Fernández Leal 62 / Raúl Peña A. Architects

Courtesy of Alberto Moreno Guzmán, Raúl Peña Arias

Location: La Concepción, Coyoacán, City,
Project Team: Leticia Crispín Acuña, Raúl Peña Arias
Area: 490 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Courtesy of Alberto Moreno Guzmán, Raúl Peña Arias

Google Mexico / SPACE

© Eric Velazquez Torres

Architects: SPACE
Location: Lomas de Chapultepec, Miguel Hidalgo, City, Federal District,
Architect In Charge: Juan Carlos Baumgartner, Jimena Fernández Navarra
Design Team: Ramiro Pulido, Ricardo Hernandez
Area: 600.0 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Eric Velazquez Torres

Mexico City to get “Pop-Up” Pompidou?

AD Classics: Centre Georges Pompidou / Renzo Piano + © conservapedia.com

French culture minister Aurélie Filippetti has revealed that negotiations for a “pop-up” Pompidou in Mexico City are underway. “The Centre Pompidou is exploring the possibility of establishing a temporary here, a ‘pop up’ Pompidou,” Filippetti told the Mexican newspaper Reforma. “It will come with their exhibitions, their expertise, not only the brand.”

Bosques Flats / HGR Arquitectos

© Diana Arnau

Architects: HGR Arquitectos
Location: City, Federal District,
Architect In Charge: Marcos Hagerman
Area: 606 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Diana Arnau

American Standard / SPACE

Courtesy of

Architects: SPACE
Location: Coyoacán, , Federal District, Mexico
Architect In Charge: Juan Carlos Baumgartner, Humberto Soto
Area: 1,500 sqm
Photographs: Courtesy of SPACE

Vertiz 950 / HGR Arquitectos

© Diana Arnau

Architects: HGR Arquitectos
Location: Doctor José María Vertiz, , Federal District,
Architect In Charge: Marcos Hagerman
Area: 3,426 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Diana Arnau

AD Classics: Los Manantiales / Felix Candela

via www.rkett.com

With the design for Los Manantiales, ’s experimental form finding gave rise to an efficient, elegant, and enduring work of structural art.  Comprised of four intersecting hypars,  a strikingly thin roof surface creates a dramatic dining .  Built as Candela was establishing an international reputation as the foremost shell building, he demonstrated to the world his masterful combination of artistry and technical virtuosity.

Mexico City Shortlists Seven Architects for Major Airport Expansion

Zagreb Airport Competition Proposal / ZHA © Zaha Hadid Architects

Zaha Hadid, Norman Foster and are among seven international practices listed to compete for a 5,000 hectare expansion that hopes to “alleviate severe congestion” at the airport. With each team led by Mexican firms, the shortlisted architects, which also include SOM, Gensler, Pascall+Watson and Teodoro González de León with Taller de Arquitectura X, have been asked to envision a 70-gate, phased expansion capable of hosting 40-million passengers per year. A schematic masterplan has been provided by Arup. Completion of the first phases is tentatively planned for 2018. 

Constituyentes Illuminated Façade / Taller David Dana Arquitectura

© Alessandro Bo

Architects: Taller David Dana Arquitectura
Location: Avenida Constituyentes, , Federal District,
Area: 798 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Alessandro Bo

CR House / DAS

© Yoshihiro Koitani

Architects: DAS
Location: San Ángel, Álvaro Obregón, 01000 City, Federal District,
Design Team: Gerardo Asali, Pedro Sánchez, Andrea Cruz, Jesús Ávila, Daniel Mastretta.
Project Area: 770.0 m2
Project Year: 2012
Photography: Yoshihiro Koitani, Rafael Gamo

VIDEO: Fernando Romero, In Residence

In Residence: Fernando Romero on Nowness.com

NOWNESS has released the latest in their “In Residence” series, a collection of short videos that interview designers in their homes. This time, internationally renowned Mexican Architect Fernando Romero presents his Mexico City villa, designed by Francisco Artias in 1955, which he describes as “the ultimate modernity dream come true.”

Plaza Mariana / FR-EE / Fernando Romero Enterprise

Courtesy of FR-EE

Architects: FR-EE / Fernando Romero Enterprise
Location: City, Federal District,
FR-EE Team: , Julio Gonzalez, Gabriela Bojalil, Paul Van der Voort, Guillermo Méndez, César López, Astrid Rovisco, Rodolfo Rueda, Guillermo Ramírez, Tiago Pinto de Carvalho, Juan Pedro López, Ana Medina, Estela Escudero, Paulina de Luna
Area: 68,000 sqm
Year: 2010
Photographs: Courtesy of FR-EE

169 Amsterdam / JSa

Courtesy of JSa

Architects: JSa
Location: , Federal District,
Design Team And Interiors: Javier Sanchez, Juan Reyes, Aisha Ballesteros, Ingrid Ramos
Project Area: 3,625 sqm
Project Year: 2013
Photographs: Courtesy of JSa

FR43 / Alter Arquitectura

© Onnis Luque

Architects: Alter Arquitectura
Location: City, Federal District,
Architect In Charge: Juan Carral
Area: 1,000 sqm
Year: 2008
Photographs: Onnis Luque , Luis Gordoa , Courtesy of Juan Carral

Fatima House / Jorge Hernández de la Garza

Courtesy of Jorge Hernández de la Garza

Architects: Jorge Hernández de la Garza
Location: City, Federal District,
Design Team: Abraham Ornelas, Javier Pichardo, Carla Celis
Year: 2014
Photographs: Courtesy of Jorge Hernández de la Garza

Cineteca Nacional S. XXI / Rojkind Arquitectos

© Rojkind Arquitectos, photo by Paul Rivera

Architects: Rojkind Arquitectos
Location: Eje 1 Poniente (Av. México-coyoacán), Xoco, Benito Juarez, 03330 , Federal District,
Founding Partner: Michel Rojkind
Partner: Gerardo Salinas
Project Team: Gerardo Villanueva, Barbara Trujillo, Alfredo Hernández, Diego Leal, Andrea León, Rodrigo Medina, Philipp Schlauch, Beatriz Zavala, Birgit Hammer, Juan Manuel Ortuño, David Stalin, Alonso de la Fuente, Rafael Cedillo, Arie Willem de Jongh, Victor Martínez, Adrian Aguilar, David Guardado
Media: Monique Rojkind, Cynthia Cardenas, Dolores Robles, Rosalba Rojas
Area: 49000.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Paul Rivera, Jaime Navarro

Carlos Marín and José Muñoz-Villers Claim First Prize in Mexico City Urban Planning Competition

Plaza. Image Courtesy of José Muñoz Villers Arquitectos + lab07

A design team led by Carlos Marín and José Muñoz-Villers has claimed first prize in Mexico City’s “La Merced” competition for their masterplan proposal to re-conceive the popular marketplace, Plaza Central La Merced. The team’s design, which beat out about 100 other entries, proposed the realization of a new public square to centralize pedestrian activity and to anchor strategies for urban revitalization, such as the reclamation of local heritage sites, the careful manipulation of natural elements, and the installation of urban furniture as a means for placemaking.

Archivo: A Cultural “Exoskeleton” for Mexico City by Zeller & Moye

Courtesy of Zeller & Moye

To be completed in 2016, ‘Archivo’ is an open space designed by Zeller & Moye in collaboration with FR-EE that will house a vibrant mix of cultural/design activities, with each floor given a different function. Designed as an “exoskeleton” that opens to its context, ‘Archivo’ aims to enrich the cultural and social life of .

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