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Star Wars: The Latest Architecture and News

Your Favorite Fictional Universes in Pen and Paper

Your Favorite Fictional Universes in Pen and Paper - Image 7 of 4
Courtesy of Angie's List

In a world of 3D, HD, 4K, and CGI, architectural representation in the film, television, and gaming industries are becoming ever-more realistic, ever-more dazzling, and ever-more expensive. But strip away the special effects, and the beautifully-crafted architectural forms of fictional worlds such as Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, and Marvel are no less impressive.

To demonstrate this, Angie’s List has produced a set of elemental, greyscale, pen-and-paper illustrations of some of the entertainment industry’s most iconic fictional worlds, celebrating style, form, materiality, and shadow. From the sleek futurism of Star Wars and Marvel to the vernacular fortresses of Game of Thrones and Skyrim, the “Fictional Architecture” series captures the finer details of our favorite fictional universes.

Drone Flyover Shows Construction Progress on Disney's Star Wars Theme Parks

Construction is well underway on Disney’s much anticipated Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge theme parks planned for both Disney World in Florida and Disneyland, California.

A new drone video released by Disney Parks shows that many of the California park’s landscape and architectural elements – including mountains spires, towers and domes – are already in place. Inspired by the real-world land- and cityscapes of Istanbul and Morocco, the park will evoke the Outer Rim planet of Batuu, a remote trade outpost located along old sub-lightspeed trade routes.

Disney Unveils Plans for "Immersive" Star Wars Resort and New Theme Park Animation

At the D23 Expo this past weekend, Disney announced plans for a new Star Wars hotel and resort at the Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, and revealed an animation of the upcoming Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge theme park that will bring the beloved galaxy into the present and not-so-far-away.

The revolutionary hotel has been envisioned as a completely “immersive” experience – visitors will each be given their own “story line” complete with “secret missions,” interacting with a full in-costume and in-character hotel staff. Early concepts for the resort show starship-themed spaces throughout, from the lobby to hotel rooms each featuring “a view into space.”

Take a Virtual "Fly-Through" of the Star Wars Millennium Falcon With This 3D Model

The Star Wars universe contains some impressive buildings. However, in the original trilogy, it's actually the Millennium Falcon, Han Solo's non-descript yet highly tuned ship, that provides the most important architectural setting for the story's events, acting as the de facto base for our heroes' scheming. While it's certainly not the largest or most complex floor plan in the universe, the interior of the Millennium Falcon is intriguing for the way it resolves the ship's circular shape.

With this model from Archilogic of the Millennium Falcon's main floor, Star Wars fans can get a sense of what it's like to tag along with Luke, Han, and the rest of the group—whether that's by hanging out in the living area, traversing the ship's curved corridors, or even sitting in the cockpit as an Imperial Star Destroyer approaches, the model has it all.

The Architecture of Star Wars: 7 Iconic Structures

Perhaps the most enduring appeal of Star Wars for its fans is not simply its compelling storyline or its dramatic space battles - it is instead that this universe is, in fact, a universe, with all the complexity and depth that entails. One of the best ways to reveal that depth is through architecture, which offers the most visually striking combination of history, culture and technology available. As a result, the Star Wars universe is littered with a huge variety of fascinating architecture, from ancient temples to futuristic floating cities.

Today is the most holy day in the Star Wars fanatic’s calendar, and thanks to pages like Star Wars Architecture on Facebook and Wookieepedia, we’re celebrating the event with seven of the most interesting, astonishing and iconic architectural structures from the franchise. Enjoy, and May the 4th be with you.

The Architecture of Star Wars: 7 Iconic Structures  - Image 1 of 4The Architecture of Star Wars: 7 Iconic Structures  - Image 2 of 4The Architecture of Star Wars: 7 Iconic Structures  - Image 3 of 4The Architecture of Star Wars: 7 Iconic Structures  - Image 4 of 4The Architecture of Star Wars: 7 Iconic Structures  - More Images+ 7

Video: The Death Star Architect Speaks Out

Dorkly's latest animation gives the architect responsible for the Death Star an opportunity to defend himself and prove that his "shoddy design" was not to blame for its destruction. Instead, he condemns space wizards - a unworldly force he neglected to consider during planning.


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Courtesy of INTERIORS Journal

Interiors is an online film and architecture publication, published by Mehruss Jon Ahi and Armen Karaoghlanian. Interiors runs an exclusive column for ArchDaily that analyzes and diagrams films in terms of space. Their Official Store will carry exclusive prints from these posts.

Star Wars (1977) is more than a film. It’s a worldwide phenomenon. The Star Wars saga is its own universe, and with such distinct characters and mythology, even talking about Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope as a standalone film (which is part of such a larger whole) is a fascinating exercise. It’s quite remarkable that for a film that takes place in space, in worlds outside of ours, it still holds up, architecturally.

Walt Disney to Bring Star Wars to Life

Walt Disney has unveiled the company's largest single theme land expansion ever: Star Wars Land. An extraterrestrial land of humanoids, aliens, and droids, the 14-acre development is expected to be built at Orlando, Florida's Disney World and Anaheim, California's Disneyland by 2020.

Nearby in Los Angeles, rumors are saying Star Wars director George Lucas may consider building his self-titled museum there, rather than in Chicago where Lucas is facing fierce opposition over his MAD museum design (more on that here).

Read on to see more images of Star Wars Land and to watch the unveiling of the project.