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The BIG LEGO® House Reveal

The BIG LEGO® House Reveal
The BIG LEGO® House Reveal, The LEGO® House / BIG; Courtesy of The LEGO® Group
The LEGO® House / BIG; Courtesy of The LEGO® Group

The design for BIG’s highly anticipated LEGO® “experience center” - a.k.a. The LEGO® House - has been released! Located in the heart of The Lego Group’s birthplace and home town of Billund, Denmark, the 7,600 square-meter building resembles “gigantic LEGO® bricks” that are “combined and stacked in a creative way to create an imaginative experience both outside and inside.”

True to form, the 30 meter-tall structure will feature several exterior and multi-level access points that will remain open year-long to its estimated 250,000 annual visitors. Aside from its roof-top gardens and 1,900 square-meter public square, attractions will include a series of exhibition areas showcasing the “past, present and future of the LEGO® idea”, a cafe and an unique LEGO® store.

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Bjarke Ingles, founder of BIG stated: “It’s going to be looking at LEGO® from all its different aspects—LEGO® as an art form, its cultural impact. When we were doing the research for it [the LEGO® house], we realized, if you would consider it just an art museum, you would be able to fill it with so much user content of such a high quality…it is one of our great dreams at BIG that we are now able to design a building for and with the LEGO® group. I owe a huge personal debt to the LEGO® brick, and I can see in my nephews that its role in developing the child as a creative, thinking, imaginative human being becomes ever stronger in a world in which creativity and innovation are key elements in virtually all aspects of society.”

Courtesy of BIG
Courtesy of BIG

“BIG has designed a building that encapsulates what LEGO® play and LEGO® values are all about”, says Hans Peter Folmann, Marketing responsible for the LEGO® House and adds: “The creative use of the LEGO® brick shape is a true visualization of the systematic creativity that is at the core of LEGO® play, so we believe that this is the right look for the LEGO® House. And it simply looks amazing.”

Construction of the building is expected to begin in early 2014 and the LEGO® House will be inaugurated in 2016.

It will be built in collaboration between KIRKBI A/S, the LEGO® Foundation and the LEGO® Group, but the LEGO® Group will handle the daily operation of the LEGO® House once finished.

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