Opus Shop / Paradox Studio

© Benjamin Chou

Architects: Paradox Studio – Chris Chen
Location: ,
Project area: 10,5 sqm
Project year: 2010
Photographs: Benjamin Chou

In Progress: Dadong Art Center / de Architekten Cie. + Malone Chang and Yulin Chen Architects

© Courtesy of de Architekten .

Architects: de Architekten Cie / Branimir Medic, Pero Puljiz
Location: Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Collaborators: Malone Chang + Yu-lin Chen Architects
Client: Kaohsiung County Mayor
Project Year: 2007
Project Area: 24,470 sqm
Photographs: Courtesy of

Church of Suan-Lien Center for the Elderly / J.J. Pan & Partners

© Wei-Shih Hsieh

Architects: J.J. Pan & Partners
Location: ,
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: David Chen, Yi-Wen Chen, Wei-Shih Hsieh, J.J. Pan & Partners

New Taipei City Museum of Art Conceptual Design International Competition

The objectives of this competition to build a world-class museum of art in a call for proposal through a conceptual design international competition, creative and visionary schemes are sought in order to give the New Taipei City Museum of Art a fresh look and versatile art exhibition space. The design teams from all over the world are invited to challenge their imagination, pursue new possibilities for modern art museums and help New City create an artistic icon for the new century!

The planning and design guidelines in this design brief are for reference only. The designer must propose the new positioning for the new possibilities for modern art museums, define the exhibition method, and propose new space requirement, then proceed the planning and design based on the new required spaces and design guidelines.

For more information go to the competition’s official website.

Ocean Grand Residence / Dahin Development + T. D. Lee ARCHITECT

© Dahin Development

Architects: Dahin Development /
Location: New Taipei City,
Development: Dahin Development
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 5,067 sqm
Photographs: Dahin Development

Sensation Within Lost Field / Interbreeding Field

© Interbreeding Field

Architects: Interbreeding Field
Location: ,
Project year: 2011
Photographs: Interbreeding Field

Kaohsiung Maritime Cultural & Popular Music Center International Competition / Mack Scogin Merrill Elam Architects


The Maritime Cultural and Popular Music Center evokes a giant vessel moored at the quay. Both preposterous and appropriate, the Center is the icon, the scenic landmark. The concept is that of a dynamic, vertical-horizontal public space—a twenty-four-hour attraction. By day the Center is an iconic silhouette against the sky and by night a luminous showplace, an animated marquee on a grand scale. It is a symbol for the city and a place for all the people—a great symbol of ’s maritime heritage and its music industry future. It is a place where everyone can experience the loftiest position of privilege and the most serene moment of peace and contemplation, a place where the youth of the city and its internationally renowned community of commerce can come together to celebrate, party and relax in the beauty of their home—a place of origins, new and old.

The Paradise Lost in Time / Interbreeding Field

© Interbreeding Field

Architects: Interbreeding Field
Location: ,
Project year: 2010
Photographs: Courtesy of Interbreeding Field

Kaohsiung Port and Cruise Service Center Proposal / JET Architecture, CXT Architects & Archasia Design Group

view from seashore road

JET Architecture in joint venture with CXT Architects and Archasia Design Group earned an Honorable Mention for the Port and Cruise Service Center International Competition in September 2010. Their entry, “Openair,” ranked in the top five, advancing the scheme to the second stage of the competition. Now, they decided to submit their competition entry for the Port and Cruise Service Center International Competition to Azure’s AZ AWARDS, the magazine’s first annual international competition recognizing excellence in design. The project was chosen as a finalist for the AZ AWARDS in the Concepts: Unbuilt Competitions Entries category and is eligible for the AZ People’s Choice Awards. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Infiltrated Cultural and Ecological Urbanism / Maxthreads Architectural Design


Maxthreads Architectural Design of Edinburgh has shared with ArchDaily their second stage design proposal for the Kaohsiung Port Station Urban Design competition, additional images and text after the break.

Taichung Gateway Park International Competition

Re-announcement- Gateway Park

The Taichung Gateway Park International Competition has been Re-Announced as of April 1st, 2011. The competition seeks out aggressive Landscape Architects to transform the former airport into a modern Eco-Park that will inform the future of Taichung’s urban landscape.

Taichung Gateway City covers an approximately 254-hectare area that includes the former Taichung (Shuinan) Airport and its vicinities. According to Taichung’s municipal urban plan, at the center of Taichung Gateway City will be an expansive green space—Taichung Gateway Park—that meanders from the north to the south of the entire development area with approximately 68-hectare.

Areas surrounding the park will be divided into four districts according to their features: Eco Residential District, Gateway District, Cultural Business District, and Innovation R&D District. In addition, Taichung Movie City, Tower and Taichung City Cultural Center will all be integrated into Taichung Gateway Park. Therefore, the development of the park will become the most significant milestone for Taichung Gateway City.

The total construction budget is a proposed $85,000,000 USD with a set service fee of 10% for the chosen Design Team. For more information please visit the competition’s official website.

Six Art Housing Sales Center / Lab Modus

© Kuo-ming Lee

Architects: Lab Modus
Location: ,
Project Team: Kevin Chang (Principal), Jay Lin (Designer/Job Captain), Yao-Ju Liu (Designer), Po-chi Hu (Designer), Yi-li Lin (Designer)
Project area: 950 sqm
Project year: 2011
Photographs: Kuo-ming Lee

Cloud Room / Bing Bu

© Shen Zhonghai

Architects: One Design Inc
Location: Beijing, China
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Shen Zhonghai

MOJO iCuisine Interactive Restaurant / Moxie Design


Architects: Moxie Design
Location: Taipei,
Design Director: Frankie Fan
Interaction Design: xXtraLab Design Co.
Design Team: Chian Hsin, Li Sin Lin, Jyu Siang Chen
Project Designer: ChianHsin
Designer: Li Sin Lin
Project year: 2009 – 2010
Photographs: Marc Gerritsen

XMS Media Gallery / Moxie Design


Architects: Moxie Design
Location: Taipei,
Interaction Design: xXtraLab Design Co
Art Director: Zoching Chen
Interactive Director: Ting-Han Chen
Design Team: Chi-Chen Yang ,Chian Hsin, Shang-Fang Chen, Pu Chen, Jimmy Lin
Design Director: Frankie Fan
Project Designer: Chian Hsin
Project year: 2009 – 2010
Photographs: Marc Gerritsen

Kaohsiung Port Station Urban Design Competition

Formerly called “Dagouyi” and built in 1908, Port Station was the first train station in Kaohsiung and a terminal station of north-south railway line. The freight service of the Station was terminated in 2008 that put an end to the train service of Kaohsiung Port Station. So Kaohsiung Port Station has witnessed the centurial history of railway.

The Kaohsiung Port Station occupies 15 hectares of land and plays a pivotal role in revitalizing the Hama Sen area and the old Yancheng community. The Kaohsiung City Government has registered the Station as a historical building and included it in the urban planning as the foundation for cultural preservation and redevelopment of the area.

The City Government holds this urban design competition in the hope to invite creative design ideas conducive to the preservation and revitalization of railway culture and innovative development themes that could be used as a guide for conceiving space management strategies for redevelopment of the area in the future. For more information, visit the competition’s official website.

Kaohsiung Library Competition Proposal/ Mak Architects Inc.


Mak Architects has submitted their proposal for the Library Competition. The 38,000 sqm library, which will become the region’s main library, placed third in the competition. More images and a complete press release after the break.

IMPAX Lab Taiwan Plant Phase I / J. J. Pan & Partners

© Jeffrey Chang

Architects: J. J. Pan & Partners, Architects & Planners (JJP)
Location: Science Park, Taiwan
Project team: Joshua Jih Pan, Oui Ming Sae-Tang, Pen Lee, Li Jiun Lu, Johanna Kuo, Ming Huang Tsai
Building contractor: Fu Tsu Constructions Co., Ltd.
Project year: 2009
Photographs: Jeffrey Chang, JJP