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Video Interview with Norman Foster Explores His Life and Work Through a Lyrical Lens

The Maestros project conducted an interview with Norman Foster, discussing with him topics related to his life, his approach to architecture, and the stories behind his buildings. Created, produced and published by Fundación Arquia, The Maestros collection is a cultural program that aims to create a platform where the most important architects can communicate “their thoughts to future generations of architects”.

How Important is the Name of a Renowned Architect to a Project?

From the Fundación Arquia Blog, architect José Ramón Hernandez brings us an article that reflects on projects that can only be appreciated because of who they were created by. If it weren't for the fact that they bear the signature of their illustrious creator, they most likely would have gone completely unnoticed or even despised.

Want A Nice House Without Breaking The Bank? Call An Architect

In his original article in the Arquia Foundation Architecture Blog, the author Alberto Campo Baeza talked about how important an architect is in the diagnosis and execution of a construction problem. Comparing the scenario to the importance of a doctor treating a disease, an architect is essential to executing a building project.

How to Succeed as a Young Architecture Professor (Without Dying in the Process)

How to Succeed as a Young Architecture Professor (Without Dying in the Process)

In this article originally published in Spanish by the Arquia Architecture Foundation's blog, the author Manuel Saga speaks about the important task of involving young professors in architecture schools, arguing that it is essential that the academic route is seen as a real option with as much value as being a “big name designer,” especially when you take into account the current crisis seen within the industry.