The 10 Tallest Buildings Under Construction in Europe

  • 07 May 2014
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Metropol Tower, Istanbul. Image © Metropol Istanbul

A study conducted by Emporis, the international provider of building data, has revealed that Moscow is set to retain its title as the skyscraper capital of Europe. Already home to 4 of ’s top 5 – including the Mercury City Tower, ’s current tallest at 338m – is also home to 6 of the 10 tallest European Buildings under construction. Three of these buildings will also surpass the height of the Mercury City Tower.

However, despite having the greatest concentration of supertall buildings, Moscow is set to lose its crown for the tallest building in Europe to St Petersburg, with the 463m Lakhta Center due for completion in 2018. Also making the top 10 list with 3 buildings being constructed over 250m is Istanbul. You can see the full top 10 list after the break.

1. Lakhta Center, St Petersburg / RMJM/Kettle Collective (468m, Completion date 2018)

Lakhta Center, St Petersburg. Image ©

2. Vostok, Moscow / Nps+Partner/Schweger + Partner (361m, Completion date 2016)

Vostok, Moscow. Image © MinPai+

3. OKO Apartment Tower, Moscow / SOM (352m, Completion date 2015)

OKO Apartment Tower, Moscow. Image © Igor Butyrskii

4. Eurasia Tower, Moscow / SCHA/Summa International (309m, Completion date 2014)

Eurasia Tower, Moscow. Image © Swanke Hayden Connell

5 & 6. ST Towers, Moscow / HOK/SPEECH Architectural Office (288m, Completion date 2015)

ST Towers, Moscow. Image © SPEECH architectural office

7 & 8. Skyland Office & Skyland Residential Towers, Istanbul / Broadway Malyan (284m, Completion date 2016)

Skyland Towers, Istanbul. Image © Eroglu

9. Evolution Tower, Moscow / RMJM/Kettle Collective (255m, Completion date 2014)

Evolution Tower, Moscow. Image © Igor Butyrskii

10. The Metropol Tower, Istanbul / RMJM/Dome + Partners (250m, Completion date 2016)

Metropol Tower, Istanbul. Image © Metropol Istanbul
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  • F

    We dont dig it in Europen when you say Russia is part of Europe.. It aint, and turkey is even just barely.. I had higher hopes for this post.

    • MZ

      Well, Moscow and Istanbul are geographically speaking on the european continent. The political and cultural map may look different, although the european part of Russia and Turkey has been historically definitely an important part of the european history and culture.
      On the other hand it is obvious, that these peripheries are the places, where big scale development takes place. And as a middle-european I am not sorry about that at all. Europe is small and thinks in small scale. Refurbishment, renovations, add-ons are the main issues. Context is everything. Even Paris and London are no exceptions.

    • PS

      Apart from all the misguided debate over geographic or political rights to being called European, I find it’s title an interesting elbow to the side, flaunting where economic growth is taking place, in the easternmost part of the continent…..
      Not so shocking that they should manifest in this conspicuously antiquated way….
      Unfortunately, from an architectural standpoint, there seems not much to single out apart from their record heights. Oh, ok nice twist, here and there.

  • T

    where is europe in this?

  • M

    article name doesn’t match content. Russia is not part of EU.

    • N

      Where does it say EU in the article name?

    • Alex

      Moscow is in Europe go buy or learn to use the internet.

      • Max

        Just to say: the traditional conception of Europe that includes the western part of Russia dates back to the XVIIIth century when the tsar Peter the Great wanted for political reasons to bring his empire closer to the European powers. I don’t know if you noticed, but times have changed and a revolution is even taking place in Ukraine on the question to know if Russian-speaking populations of Ukraine are more European or more Russian. Russia violated international law to annex Crimea on the idea it is Russian and not European. Saying that Russia is in Europe is absurd and is in complete contradiction with what is happening in the world as we speak. Of course, there is cultural and historical ties, of course Western Russia is bigger than the EU and etc but that does not mean it’s European.
        Maybe I don’t know to use Internet but before taking Wiki for an absolute truth, I think a bit.

  • r

    The EU is not Europe.. EU is the european union, but no doubt that Russia and istambul cannot be considered to be part of europe, as most of their country is in Asia, even if the smallest part of them are considered to be on european continent. eheheh

    • N

      This article is about tallest buildings in Europe. It does not matter whether the country is 2/3rd in Asia or not if the f@cking tower is built in Europe.

  • Emilia

    You forgot about
    280 m high.

  • Fish’s Pony

    once again, this proves tall buildings are the passion of developing countries who are trying to assert their newly gained power by building tall and big

  • tomeck

    @r – area of european part of Russia is larger than EU (it is 1/4 of all russia). Also, the population of european part of Russia is more than 2/3 of all country, so this what you saing is simply not true.


    Come on guys, i am sure the editor made an honest mistake. Maybe he want Russia to be part of EU. :):)

    • XY

      Europe is so much bigger than the EU. Get used to it.

    • Mark Li

      Did you skip a geography course in high school?

  • Aleks

    Even though the countries themselves are mostly in Asia, the title did say in Europe. St. Petersburg is definitely in Europe, and so is Moscow. In fact, the European part of Russia is larger than the largest entirely European country, so you can’t argue against that. On the other hand, Istanbul is only half-European, even by geography.

  • Doug

    WTF. Russia is not part of Europe, regardless of ‘continental shelves.’ Even if, Moscow’s east of the Ural range.

  • Hulya Coskun

    Eventhough EU dont accept Turkiye actually as a GEOGRAPHIC part of the Europian Continent. One of the Main city of Turkiye : Istanbul placed to between Asian and Europian Continents. In Istanbul, Bosphorus Bridge connected two continents each other Europe and Asia.
    Please check map and learn GEOGRAPHY..EU members too. So, this artical is true. No mistake!

  • Mark Li

    Some of the idiots here doesn’t even know that EU and Europe it’s not exactly the same things. Moscow and St.Petersburg are both located in European part of Russia! FYI Europe is a continent

  • Gunes Sonmez

    Guys, trying to erect exclusive barriers between Turkey and Europe, and even Russia and Europe is not constructive by any means. Whether or not some Europeans see it that was or not, both Turkey and Russia are European phenomena historically, econom8cally and culturally. There are differences yes, but these probably smaller than Bask vs Catalan differences. So what about a future working together, integrating, uniting and developing the world and our future? Changing the exclusive attitude to embracing one? Being example to the rest? Setting guidelines for humanity? For ecenomical growth? Prosperity? These are good stuff in pics, you should be happy that they are at your arm’s reach.

  • Ryan

    So every commenter on here is pissed that Instanbul and Moscow are considered part of Europe? Wow, grow up, guys. They are clearly part of Europe, both geographically and culturally. Europe is a lot bigger than the EU. Though it would be interesting to see an additional post about ‘the 10 tallest buildings under construction in the EU’.

  • I

    The European Union (EU) is an economic and political union of 28 member states that are primarily located in Europe.
    Europe is a continent. There are 50 countries in Europe.

  • Dan

    Whew! I was worried that this crap was being built in Paris or Rome. Let Moscow have all of the corporate, energy-sucking, lifeless towers and dead outdoor spaces it wants.

  • Patrick H

    LOL, you people crack me up. Who cares about national labels? What do you think of the BUILDINGS?

  • Abigail

    Interesting Read

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    İstanbul Metropol is wonderful.