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Snøhetta Creates Peace Bench Sculpture for the UN Headquarters

Commissioned by the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo, Norway, and designed by Snøhetta, the installation entitled The Best Weapon, was first unveiled to the public at the United Nations Headquarters’ Plaza in New York City. This urban peace bench aims to honor “the past Nobel Peace Prize laureates and their efforts to bring people together to find effective solutions for peace”.

© Bjørnar Øvrebø © Bjørnar Øvrebø © Bjørnar Øvrebø © Bjørnar Øvrebø + 9

My heart beats like yours / Estudio Guto Requena

© Ana Mello © Ana Mello © Ana Mello © Ana Mello + 22

República, Brazil

This Monument to the Humble Honeybee Bears a Stark Warning

Constructed as part of Agrikultura—a triennial of public artworks and urban interventions in Malmö, Sweden—this installation, described by the designers a "maquette of a monument to the honeybee", is in fact home to an entire colony. It references—by design—the mysterious elements of 'bee orientation': verticality (gravity), geometry (the cell structure of the beehive), and the position of the sun relative to the hive. The project is, on the one hand, "a potential memorial for the bees" while, on the other, "a celebration of the sun on which all life depends."

© Peo Olsson © Peo Olsson © Peo Olsson © Peo Olsson + 6