Bjarke Ingels Lays Foundation Brick at LEGO House

BIG‘s LEGO House is now under construction, following a one of a kind foundation laying ceremony featuring – what else – supersized  bricks. Bjarke Ingels himself was in attendance to lay one of the foundation bricks. Constructed in LEGO‘s hometown of Billund, Denmark, the LEGO House will be a 12,000 square metre “hands-on minds-on experience centre.”

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Courtesy of LEGO Group

’s design for the LEGO House was directly influenced by the LEGO itself, with the bricks being used to model the building, resulting in a design which is clearly inspired by the formal possibilities of the toy which it celebrates. The gallery at the very top of the design is modelled after a gigantic LEGO brick, labelled the ‘Keystone’ by BIG. Inside, the LEGO House will feature multiple ‘experience areas’, a café, a unique LEGO store, and a 2,000 square metre public square, as well as several open roof terraces. LEGO Group hopes that the LEGO House will host approximately 250,000 people annually.

Courtesy of LEGO Group

“For me the LEGO brick embodies the notion of systematic creativity – that the rigour and rationality of the LEGO brick allows children of all ages infinite possibilities to create their own worlds and to inhabit them through play,” Said Bjarke Ingels. “We have been inspired by the modularity of the LEGO brick to create the LEGO House. It will appear like a cloud of interlocking LEGO bricks that form spaces for exploration and exhibition for its visitors within. On the outside the pile of bricks form the roof of a new covered square as well as a mountain of interconnected terraces and playgrounds.”

Courtesy of LEGO Group

“I am very passionate about play and how children learn through playing with LEGO bricks. This is essentially the LEGO idea and what the LEGO House is all about. I look forward to see the long time dream of having one place where anyone can experience the LEGO idea come true,” said Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, grandson of the founder and current LEGO Group owner.

Courtesy of LEGO Group

Construction is expected to complete in 2016.

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  • Aybige Tek

    Big makes so much sense as an architect. He is one of the consistent big architects who made use of lego that led him to get this project. Respecting that so much! awesome fun project….PLAY is important and he is great with play in architecture.

  • jimmy

    not very original. Besides…there already is a lego-house, built completely out of real LEGO-blocks,…constructed by James May, and much better lokoing then this generic piece of ****

  • le

    love their work

  • Wesley Rasko

    I would love to buy one of your LEGO bricks from the project, can you please provide me with one? Thank you, Wesley Rasko

  • Sam Islandflow

    Not the most spacially interesting design but I still like the idea of using lego shapes when building a LEGO House. But oh the irony when the ads in this article give me Greenpeace’s #BlockShell link!

  • Will Nellen

    Hi, interesting thing here.
    I’ve been thinking about this for the past year or so.
    The big Lego blocks could be used to build houses, first place to have them build in disaster areas, it builds quick, (there should also be the roofblocks and doors and windows of course) but also for for instance towns that want to build low income housing. These things hardly weigh anything, you don’t need a heavy foundation and it is easy to erect and breakdown.
    This idea is so easy to develop, why does nobody else think about it?