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SketchUp Studio - 3D Design Software for Advanced Workflows | SketchUp
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SketchUp Studio - 3D Design Software for Advanced Workflows | SketchUp

  • Use

    Advanced 3D design solutions for architecture, engineering, construction professionals.
  • Applications

    Import point cloud data, model precisely in 3D, present photorealistic renders, document in 2D, and experience your designs in mixed reality.
  • Characteristics

    Model on point cloud data in 3D, render in real-time with V-Ray, collaborate in the cloud, optimize your workflow with extensions, present high-quality photorealistic renders, and import and export to dozens of other CAD formats. Windows-only solution.
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More about this product

SketchUp Studio is the premier subscription offering in the SketchUp suite, designed for complex architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) workflows. Users can import point clouds from drones, terrestrial scans, photogrammetry, lidar sensors, and mobile mapping and model precisely on them in 3D. Studio users can also export contextual scan data from SketchUp and import it into their 2D drawings with LayOut, SketchUp’s 2D documentation tool. Additionally, users can render in real-time with V-Ray Vision or produce photorealistic renders with V-Ray 5. Studio is a Windows-only offering at this time.

SketchUp Studio Features:

  • Professional 3D modeler
  • Photorealistic & real-time rendering capabilities with V-Ray 5
  • Tools to import and model on point cloud data
  • Millions of free, pre-built models ready for download
  • 2D drawing & documentation
  • AR/VR viewing apps
  • Mobile model viewing
  • Climate insights for design research
  • Unlimited cloud storage & collaboration
  • Interoperability with dozens of CAD file formats

Differences between Pro and Studio

SketchUp Pro provides core modeling, documentation, and presentation tools needed for many design-build workflows. However, if you’re looking to increase modeling efficiency and better integrate project stages, SketchUp Studio offers the following features that are not available in Pro:

  • Point-cloud data modeling capabilities, including the ability to import and model directly on large point-cloud data in 3D.
  • Rendering solutions, including real-time visualization and high-quality photorealistic renders with V-Ray 5.

To learn more about SketchUp’s professional offerings, see the attachment below.

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