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Architectural Film Fest Norway

10:00 - 28 June, 2017
Architectural Film Fest Norway

As a part of the dominating discourse, Norwegian cities and municipalities are aiming to be creative, innovative, competitive and attractive. They’re often competing to attract the; well educated, mobile, young, culture-consuming, innovative creative upper middle class. At the same time, the differences in Norway increase and social inequality is on the rise. The tension between focus on a desired future and real-time management can pose challenges.

Architecture & Design Film Festival

11:22 - 30 May, 2017
Architecture & Design Film Festival, The Tiara at Tippet Rise Art Center, Design by Alban Bassuet and Willem Boning, with Arup Engineers. Lead Architect: Gunnstock Timber Frames. Image courtesy of Tippet Rise. Photo by Alban Bassuet.
The Tiara at Tippet Rise Art Center, Design by Alban Bassuet and Willem Boning, with Arup Engineers. Lead Architect: Gunnstock Timber Frames. Image courtesy of Tippet Rise. Photo by Alban Bassuet.

Celebrating the unique creative spirit that drives architecture and design, the Architecture & Design Film Festival (ADFF) comes to Tippet Rise Art Center, the 10,260-acre sculpture park and classical music center in the Montana highlands, this September. Architect Kyle Bergman, ADFF’s founder, will bring a lineup of eight films to Tippet Rise that intimately explore the connections between nature and architecture and examine how architects from around the world grapple with the constraints and inspirations presented by their sites.

ArchFilmFest: London’s First Festival of Architectural Film

09:00 - 22 May, 2017
ArchFilmFest: London’s First Festival of Architectural Film, ArchFilmFest takes place during The London Festival of Architecture which runs 1-30 June 2017.
ArchFilmFest takes place during The London Festival of Architecture which runs 1-30 June 2017.

Architecture and film are interlocked: both unfold narrative ideas through space and time, taking us to real and virtual worlds; both start with the imagination, and then take on their own reality. Films are set in cities, landscapes and buildings where architecture is a visual shorthand, telling us about characters and plot in an instant. Yet a dedicated festival that brings architecture and film together has never before been held in this country.

BIG Changes on the Horizon for Bjarke Ingels and His Firm

14:15 - 8 May, 2017

“The greatest thing about being an architect,” pronounced Bjarke Ingels, “is that you build buildings.”

CAFx KADK Summer School 2017: Landscape as Character

17:58 - 2 May, 2017
CAFx KADK Summer School 2017: Landscape as Character, Copenhagen Architecture Festival Summer School 2017
Copenhagen Architecture Festival Summer School 2017

After the great success of last year’s Summer School in Aarhus, we are hosting another summer camp this year in Lemvig under the title “Landscape as Character.”

The CAFx Summer School 2017 will focus on the temporal nature and character of the Danish landscape. With reference to the 17 UN goals for a better world, we will shed light on the future, present, and past of the magnificent sceneries that make up Western Jutland.

New Documentary to Explore the Life and Legacy of Jane Jacobs

16:05 - 23 March, 2017

IFC has announced the release of their latest documentary, Citizen Jane: Battle for the City, which will dive into “the enduring legacies of one of the most prominent figures of modern urban planning, Jane Jacobs, and talks about her David-Goliath fight to save NYC.”

New Documentary to Profile the Career of Slovenian Architecture Firm Sadar + Vuga

16:20 - 16 March, 2017

Humor is a very rare quality in architecture, most architects are too serious
-Andreas Ruby, director of the Swiss Architecture Museum S AM, Basel

Since its founding in 1996, Slovenia architecture firm Sadar+Vuga has grown to become one of their country’s most influential architectural forces, with a range of projects covering interior design, to stadiums, to city master plans. In a new documentary by director Damjan Kozole, the firm’s history is being archived for the first time.

Architecture Documentaries To Watch In 2017

07:00 - 29 December, 2016

Following our favorite Architecture Documentaries to Watch in 2015, our top 40 Architecture Docs to Watch in 2014, and our choice 30 Architecture Docs to Watch in 2013, we're looking ahead to 2017! Our latest round up presents a collection of the most critically acclaimed, popular and often under-represented films and documentaries that provoke, intrigue, inform and beguile. From biopics of Eero Saarinen, Frei Otto and Laurie Baker, to presentations of Chinese "palaces" and the architecture of Africa, Cambodia and India, these are our top picks.

Film "The Architect" Satirizes the Profession with Egocentric Protagonist

08:00 - 11 December, 2016
Film "The Architect" Satirizes the Profession with Egocentric Protagonist

"The Architect", directed by Jonathan Parker, is a film that moves between drama and comedy. It features a humorous (and some would say believable) satire of architects. In the film an egocentric, and grandiose architect named Miles Moss, played by actor James Frain, works with a couple who wants to build their dream home. 

Watch Bêka and Lemoine's "The Infinite Happiness" – a Documentary Film on BIG's "8 House"

13:00 - 2 December, 2016

Update: following the screening period The Infinite Happiness is no longer available to watch on ArchDaily. The full collection of Bêka and Lemoine's films can be viewed on demand, here.

For two days only—between Friday, December 2 and Sunday, December 4—you can watch The Infinite Happiness, part of Ila Bêka and Louise Lemoine's Living Architectures series, exclusively on ArchDaily. The film, shot entirely in Copenhagen's "8 House" designed by BIG, follows a group of residents (and passers-by) as they experience life in a contemporary housing block widely considered to embody new models of living.

Bêka and Lemoine's Documentary Film on BIG's "8 House" To Be Screened Exclusively on ArchDaily

18:00 - 28 November, 2016

Filmmakers Ila Bêka and Louise Lemoine, creators of the Living Architectures seminal collection of films on architecture, will screen The Infinite Happinessshot entirely in Copenhagen's "8 House" designed by BIGexclusively on ArchDaily from Friday, December 2 until Sunday, December 4.

Marking the forthcoming release of two DVD box-sets of their entire œuvre (which was acquired by New York's Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in 2016) Bêka and Lemoine have, over the course of the Living Architectures project, developed films about and in collaboration with the likes of the Barbican in London, the Fondazione Prada, La Biennale di Venezia, Frank Gehry, Bjarke Ingels, the City of Bordeaux, the Arc en Rêve centre d’architecture, and more. Their goal in this has always been to "democratize the highbrow language of architectural criticism. [...] Free speech on the topic of architecture," Bêka has said, "is not the exclusive property of experts." Their first film, Koolhaas Houselife (2008), has come to embody this unique approach.

Watch The Infinite Happiness on ArchDaily here from December 2 1800GMT.

© Bêka & Partners © Bêka & Partners © Bêka & Partners © Bêka & Partners +5

Monocle 24 Pays Homage to the Role of Architecture in Film

04:00 - 4 November, 2016

For this edition of Section DMonocle 24's weekly review of design, architecture and craft, the team turn their attention to the crossroads where design and architecture meet film. From a documentary about Pruitt-Igoe, the St. Louis housing project, to a new reading of the title sequence of Superman, this episode investigates the role of architecture in film – and visa versa.

Drive – Volume #49: Hello World!

04:00 - 3 November, 2016
Drive – Volume #49: Hello World!, Scene from "Ex Machina". Image © Volume
Scene from "Ex Machina". Image © Volume

The following essay by Carla Leitão and Ed Keller was first published by Volume Magazine in their 49th issue, Hello World! You can read the Editorial of this issue, Going Livehere.

What are the philosophical consequences of automation after the integration of pervasive AI into the architecture, landscapes and cognitive maps of our planet and its populations? We suggest that "natural models" of automation pre-exist our technology, with profound implications for human and planetary systems. We’re interested in specific examples and models outside of our cultural milieu that test the limits of bodies, that map habits and their disruption through noise, and reframe the relation between life and consciousness. The following examples index the performance of networks in tight cycles of feedback loops: machines teaching machines. To go to the root of the philosophical consequences of automation our path is through abstract and universalist models of ‘natural laws’, redeployed into specific local situations. We use the term ‘drive’ for its myriad implications connecting across the examples we have chosen.

Call for Entries: Green Go Short Film Competiton

05:00 - 16 October, 2016
Call for Entries: Green Go Short Film Competiton, Courtesy of Unknown
Courtesy of Unknown

Submit your green short films by 31 October 2016 and win prizes!

Watch Jean Nouvel Explain the Design Process Behind his Most Recent Projects in New Documentary

16:40 - 13 October, 2016

The biggest temptation is to jump right in. There are solutions that come to you. There are images that spontaneously appear. My method is rather to hold back as long as possible, to really imagine it spatially, so to be sure I have something to say.

Award winning documentarian and critic Matt Tyrnauer (director of Valentino: The Last Emperor, Citizen Jane: Battle For The City) has released a new documentary taking a look into the mind of world-renowned architect Jean Nouvel and his design process.

The film, titled Jean Nouvel: Reflections, follows the French architect around the world to visit his most recent works, including the Philharmonie de Paris, Institut du Monde Arabe, Fondation Cartier, Musée du Quai Branly, and Doha Tower and future projects, notably the National Museum of Qatar, his New York skyscraper, 53W53, and the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

Courtesy of Unknown via Altimeter Films via Altimeter Films via Altimeter Films +14

Lost in the Landscape: Snøhetta's Wild Reindeer Center Pavilion, Filmed in 4K

04:00 - 30 September, 2016

The Dovrefjell mountain range, which divides the north and south of Norway, holds "a unique place in [the] Norwegian consciousness." A constellation of myths and legends are connected to these mountains which have, over recent years, born witness to hunting, mining and military activity. But it is also the home of a large wild reindeer population. At Hjerkinn, on the edge of the Dovrefjell National Park, Oslo-based Snøhetta have created an observation pavilion for the Wild Reindeer Foundation. In this film by Alejandro Villanueva, the building and the surrounding landscape are revealed through time-lapse and in astonishing detail.

Call for Entries: Space Invaders: Diaries of Radical Empathy

12:15 - 20 September, 2016
Call for Entries: Space Invaders: Diaries of Radical Empathy

Simultaneous uses coexist, confound, and conflict. Each circulator tries to delegitimize the other by getting in the way, amounting to an all-out war. As more and more people seek alternate forms of travel, there is a need for empathy in how we move through the city. Far from creating enmity, a multiplicity of flows can encourage greater sensitivity. Walkers, runners, skateboarders, pedicabbers, bikers, limousine, bus, and truck drivers, drone operators, kayakers, and swimmers can find ways to share the city, while feeling that their space is free and respected.

MASS Design Group Documentary, "Design that Heals," to Premiere at New York 2016 Architecture and Design Film Festival

11:10 - 15 September, 2016

Can a building help stem the tide of large epidemics?

In 2010, in the midst of the world’s worst cholera outbreak in over a century, MASS Design Group was challenged to design a cholera treatment center where the construction process, as well as the finished building, could address the underlying structural and social conditions that allow cholera to thrive.

This is the subject of Design that Heals, a new documentary that portrays the challenges, innovations, and triumph of the project, proving that, “Architecture and health are inseparable.” (Dr. Jean-William Pape, GHESKIO founder)

The 31-minute film, an official New York 2016 Architecture and Design Film Festival selection, will premiere September 29th at 6:30 and October 1st and 7:30. Screenings will be held at Cinépolis Chelsea, 260 West 23rd Street, New York, NY 10011.