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Reimagining Cities in the Face of Climate Change and Migration

Migration as a result of changing climate has already begun. And while this poses enormous challenges for governments - particularly at a global moment that seems indisposed towards immigration and immigrants - there is also the concern that heritage will inevitably be lost. In places like Scotland, rising sea levels have put ancient sites at risk; the same is the case in island nations in the Pacific. As mounting environmental risks become more inevitable day by day, cities around the world are turning to more resilient forms of architecture and urban planning to combat both short term shocks and longer term pressures as a means of ensuring their future.

DeltaSync's floating geodesic domes propose an alternative space for human habitation and food production. Architect Vincent Callebaut's "Lilypad" project is a multi-use, floating ecopolis that is intended to house up to 50,000 climate refugees per floating structure. Manhattan will construct a massive wall and park to guard against rising sea levels, providing adaptable and interactive public spaces in the process.. ImageCourtesy of Bjarke Ingels Group Copenhagen-based firm SLA's "The Soul of Nørrebro" is an integrated climate adaption project that transforms the city's Hans Tavsens Park into a rainwater catching basin that will help irrigate the city and combat urban heat island effect.. Image© SLA / Beauty and the Bit + 11

New Morphogenesis Project Set to Be the Second Largest Office Building in the World

Could you ever imagine working in a small city? A new massive office building by Morphogenesis is being built to accommodate over 45,000 people for the Surat Diamond Bourse office in Surat, Gujarat, India. At 6.5 million square feet, and housing over 4,000 offices, it will be the second largest office building in the world, placing only behind the Pentagon in Washington D.C. Although its physical footprint may be large, the office building was designed in a manner to minimize its ecological footprint. Passive design strategies such as day-lit workspaces, natural ventilation, and indoor/outdoor spaces not only make the Surat Diamond office an efficient climate-responsive design, but also a key player for achieving aesthetic and comfortable working spaces.

Courtesy of Morphogenesis Courtesy of Morphogenesis Courtesy of Morphogenesis Courtesy of Morphogenesis + 16