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Ana House / DAR612

  • Architects: DAR612
  • Location: Splitska, Croatia
  • Architect in Charge: Andrea Donatović Poljičak, d.i.a, Morana Lepur Donatović, d.i.a., Jakov Poljičak, d.i.a
  • Area: 300.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2015
  • Photographs: Robert Leš

© Robert Leš © Robert Leš © Robert Leš © Robert Leš

Hear This Croatian Seawall Sing as the Wind and Waves Lap the Shore

Following the Second World War, the Croatian city of Zadar underwent a large, rapid reconstructive transformation. The city's seafront became nothing more than a concrete wall until 2005, when architect Nikola Bašić proposed to redesign parts of the seawall to interact with the ocean waves. Concealed beneath marble blocks, the 'Sea Organ' (morske orgulje in Croatian) is comprised of a network of polyethylene tubes and resonating cavities which sing as the waves and wind lap the shore. With thirty five individual pipes spanning a total length of seventy metres, it is the largest aerophone in the world. According to reports, the sound is specifically directed out to sea and is impossible to hear from within the city of Zadar itself. In 2006, the intervention was jointly awarded the European Prize for Urban Space.

RCR Arquitectes Exhibition at Oris House of Architecture

Oris House of Architecture gallery in Zagreb, Croatia has been a place of many relevant architectural events since its openning – exhibitions such as Poetry of Boxes by Mathias Klotz, Kohki Hiranuma, Smiljan Radić, BUS:STOP Krumbach and Getting Things Done: Evolution of the Built Environment in Vorarlberg.

Its recent exhibition is that of Catalan studio RCR Arquitectes' works through photographs by the likes of Hisao Suzuki, Pep Sau, Emilia Roia and Marc Checinski.

Exhibition "Ilustraciones" by Smiljan Radic and Alejandro Lüer and Days of Oris 15 Symposium

Last October, Oris - Croatian magazine for architecture and culture of living, had a great pleasure of hosting an internationally recognised Chilean architect – Smiljan Radić. During his visit to Zagreb he delivered a lecture entitled Bestiario at the Days of Oris 15 symposium where he also received ORIS ACO Award and was present at the opening of the exhibition Ilustraciones in the Oris House of Architecture. Among lectures that were held at Days of Oris 15 were ones by Anne Lacaton, Terunobu Fujimori, Fabrizio Barozzi and other architects.

Nevena Katalina Remembers Yugoslav Memorials Through Posters

The act of remembering looms large in national cultures. Shared national memories act as a foundation for national identity, a unifying collective interpretation of history that can define what it means to belong in a certain place. Monuments loom even larger - define a national memory in concrete and stone, and you can help define your vision of the nation. That's why Nevena Katalina, a graphic design masters student at the University of Novi Sad in Serbia, has taken the famous abstract war memorials in the former Yugoslavia and translated them into posters, attempting to reconcile the imposing concrete forms with the impact they've had on culture and memory in countries around the former Yugoslavia.

Jasenovac Monument. Image © Nevena Katalina Kosmaj Monument. Image © Nevena Katalina Ilirska Bistrica Monument. Image © Nevena Katalina Ulcinj Monument. Image © Nevena Katalina

Hotel Bellevue
 / Rusan arhitektura

© Damir Fabijanic © Damir Fabijanic © Damir Fabijanic © Damir Fabijanic

House Sperone / Studio Metrocubo

© Jan Stojkovic © Jan Stojkovic © Jan Stojkovic © Jan Stojkovic

Open Call: THINK public SPACE

The Think Space program serves as a platform for spatial experimentation and conceptual thinking. In 2015, THINK SPACE is conducting an international, public, anonymous, single stage, conceptual architectural – urbanistic idea design Competition under the topic THINK public SPACE. The focus of this Special Edition of Think Space will be directed on urban public space. Within the project Zagreb for Me, the Think Space Competition will strive to seek out solutions for present-day public spaces on conceptual and theoretical levels with the potential of realization of the selected competition projects in the public spaces of Zagreb, Croatia. Read on to learn more. 

Principia Archaeological Park / Nenad Fabijanić

The opening of the Principia Archaeological Park in Rijeka, in February 2014, enriched the topography of ancient sites on the Adriatic’s eastern shore, adding a monumental locus, unique in the type and the shaping level of presentation. As for the type, the Principia was an architectural and town-planning element of castrum, a Roman military encampment or town, one of the many scattered along the boundaries of the Roman Empire (limites).

Villa / Petar Miskovic + Vanja Rister

  • Architects: Petar Miskovic, Vanja Rister
  • Location: Rijeka, Croatia
  • Area: 270.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2014
  • Photographs: Robert Les

© Robert Les © Robert Les © Robert Les © Robert Les

Villa Π / Oliver Grigić

  • Architects: Oliver Grigić
  • Location: Čepin, Croatia
  • Area: 1393.0 sqm
  • Photographs: Marin Topić

© Marin Topić © Marin Topić © Marin Topić © Marin Topić

Gumno House / Turato Architects

© Igor Crnković © Ivan Dorotić © Sandro Lendler © Ivan Dorotić

Affordable Housing at the Edge of the City / Zoka Zola Architecture + Urban Design

Courtesy of Zoka Zola Architecture + Urban Design Courtesy of Zoka Zola Architecture + Urban Design Courtesy of Zoka Zola Architecture + Urban Design Courtesy of Zoka Zola Architecture + Urban Design

Mulini Beach / Studio 3LHD

© Joao Morgado © Joao Morgado © Joao Morgado © Joao Morgado

Multiplan Arhitekti Wins Competition for New Gallery in Zagreb

Multiplan Arhitekti have shared with us their competition-winning design for an art gallery on one of Zagreb's most prominent streets. The ALUARTFORUM gallery, designed for the University of Zagreb and located next to the existing Academy of Fine Arts, will fill one of the last remaining open spaces on Ilica Street.

More on the design of the gallery after the break

© Jan Jazbec © Jan Jazbec © Jan Jazbec © Jan Jazbec

Public Library In Labin / Ivana Žalac, Margita Grubiša, Igor Presečan i Damir Gamulin

  • Architects: SKROZ
  • Location: Labin, Croatia
  • Architects in Charge: Ivana Žalac, Margita Grubiša, Igor Presečan i Damir Gamulin
  • Competition Team: Damir Gamulin, Margita Grubiša, Marin Jelčić, Zvonimir Kralj, Igor Presečan i Ivana Žalac
  • Area: 1200.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2013
  • Photographs: Ivan Dorotić

© Ivan Dorotić © Ivan Dorotić © Ivan Dorotić © Ivan Dorotić