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Centrifugal Tendencies: Tallinn - Moscow - Novosibirsk

The exhibition presents around 50 drawings which can be grouped into three categories: the Tallinn School, Paper Architecture from Moscow and that from Novosibirsk. It includes works by renowned artists such as Leonhard Lapin, Yuri Avvakumov, Alexander Brodsky and other architects.
Although the artists belong to different architectural groups and come from three diverse cities, they were united by the impulse to break out of the routine of late Soviet planning bureaus, dare something new, develop bold projects and confront the issues of environmental change, authority and technology.

Rafael Viñoly, Charles Jencks, and Kim Cook Among Lead Speakers for WAF 2017

The World Architecture Festival (WAF) has announced their program for the 2017 edition focusing on the theme of “Performance.” An incredible list of speakers including Alison Brooks, Charles Jencks, Pierre de Meuron and France Kéré will feature across 3 days from November 15th to 17th at the Arena Berlin, Germany. Conferences, city tours, lectures and critiques of the shortlisted projects from the 2017 WAF awards are among the events scheduled for the festival.

The seminars, speeches, debates and discussions will examine “the topic of performance from the perspectives of housing, public spaces, festivals, cultural institutions and new technologies.”

Office Building "Bertha Berlin" / Barkow Leibinger

© Corinne Rose © Corinne Rose © Stefan Müller © Stefan Müller + 25

  • Architects: Barkow Leibinger
  • Area Area of this architecture project Area: 25000.0 m2
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year: 2016

"Pirate Printers" Turn City Surfaces into Stamps to Create Unique Bags and Streetwear

Raubdruckerin – German for pirate printers – have been traveling around Europe turning city streets into printing presses to develop a range of t-shirts, hoodies and bags. The result is fashion not just for the street but from the street.

Taking inspiration from the urban landscape and the often over-looked surfaces of the city, Raubdrucken apply their eco-friendly ink to man-hole covers, grids and patterned streetscapes and relief-print the outcome directly on to the fabric of their line. It is proof that everything can be inspiration for good design, and that beauty and richness can be found in the mundane, the utilitarian or perhaps in this case, the misunderstood.

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Attic Conversion DSN - Rear Building / Club Marginal Architekten

© Roland Unterbusch © Roland Unterbusch © Roland Unterbusch © Roland Unterbusch + 37

Chicken House / Büros für Konstruktivismus

© Martin Eberle © Martin Eberle © Martin Eberle © Martin Eberle + 16

Berlin, Germany

Frieze Art & Architecture Conference

What is the relationship between art and architecture? What makes a great space for art? How do buildings inform what and how we see? Leading architects will be in conversation with museum directors, gallerists and artists to discuss major international projects and the role of architecture in shaping the cultural landscape.

Riku Ikegaya Constructs a Series of Nested Spaces in a Berlin Church Designed by Karl Friedrich Schinkel

Berlin is city in which the past and the present often collide – a phenomenon particularly acute when it comes to the built environment. In this project by Japanese architect and artist Riku Ikegaya, the interior of St. Elisabeth-Kirche (Church of St. Elizabeth)—designed by Karl Friedrich Schinkel—is transformed by means of a structural installation. Consisting of a scale model of Schinkel’s plans for the Rosentaler Vorstadt Church, the artist has composed a "three-dimensional architectural sketch."

Maredo Flagship-Restaurant / Ippolito Fleitz Group

Berlin, Germany
  • Architects: Ippolito Fleitz Group
  • Area Area of this architecture project Area: 580.0 m2
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year: 2016

BECYCLE / götz+bilchev Architekten + Lien Tran + DRAA

© Waldemar Salesski © Waldemar Salesski © Waldemar Salesski © Waldemar Salesski + 16

Architectural Adventures: Bauhaus and Beyond

Experience the legendary Bauhaus movement on the brink of its 100th anniversary on this ten-day tour with Architectural Adventures. The Bauhaus is arguably the world's most influential school of design, revolutionizing 20th-century design, art, and architecture the world over. Founded in Weimar, Germany by Walter Gropius in 1919, the Bauhaus' activities spanned 14 years, and was relocated to Dessau and later Berlin.

Shortlist Revealed for World Architecture Festival Awards 2017

The World Architecture Festival has announced the shortlist for their 2017 awards slate, featuring 434 projects ranging from small family homes, to schools, stations, museums, large infrastructure and landscape projects. The world’s largest architectural award program, the WAF Awards year saw more participation this year than ever before, with a total of 924 entries received from projects located in 68 countries across the world.

Inside the Flower Pavilion / LAVA

© Michael Geßner © Michael Geßner © Leslie Ranzoni © Michael Geßner + 20

Berlin, Germany
  • Architects: LAVA
  • Area Area of this architecture project Area: 16.0 m2
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year: 2017

Michelberger Hotel, Room 304 / Sigurd Larsen

  • Architects: Sigurd Larsen
  • Area Area of this architecture project Area: 50.0 m2
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year: 2015

Monocle's 2017 Conference in Berlin to Discuss "Quality of Life" and Cities with Daniel Libeskind

Monocle’s Quality of Life Conference takes place this summer in Berlin, and will be a must-visit event for entrepreneurs, architects, urbanists and designers alike. Hosted by Monocle editor in chief Tyler Brûlé, topics unpacked across the conference include transport, city branding and the future of the property industry. From visionary entrepreneurs to acclaimed architects, guest delegates and panelists will join Monocle editors and radio hosts for a range of lively discussions, with talks interspersed with samplings of Berlin’s fine hospitality and opportunities to explore the city’s architectural sites.

Stefan Behnisch, Omar Gandhi and Anne Lacaton Explain the Role of Light at the 7th Daylight Symposium in Berlin

Under the theme "Healthy & Climate Friendly Architecture - From Knowledge to Practice", the 7th VELUX Daylight Symposium, held in Berlin on 3-4 May 2017, was attended by 39 speakers from research and architectural practice.

Participants were able to contrast the information presented by researchers with the 'built experience' of architects from Europe, Canada and USA, generating interesting discussions about the need to go deeper in the understanding of this natural resource, and then design more effectively.

These are the highlights from the event.

The Garden / Eike Becker Architekten

© Jens Willebrand © Jens Willebrand © Jens Willebrand © Jens Willebrand + 22

Berlin, Germany

Omar Gandhi: LIVE KEYNOTE from the 7th VELUX Daylight Symposium

Omar Gandhi (Canada) from Omar Gandhi Architect is recognized as one of the world’s top 20 young architects by Wallpaper* Magazine and as one of 2016’s ‘Emerging Voices’ by The Architectural League of New York will be one of four keynote presentations by critically acclaimed architects that will be live-streamed from the international forum for daylight and architecture, the VELUX Daylight Symposium, to be held for the 7th time, 3-4 May 2017.