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'Restoration' Will Represent Chile in the Venice Biennale 2021

With the submission of "Reparation: Architecture of Action and Everyday Experiences," Chilean architect Emilio Marín will curate the Chilean exhibit at this year's Biennale of Venice, as announced by a spokesperson for the Ministry of Culture, Art, and Heritage.

Finalists Announced for 2014/2015 MCHAP.emerge Awards

The Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize has announced five finalists for its biannual MCHAP.emerge awards, celebrating the best architecture in the Americas by emerging practices. The five projects were selected from a list of 55, coming from 95 different nominators, that were announced last week. The projects represent the best architecture completed by young architects over the past two years in both North and South America, with finalists coming from Canada, the United States, Mexico, Chile and Paraguay.

The winner of the prize will be announced on the evening of April 1st at a symposium at the S. R. Crown Hall in Chicago, after an afternoon in which the finalists present their work to the jury, and the Architecture faculty and student body of IIT. Read on to see the list of finalists.

Towards an Architecture of Open and Flexible Systems / Emilio Marin

© Courtesy of Emilio Marin
© Courtesy of Emilio Marin

The current need for housing in Chile after the earthquake is a unique opportunity to re-think architecture. It has generated an exceptional scenario that demands for new proposals and solutions.

Architecture usually responds to definite problems with specific, unique and unrepeatable responses. Projects are configured as rigid and closed systems that can hardly be replicated with success anywhere else. At the same time, these architectonic solutions are linked with an ‘elite’, they are luxurious commodities that are specific-individual-crafted, normally at a very high cost.

After the break you can see Emilio Marin’s proposal regarding this issue, including diagrams, renders and the complete text description.