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ArchDaily x LifeCycles: Stream the Panel Discussions

Our lives as architects and designers revolve around inventing new ways to change both the profession in which we practice, and the world for which we build. From the individual buildings, all the way to the urban planning strategies that we propose, the way that we consider a project's longevity and impact on the world play an immense part in how we think about design.

To further explore how we can design cities, environments, and buildings, we are excited to announce the lineup for ArchDaily x LifeCycles: The Future of our Cities; a three day (May 26-28) series of panel discussions featuring architects from around the world who will be sharing their ideas and experiences for how we can build a better future.

On the Process of Architecture with Piers Taylor of Invisible Studio

The first episode of Practice, a new series of documentaries about the process of architecture, takes an in-depth look into the design thinking of Invisible Studio's founder, Piers Taylor. The short film follows the architect as he builds a small cabin, alternating visually compelling imagery with pieces of conversation about his early years in the profession and the beginning of Invisible Studio. Taylor also shares his thoughts about building with volunteers and working with wood. The rhythm, the sound design (created by Simon James) and the cinematic quality of the film make of the short documentary an immersive experience.

What North Korea's Architecture Tells Us About Their Political Regime

North Korea is a country known for it’s rising nuclear tensions, extreme militaristic showboating, and draconian views of human rights. As one of the few remaining places on earth that is almost entirely shut off from the rest of the world, little is known about day to day life in the communist state. But for a nation that is so heavily shrouded in mystery and uncertainty, the efforts of their architectural bravado provide some insight into how their regime operates.

Grafton Architects Discuss the Relationship Between Natural Resources and the Craft of Their Projects

Kingston University Townhouse. Image © Ed Reeve
Kingston University Townhouse. Image © Ed Reeve

Architects around the world are constantly striving to explore new ways of using materials that are both more environmentally friendly, and can create impactful designs that demonstrate new abilities of creativity. For 2020 Pritzker Prize winners Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara of Grafton Architects, these ideas are at the forefront of every project they design, but became especially meaningful when they visited their completed “carved mountain” project, University Campus UTEC, in Lima, Peru for the first time.

Rocco Designs Skyscraper Church in Hong Kong

Rocco Design Architects created a vertical church, on a challenging site in Wan Chai District, Hong Kong. The Wesleyan House Methodist Church, with its 11,000m² program, sits on a tight 800m² plot, making it inevitable to go up and generate a skyscraper structure.

Courtesy of Rocco Design ArchitectsCourtesy of Rocco Design ArchitectsCourtesy of Rocco Design ArchitectsCourtesy of Rocco Design Architects+ 17

Architectural Softwares: Tips on How to Choose and Discover the Right Programs

Courtesy of The Midnight Charette
Courtesy of The Midnight Charette

The Midnight Charette is an explicit podcast about design, architecture, and the everyday. Hosted by architectural designers David Lee and Marina Bourderonnet, it features a variety of creative professionals in unscripted conversations that allow for thoughtful takes and personal discussions. A wide array of subjects are covered with honesty and humor: some episodes provide useful tips for designers, while others are project reviews, interviews, or explorations of everyday life and design. The Midnight Charette is also available on iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube.

This week David and Marina discuss software in design and architecture. It's not as boring as it sounds! The two cover the more pragmatic and specific issues and the more conceptual ones: everything from what programs you need to know to design and to get hired different offices; how to learn programs; balancing technical skillsets with conceptual thinking; why working in the computer is both advantageous and dangerous; 2D drafting versus 3D modeling; things to consider when choosing a software; the failures of successes of BIM programs for employers and employees; key issues to consider before transitioning to BIM; what BIM programs are best (Revit or ArchiCAD) for small and large offices and which project types (the more office-focused and BIM-focused conversation starts at 37:30) and workflows between different programs. If you have any questions or advice about portfolios or any other design-related topics, leave a voicemail at The Midnight Charette hotline: 213-222-6950.

Old Central Railway Transformed into Socially Sustainable Urban Development in Paris

SLA and BIECHER ARCHITECTES, have won the international competition to develop the former location of the Ordener-Poissonniers’ railway into a socially sustainable urban development, in the heart of the 18th arrondissement of Paris, France. The 3,7-hectare site will include 1000 new residents, big public parks, offices, theater, public school, industrial design incubators, a graduate school of design, food courts and urban farming.

© renders by Luxigon- courtesy of SLA/Biecher Architectes/Emergie/Ogic© renders by Luxigon- courtesy of SLA/Biecher Architectes/Emergie/Ogic© renders by Luxigon- courtesy of SLA/Biecher Architectes/Emergie/Ogic© renders by Luxigon- courtesy of SLA/Biecher Architectes/Emergie/Ogic+ 13

Herzog & de Meuron Propose New Urban Plan for the West of Munich

Herzog & De Meuron presented this week to the public their new vision for the cityscape and the urban life of Munich. The plan revolves around a former postal railway hub, the Paketposthalle, an impressive concrete structure built in the 60’s, used lately as a sorting office for general mail. The 87,000 square meters site was recently acquired by Büschl, a private group of developers, who commissioned Herzog & de Meuron to create a new urban study for the area.

Herzog & de Meuron’s BBVA Headquarters in Madrid Through Rubén P. Bescós' Lens

Completed in 2015 at the northern periphery of Madrid, the BBVA Headquarters by Herzog & de Meuron employs a complex network of passages, courtyards, and gardens to create a new corporate campus for the Spanish banking giant. Responding to local climatic needs, the building is recognized for its custom undulating brise-soleil along its facade and pebble-like central tower.

In this photoset, photographer Rubén P. Bescós turns his lens toward the new institutional landmark, capturing the building within its urban context.

© Rubén P. Bescós© Rubén P. Bescós© Rubén P. Bescós© Rubén P. Bescós+ 157