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Miniatures: The Latest Architecture and News

Hyper-Realistic Buildings That Can Fit on Your Desk

© Ben Neale for Joshua Smith
© Ben Neale for Joshua Smith

South Australian artist, Joshua Smith has created yet another true-to-life miniature, a locksmith shop in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The miniature was created for an exhibition at the Arcade Art Gallery in Kaohsiung called, ‘When the Sun Goes Down’ as part of the Streets of Taiwan festival. Miniaturist Joshua Smith selected the shop by using google maps, with supplemental reference photos taken by the gallery -- Joshua has not been to Taiwan, let alone the shop itself.

© Ben Neale for Joshua Smith© Ben Neale for Joshua Smith© Ben Neale for Joshua Smith© Ben Neale for Joshua Smith+ 11

Inside the Production of the Massive Miniature Models Used to Film Blade Runner 2049

You may not have guessed that the dystopian state of Los Angeles filmed in Blade Runner 2049 is a real place, just smaller. The scenes, from Los Angeles to the Trash Mesa and Wallace Tower were built to scale in Wellington, New Zealand by Weta Workshop, the massive ‘miniature’ sets were then filmed by cinematographer Alex Funke.

Model-Making in Miniature: Ali Alamedy's Nostalgic and Painstakingly Precise Tiny Worlds

Although trained as a Control and Computer Engineer, Ali Alamedy has since turned his hand to manufacturing scaled, miniature dioramas. After being forced to leave his home in Iraq, he and his family are now based in Turkey – and it is here that he has honed a skill in constructing these tiny, intricate worlds from a broad range of ordinary materials. All scaled at 1:12, these complex and often hyper-realistic models are inspired by the environments around him, complemented by his experiences and, of course, his imagination. In this study of Alamedy's work, ArchDaily asks: how do you do it?

"Italian Façade". Image © Ali Alamedy"New York City". Image © Ali Alamedy"Kid's Room". Image © Ali Alamedy"Pipes Warehouse". Image © Ali Alamedy+ 24

Micro-Scale Modeling: How to Construct Tiny, Intricate Worlds From Ordinary Materials

Joshua Smith, a miniaturist and former stencil artist based in South Australia, constructs tiny, intricate worlds for a living. His work, which exhibits astonishing observational and representational skills, focuses on the "overlooked aspects of the urban environment – such as grime, rust and decay to discarded cigarettes and graffiti," all recreated at a scale of 1:20. Smith, who has been making model kits for around a decade, only recently chose to move away from a 16-year-long career creating stencil art. With his creative talents now focused on model-making, and all those skills which accompany the craft, ArchDaily asks: how do you do it?

© Andrew Beveridge / ASB Creative Instagram© Andrew Beveridge / ASB Creative Instagram© Andrew Beveridge / ASB Creative Instagram© Andrew Beveridge / ASB Creative Instagram+ 19