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3 D Rendering: The Latest Architecture and News

Who Are We Making Hyper-Realistic Renders For?

The question may seem straightforward, but the answer can be very complex, leading to a whole series of issues related to the target audience of hyper-realistic architectural renderings, as well as to what their goals are.

Vessel Public Landmark / Heatherwick Studio. Courtesy of Getty Images / Forbes MassieRender by Nicholas Holanda. Image Courtesy of CURAZaha Hadid Architects to Design CECEP's HQ in Shanghai. Render by Negativ.com. Image © Zaha Hadid ArchitectsLazy Sunday morning, rendered in Lumion by Gui Felix (project by Marcio Kogan of MK27)+ 7

"It's Both Subtle and Monumental": Reimagining Digital Design and Literacy at The Library of Congress

Digital literacy is not a topic architects usually consider. For Aliza Leventhal, Head of the Technical Services Section, Prints & Photographs Division at the ‎Library of Congress, the processes of literacy and design go hand-in-hand. Previously the corporate librarian and archivist for Sasaki, Aliza is leading national conversations on everything from born-digital design files and archiving to institutional memory and knowledge sharing. Today, she's working with architects and designers to reimagine digital workflows for future access and ideation.

Washington Channel Bridge, Washington, D.C. Southeast elevation by Chloethiel Woodard Smith & Associated Architects. Image Courtesy of The Library of CongressDome detail by Carol Highsmith. Image Courtesy of The Library of CongressCincinnati Union Terminal, HABS/HAER/HALS. Image Courtesy of The Library of CongressGraphic textile or wallpaper designs with hummingbird motif by Winold Reiss. Image Courtesy of The Library of Congress+ 14

The Different Uses of Renderings in Architecture

With increasingly better renderings becoming ubiquitous, students and architects alike feel the pressure of mastering an additional set of skills to get their ideas across. To what extent do renderings make or break a portfolio or a project? How important are they in the design process, and do renderings inform of a particular set of skills besides the software ones? This article explores different perspectives on the role of renderings within the profession.

Kengo Kuma & Associates - Smyrna Church. Image © LuxigonCMG Qianhai Global Trade Center by OMA. Image © Luxigon11th Street Bridge Park by OMA. Image © LuxigonBarozzi Veiga. Image © Luxigon+ 8

Not Experienced with Rendering? 4 Techniques you Can Use Instead

If there is any word that describes what architectural renders look like nowadays, it would be: impressive. The immense world of rendering has allowed people to engage in virtually-built environments, exploring each space and experiencing what they might hear or feel as they walk by one room to another without being physically present in the project.

The main purpose of a render is to help viewers visualize what the final result of the project will look like. Whether it is for presentation or construction purposes, architects need to translate their visions in a way that helps people who were not involved in the ideation process understand the space and the experiences that come with it. However, not all architects have the proper skills or the time to create such hyper-realistic environments, but with the exceptional quality of visuals being produced nowadays and the rising demand, it has become somewhat mandatory for every project to be presented as a realistic 3D render. So if you are one of those architects who don't have the skills nor time, here are ways you can present your project as an immersive visual experience that translates its identity without resorting to 3D software. 

Off-White Flagship Store Miami. Image © Virgil Abloh + AMOFOUN’TA’SY. Image Courtesy of Public Housing Enterprise J.S.CMuseo Casa Estudio Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo / Juan O´Gorman / 1931. Image Courtesy of Diego Inzunza - Estudio Rosamente© Apostrophy's+ 11

Beyond Photorealism: Conveying Emotion and Sense of Place Through Rendering

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Photorealistic renderings today are the standard. They can be done quickly, cheaply, and clients expect them. But are these renderings truly accomplishing what they set out to do? Those on the forefront of new 3D design techniques argue that, as an industry, we’ve gotten stuck on conveying information, when what we should really bring to the table is emotion. Now that the playing field has evened in terms of technological capability and hyper-realism, what’s the next step? By introducing an emotional layer and creating a sense of place, renderings can provide even more value to a project, firm, client, and community.

How Light Mix in V-Ray 5 Helps Designers Visualize Architecture

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Using the new Light Mix in V-Ray 5, artists and designers can visualize ideas even faster and more effectively. Now, from just one single render, you have the power to create as many images as you can imagine, at a speed that simply wasn’t possible with earlier versions. 

12 Post-Production Tutorials to Dramatically Improve Your Renders

In an era of great marketing efforts, in which architectural ideas increasingly seem to focus on hyper-realistic representation in an attempt to convince clients (or the jury in the case of architectural competitions) that the upcoming construction will achieve just as much quality as the visual fantasy, renderings become highly important in a project's presentation.

Because of this, every year there are new updates, as well as the launching of new software specialized in renderings, tools capable of achieving such impressive results that may lead to images being mistaken for photographs, thus blending the unreal with the notion of ultra-reality.

How to Render Parametric Designs & Animations Using V-Ray for Rhino & Grasshopper

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Everybody’s talking about Grasshopper. It’s an exciting way to explore parametric and generative designs in architecture — and the ability to create and render those concepts and animations to present to clients is considerably even more impressive.

V-Ray is a trusted 3D renderer that gives Rhino users the power to render everything, from quick concepts to finished designs. It also allows designers to deliver professional-quality renders every step of the way. V-Ray for Grasshopper comes with V-Ray for Rhino, which makes it quick and easy to animate and render your parametric designs.

Sneak a Peek at the New Features in Twinmotion 2020

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Real-time architectural visualization provides a compelling immediacy that helps stakeholders in architectural projects better understand unbuilt buildings. With the interactive architectural visualization tool Twinmotion, it’s now possible to transform BIM and CAD models into these convincing real-time experiences quickly and easily. Architectural designers benefit enormously from tools that are easy to learn and use, but they also want to create visualizations that provide a genuine sense of presence. Realism is the key to achieving this, a focus of the upcoming release of Twinmotion 2020.

In this article, we’ll provide a sneak peek at some of the new Twinmotion features.

Courtesy of Epic GamesCourtesy of Epic GamesCourtesy of Epic GamesCourtesy of Epic Games+ 5

Is Integrating Building Performance Difficult at Your Firm?

In a study recently published by AIA, less than 13% of architectural firms have incorporated building performance as part of their practice. With buildings contributing 40% of total carbon emissions leading to climate change, just 25 projects are roughly equivalent to planting 1 million trees each year. In addition to that, teams that are able to showcase data-driven and performance-driven decision-making and feature an energy analysis in every pursuit are able to increase fees and generate more revenue. Although integrating building performance sounds like a no-brainer, it proves to be difficult at many firms, because in addition to the practical changes, it requires a culture shift. That culture shift can only happen if the tools are easy to use, accurate, and mesh well with current workflows. Right now is the perfect time to tackle these culture changes due to a few reasons:

5 Ways to Discuss Building Performance for Your Next Project Pursuit

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Today in the United States, buildings account for nearly 40% of carbon emissions (EESI) and 78% of electricity usage. The most sustainability-focused firms run energy simulations for less than 50% of their projects (10% for a typical firm) and only doing so late in the process when design changes are limited and insufficient to combat red flags found in the performance report (AIA 2030 report). We can make building performance widespread once we help the entire community discuss the subject in terms of investment and return. Especially during a project pursuit, since having the buy in from the whole team helps ensure the key project metrics are met. Owners are seeking out teams who are using actual metrics and data driven processes that affect their bottom line. This new approach to practice is what makes the younger teams’ standout and will benefit both the climate and the bottom-line. Here are 5 ways to talk about building performance in your project pursuits: 

Updated Displays and Graphics Processors Improve iMacs’ Capabilities for Architectural Software

At Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) today, the US-based tech giant announced the latest slate of performance updates to their software and hardware products. Targeting software developers and other high-end users, the event was highlighted by the announcement of significant upgrades to their computer’s graphics and processing capabilities—or in architect’s terms—the components required to work on projects like creating content within a VR experience or real-time 3D rendering.

via Apple Special Event Streaming. June 5, 2017via Apple Special Event Streaming. June 5, 2017via Apple Special Event Streaming. June 5, 2017via Apple Special Event Streaming. June 5, 2017+ 11