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How to Create Realistic Landscape Renders | Lumion

  • Use

    Architectural visualization, architectural design, landscape architecture, interior design, urban design
  • Applications

    Rendered images, videos, 360° panoramas suitable for VR
  • Characteristics

    High-speed, high-quality realistic renders, compatible with major CAD and 3D modeling software, works with ray tracing, intuitive user experience, fast learning curve, atmospheric rendering effects, animated phasing, orthographic views, easy to use photo and video presets

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Lumion has all the tools you need to transform your landscape designs into immersive environments bursting with vitality.

Producing living, breathing landscape renders in Lumion is quick, easy, and satisfying. In just minutes, you can sculpt terrain, add lifelike natural context, change the season—and a whole lot more.

This guide will outline some simple ways to create landscape renders that look just like the real thing.

How to sculpt natural settings

There are several simple ways to craft your desired landscape in Lumion—here are some handy ones to know about.

Paint and cluster placement
Create immersive environments quickly and effortlessly by sculpting mountains, carving valleys, and painting forests. Sweep your mouse to place hundreds of trees wherever you want them using the paint placement tool, or select several different species at once with cluster placement.


Place your design in its real-life context. Import real-life building and elevation data, satellite imagery, and topography in just a click or two using OpenStreetMap.


Landscape tiling
Have a large area you need to cover in gravel, grass, or soil? Enable landscape tiling to create smooth, seamless surfaces, eliminating visible tile outlines.


How to add realism to your landscapes

Once your landscape has been created, it’s time to fill it with life. There are plenty of ways to heighten the realism in your renders with Lumion—let’s look at some unmissable features and effects designed for doing just that.

Add natural context
The Lumion Library is full of trees, shrubs, flowers, weeds, and more, making it easier than ever to visualize the natural setting of your design. You’ll find a plant for every scenario, including species from various geographical regions and those in different stages of growth. Plus, by placing fine-detail nature models in the foreground of your scene, you’ll add another layer of depth and realism to your design.

Let the beauty of nature shine
All nature models in Lumion’s internal library are ray tracing-compatible, which means that with just one effect, you’ll see them interact with light, shadows, and reflections just as they would in reality. Plus, you’ll be able to view your trees and plants reflected in glass and water for even greater authenticity.


Create atmosphere and seasons
Capturing the exact atmosphere, climate, or season that surrounds your design is a breeze in Lumion. Effortlessly depict a variety of weather conditions, from bright summer days to chilly winter mornings, using intuitive effects including precipitation, fog, and more.


Customize your materials
Lumion’s PBR material workflow is fully customizable. Whether it’s wood, metal, glass, or any other material, it’s easy to capture real-life characteristics and textures by creating and editing any texture imaginable. Plus, you can add weathering and imperfections with easy-to-use sliders for an even deeper sense of realism.

Try it for free

Put these tips to the test for free with a 14-day Lumion Pro trial. You’ll experience the latest version of the software and discover plenty more tools, features, and effects designed to infuse life into your landscape renders.

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