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In Progress: Xidayinggang Twin Bridge / CA-DESIGN

© Montse Zamorano
© Montse Zamorano

Architects: CA-DESIGN / Architecture and Urban Planning Location: Qingpu, Shanghai, China Director in charge: Pedro Pablo Arroyo Alba Project year: 2010 Photographs: Montse Zamorano & CA-Group

© Montse Zamorano © Montse Zamorano © Montse Zamorano © Montse Zamorano

Beijing Hutong Bubble / MAD

© ShuHe
© ShuHe

Architects: MAD Location: Beijing, China Director in Charge: Ma Yansong, Dang Qun Design Team: Dai Pu, Yu Kui, Stefanie Helga Paul, He Wei, Shen Jianghai Type: Courtyard Renovation Construction Engineers: Beijing Nade Environmental Art Design Co., Ltd. Construction Cost: 400,000RMB Project Year: 2009 Photographs: ShuHe, Fang Zhenning & Daniele Dainelli

© ShuHe © ShuHe © ShuHe © ShuHe

Turin Footbridge / HDA Paris

We recently published the project Railway Footbridge at Roche-sur-Yon, now our friends from HDA_Paris share with us the Turin Footbridge, that was constructed for the 2006 Winter Olympics.

About the competition, we know that the city of Turin hosted the 2006 winter Olympic games and had embarked on an extensive programme of construction of various venues and infrastructure for the games. The city took advantage of the infrastructure programme to incite urban renewal in the southern part of the city that has been affected by the economic downturn in the car industry. The Olympic village, situated in the disused Mercati Generali in the Lingotto district adjacent to the main railway lines entering the city from the south, is part of this new infrastructure and will contain housing and a logistics centre.

In Progress: John Jay College / SOM

Image by Christopher Hoxie & Brandon Hicks
Image by Christopher Hoxie & Brandon Hicks

John Jay College of Criminal Justice, an active college in the City University of New York, currently occupies a former Public School building, Haaren Hall, on 10th Avenue between 58th and 59th Streets. With ownership of the entire Manhattan block, the college has ambitions to grow over two phases into the full Zoning capacity of the block. The charge of this project is to occupy the entire site with an integrated campus while providing a base for future growth.

In Progress: Railway Footbridge at Roche-sur-Yon

The project for a footbridge located in Roche-sur-Yon was commissioned as a collaborative work in between HDA Paris, who has a previous experience with the footbridge they did in Turin for the Olympic Village in 2006 and Bernard Tschumi, who recently finished the Acropolis Museum.

Matt Schmid / SSEF Competition

The Steel Structures Education Foundation organized a competition designed for students to fuse their conceptual ideas with the reality of physical structure.  With the program and scale left to the discretion of the designer, the proposal had to emphasize the “essential relationship” between the exploration of form and material, with regards to surfaces, members and connections.  As an academic project, students also had to use their details to communicate with the steel fabrication industry as a way to expose ”the opportunities and restraints inherent in realizing conceptual design.” “It is important for students of architecture to grasp the fact that structural design lies not just in the realm of the engineer, but can be a means for architects of arriving at a meaningful realization of architectural ideas,” explained the SSEF.  The winner, student Matt Schmid from the University of Waterloo, designed a bird sanctuary in Niagara Gorge in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

More about the winning entry after the break.

In Progress: Diagonal 80 / AMID (Cero9)

Architects: AMID (Cero9) Cristina Díaz Moreno + Efrén García Grinda Location: San Agustín del Guadalix, Madrid, Spain Project Leader: Jorge Saz Semolino Project Team: Iñigo González-Haba, José A. Quintanar, Julia Gómez Candela, Mireia Luzárraga, Alejandro Muiño, Jaime Bartolomé, Javier Casado, Paula Ferruz, Ana Miret, Miguel Paredes, Marta Alonso, Bruno Gomes y Giacomo Beccari Structure: BOMA (Brufau, Obiol, Moya & Ass, sl). Robert Brufau, Xavier Aguiló, María José Camporro, Raquel Álvarez Client: Diagonal 80 SL Program: Exhibition and Production Building for Diagonal 80 Project Year: 2006-2008 Photographs: Ignacio Bisbal & AMID (Cero9)

Big Dig Building / Single Speed Design

Architects: Single Speed Design Location: North Cambridge, MA, USA Programme: Housing, Commercial Project year: 2008 Site Area: 2,335 sqm Constructed Area: 2,936 sqm Images: Single Speed Design

Big Dig Building / Single Speed Design Big Dig Building / Single Speed Design Big Dig Building / Single Speed Design Big Dig Building / Single Speed Design

Vertical Park / Jorge Hernandez de la Garza

Architects: Jorge Hernandez de la Garza Location: Coyoacan, Mexico Design Team: Rodrigo Ambriz, Michael Smith, Erik Cosio Project Year: 2009 Images: Jorge Hernandez de la Garza

Erdos Museum / MAD

Architects: MAD Location: Erdos, Inner Mongolia Director in Charge: Ma Yansong, Yosuke Hayano, Dang Qun Design team: Shang Li, Andrew C. Bryant, Howard Jiho Kim, Matthias Helmreich , Zheng Tao, Qin Lichao, Yang Lin, Sun Jieming Yin Zhao , Du Zhijian Collaborators: China Institute of Building Standard Design and Research, The Institute of Shanxi Architectural Design and Research Site Area: 27,760 sqm Constructed Area: 41,227 sqm Status: Under Construction Client: Erdos Municipal Government Images: MAD

Container Art / Bernardes Jacobsen

Architects: Bernardes Jacobsen Architecture Location: Parque Villa-Lobos, São Paulo, Brazil Partners in Charge: Thiago Bernardes and Paulo Jacobsen Collaborators: Bernardo Jacobsen, Edgar Murata, Daniel Vannucchi and Rafael Oliveira Design year: 2008 Setting up: 2008 Photographs: Leonardo Finotti

EB1 Home / Replinger Hossner Architects

This contemporary modern house by Replinger Hossner Architects is up for sale in Seattle, WA. Amazing views and good interior spaces. I just got this on my mail and I thought any of our readers could be interested.

More pictures and plans after the break.

Glass bottling Plant Cristalchile / Guillermo Hevia

Photo by Felipe Camus
Photo by Felipe Camus

Architect Guillermo Hevia has been doing nice industrial works, focusing on sustainability. This glass bottling plant features passive ventilation and a daylight use strategy that reduces the energy consumption of the building. Check the sections for more info about that.

Architect: Guillermo Hevia H. Collaborators: Francisco Carrión G. (Architect), Marcela Suazo M. (Development/CAD) Bioclimate: BIOTECH Chile Consultores,   Jorge Ramirez F. Location: 5 Norte Route, Km. 85, Llay-Llay, V Región – Chile Site area: 270.000m2 Built area: 27.500m2 Year: 2006 Building materials: Steel, Silk-screened glass and concrete

KP Alazraki Corporate Building / AD11

Location: Lazaro Cardenas, Jalisco, Mexico Architects: AD 11 Grupo de Arquitectura y Diseño / Salvador Macías, Francisco Gutierrez Collaborators: Israel Melo (arq), Belen Aldapa (arq), Margarita Peredo (arq), Alejandra Fernandez (arq), Almendra Magaña (arq), Manuel Rivera (ing), Javier Ruiz (arq), Lou Peresandi (dis), Alfredo Barb (dis). Client: KP Alazraki Built area: 2280 sqm Photos: Mito Covarrubias

Boh Visitor Center / ZLG Design

Of the things i really love about maintaining this blog is that it gathers architects from all around the world. In this case, the people from ZLG Design in Malaysia sent us their project for the BOH Visitor Center through our contact form – same as many other offices we will publish in the next days. Everyone is invited!

This great building -my personal favorite in the last month- is located in Malaysia, overlooking an amazing landscape. I think that its tectonic work really frames the natural surrounding.

Architect: ZLG Design Team: Huat Lim, Susanne Zeidler, Jimmy Wong, Mary Verhaeghe, Hong Chieh Location: Sungai Palas, Cameron Highland, Boh Visitor Centre, Malaysia Locale description: Tea plantations and factory Site area: 12,168.32 sqm Built area: 1,233.8 sqm Building start: November 2005 BUilding completion: July 2006 Budget: USD$498,652.29

V-Houses / Heinz Legler

Megan from Been Seen sent us V-Houses, an amazing jungle retreat near the fishing village of Yelapa in tropical Mexico. This rustic-modern aesthetic hotel was designed by Heinz Legler, who used to own a film set construction company and Veronique Lievre, previously a set decorator, from Paris. They started this project as their personal hideaway, but it ended up construction an hotel in a 5 acre area, with infinity pool, spa, restaurants, yoga hut and 8 guest rooms.

This year they expanded their hotel with V-Houses, 5 units with 3 units for hotel staff, 2 for guests, a kitchen and a shared bathroom. This three tower-houses have a particular structure, raising from a small concrete foundation as you can see on the construction pictures. The V Houses are made out of steel, plywood and red corrugated iron roofs.

You can check the great views by yourelf, and don’t mind about the windows. Trust me you won’t be needing them on this tropical paradise. More pictures below.

Ernst & Young Headquarters, Amsterdam / Foster + Partners

Foster + Partners just finished the first tower in Amsterdam, at the Vivaldi-park area of the new Zuidas district, south of the city.