotional existence. I would take it a step further and say that as we reside in architecture we so reside within ourselves, emplacing ourselves in both physical and psychological worlds.

But this is by no means a new argument. As de Botton explains in his most recent collection of essays, Religion for Atheists, the Catholics and Protestants have been elaborating on this theme for centuries. The world around us has a profound impact on how we think, feel, and perceive. Without this underlying logic there could be no architecture.

Studio R / Marcio Kogan

© Fernando Guerra | FG+SG

Architects: Marcio Kogan
Location: Sao Paulo – São Paulo,
Architect In Charge:
Co Architects: Gabriel Kogan, Oswaldo Pessano
Interiors: Studio mk27
Project Team: Beatriz Meyer, Eduardo Chalabi, Eduardo Glycerio, Eduardo Gurian, Elisa Friedmann, Gabriel Kogan, Lair Reis, Luciana Antunes, Marcio Tanaka, Maria Cristina Motta, Mariana Ruzante, Mariana Simas, Samanta Cafardo, Suzana Glogowski
Collaborators: Fernando Falcon, Fabiana Cyon
Area: 373.0 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Fernando Guerra | FG+SG

Environmental Interpretation Centre in Flores Island – Azores / Ana Laura Vasconcelos

© FG + SG – Fernando Guerra, Sergio Guerra

Location: , Portugal
Cost: € 1,000,000 euros
Area: 490 sqm
Year: 2009
Photographs: FG + SG – Fernando Guerra, Sergio Guerra

Clae Pop-up Shop / mode:lina architekci

Courtesy of

Completed just last month, the Clae Pop-up Shop, designed by mode:lina architekci, is a shop for Clae footwear. Located at the Galeria Malta in Poznań, , their challenge was to maximize the shopping experience using the lowest budget possible due to the shop’s temporality. To create this space, they picked worn out euro pallets used during KontenerART 2012. More images of the project can be viewed after the break.

House Heilbronn / k_m architektur

© Hagen Stier

Architects: k_m architektur
Location: Heilbronn,
Year: 2012
Photographs: Hagen Stier

Refurbishment of “La Serenissima” Office Building / Park Associati

© Andrea Martiradonna

Architects: Park Associati
Location: Via dei Cavalieri del Santo Sepolcro, Milan,
Architect In Charge: Marco Panzeri
Design Team: Alice Cuteri, Andrea Dalpasso, Marinella Ferrari, Stefano Lanotte, Marco Siciliano, Paolo Uboldi, Fabio Calciati
Site Supervision, Structural, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering: General Planning
Area: 7,988.84 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Andrea Martiradonna, Courtesy of

© Don Frank, Robert Hutchison
© Don Frank, Robert Hutchison

‘7’: Installation at Alderbrook Station / Sarah Biemiller & Robert Hutchison

Alderbrook Station, located slightly east of Astoria along the Columbia River, is the site of the former Union Fisherman’s Cooperative Packaging Company, which once supported a thriving salmon fishing industry. The Netshed is a 3-story timber structure which was used…

House on Limekiln Line / Studio Moffitt

© Shai Gil

Architects: Studio Moffitt
Location: , ON, Canada
Architect In Charge: Lisa Moffitt
Structural Engineer: Blackwell Engineering, Cory Zurrell
Off Grid Consultant: Nick Treanor
General Construction: Peter Long
Client: Maggie Treanor
Area: 85 sqm
Year: 2011
Photographs: Gabriel Li, Shai Gil

El Plaza Condesa / Muñohierro + Esrawe Studio

© Paúl Rivera

Architects: Esrawe Studio
Location: Cuauhtémoc, City,
Architects In Charge: Antonio Muñohierro, Héctor Esrawe
Project Area: 55,972.33 sq ft
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Paúl Rivera

Snark Office / calimùcho

© Fabian Rouwette

Architects: calimùcho
Location: ,
Architect In Charge: Auffray Deghorain & David Ameye
Engineer: B Solutions
Energy: Eureca
Client: snark
Area: 675 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Fabian Rouwette, Fabrice Saudoyez