21 Jervois Hill / AR43 Architects

© Albert KS Lim

Architect: AR43 Architects
Design Team: Lim Cheng Kooi
Landscape Design: DrEasaw Thomas
Builder: Pekson Construction & Engineering Pte Ltd
Site Area: 1,516.9 sqm
Photographer: Albert KS Lim


Corallo House / PAZ Arquitectura

© Andres Asturias

Architect: PAZ Arquitectura – Alejandro Paz
Location: Santa Rosalía, City,
Collaborators: Axel Mendoza, Gabriel Rodriguez, Alex Titus, Mario Roberto Paz, Claudia Pezarozzi, Wolfgang Schoenbeck
Landscape Design: Pokorny y Valencia, Arquitectura de Paisaje
Construction: Conarq /
Structure Design: Consultores Estructurales
Built Area: 747.50 sqm
Completion: 2011
Photographs: Andres Asturias

Documentary featuring Michael Graves Premieres Tomorrow

Image provided by & ASSOCIATES

Premiering tomorrow on WTTW – one of Chicago’s PBS television stations – will be the new 30-minute documentary Architect Michael Graves: A Grand Tour. Popular Chicago TV tour host Geoffrey Baer profiles the life and work of the internationally acclaimed architect and winner of the 2012 Driehaus Prize for Classical and Traditional Architecture. The documentary will air Thursday, March 22 at 8PM.

Continue reading for more information on the documentary and view updated images of the Wounded Warrior Project.

AD Round Up: Public Facilities Part IX

© Joaquín Ponce de León

We have some great public facilities projects published back in 2009. Here’s five you can’t miss: A community center in the island of Tenerife, or Produkcija 004′s emergency terminal of a hospital in Zagreb. Don’t miss the Macarthur Gardens Education & Display Centre in Australia, nor this pavilion at Aventura Park in Portugal. Last, a great lanscape project in Barcelona.

Casal de la Ciutat Lapallavacara a Balaguer / Mamen Domingo & Ernest Ferre

Courtesy of Mamen Domingo y Ernest Ferré

Architects: Mamen Domingo & Ernest Ferré
Location: , Lleida, Spain
Completion: March 2011
Area: 2,078.80 sqm
Budget: 2,216,525€
Architectural Collaborator: Malena Padawer, Isabel Cotchà,ReljaFerusic, Nagore Linares, UxíaCarballeira, Ola Otwinowska
Photographs: Courtesy of Mamen Domingo y Ernest Ferré


Arteixo Sport Center / Jose Ramon Garitaonaindia de Vera

© Hector Santos-Díez

Architect: José Ramón Garitaonaindía de Vera
Location: Avenida de Arsenio Iglesias, Arteixo, , Spain
Project Team: Montserrat Neira, Omar Curros.
Clients: Concello de Arteixo (Arteixo City Council)
Project Square Footage: 1,527 sqm
Site Area: 3,150 sqm
Completed: 2011
Structural Engineers: Jorge Aragón Fitera.
Contractor: Construcciones Riotorto S.L.
Budget: 2,293,128 million Euro.
Photographs: Hector Santos-Díez

Plantahof Auditorium / Valerio Olgiati

© Javier Miguel Verme

Architects: Valerio Olgiati
Location: , Switzerland
Collaborators: Nathan Ghiringhelli, Daisuke Kokufuda
Date: 2008-2010
Area: 270 sqm
Photographs: Javier Miguel Verme


Video: Wang Shu Interviewed in St. Louis

Two days before lecturing at ’s Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts, Wang Shu was announced as the recipient of the 2012 Pritzker Prize. In this interview, discusses his work with architectural historian Robert McCarter, the Sam Fox School’s Ruth and Norman Moore Professor of Architecture, and Seng Kuan, assistant professor of architecture. The interview takes place in the University’s Mildred Land Kemper Art Museum, designed by Pritzker laureate and former WUSTL professor, Fumihiko Maki.

Techne – Space Pen: Drawing in 3D on the Web

Extending a kitchen wall, image via depts.washington.edu

With the advent and proliferation of tablets, using a pen to annotate or even sketch is becoming more and more useful, if not necessary. Enter the Space Pen. Now, you can sketch or annotate 3D models on the web. Developed at the University of Washington’s Design Machine Group, this tool provides an ideal interface with another of the group’s projects, Spot, the daylight measuring tool for architects.

Is Space Pen really as simple as it sounds? Can you really just draw and edit any 3D model? Yes. But it is not just that you can draw on any surface, it also recognizes certain basic shapes to aid in the drawing process. It also automatically renders a 3D floor plan from one’s model in real time. Another boon is the addition of a “light pen” allows users to add directional light to the drawing. It’s also free.

Areopagus Residence / Paravant Architects

© Julian Trejos

The Areopagus Residence, designed by Paravant Architects in Atenas, , is custom designed to be as intimately connected to the natural landscape around it as possible.  By exploiting passive heating and cooling strategies, the architects were able to design a home that does not require mechanical air conditioning systems. This also allows for uninterrupted south-facing views that open out into the landscape.

More photos of this residence after the break.

King’s Cross Station / John McAslan + Partners

© Hufton and Crow

Architect: John McAslan + Partners
Location: London,
Project Year: 2012
Photographs: Hufton and Crow, John Sturrock, Phil Adams

Offices and Showroom of a Fabric Company / Kalliope Kontozoglou

© Henriette Attali

Architect: Kalliope Kontozoglou
Location: Athens, 
Completion: October 2011
Client: G.F.Ioannidis
Photographs: Henriette Attali

Video: Plan01

A laboratory for ideas, collective Plan01 consists of four architectural groups in Paris: Atelier du Pont, BP, Koz and Phileas. Sharing a common space and questioning common sense, the collective works on several projects together, from the architectural through to producing exhibitions and books. It’s our latest from Crane.tv.

Electric Boat House in The Netherlands / Sebastiaan Jansen Architectuur

© Sebastiaan Jansen

Architects: Sebastiaan Jansen Architectuur
Location: It Butlan 9, , Friesland,
Principal in Charge: Sebastiaan Jansen
Completion: 2011
Building: 700 sqm
Photographs: Sebastiaan Jansen

208 West 96th Street Residences / Arctangent Architecture + Design


Architects: Arctangent Architecture + Design
Location: Upper West Side, New York City,
Completion Date: 2011
Total Building Floor Area: 2,080 sqm
Principals in Charge: Keitaro Nei & David Hu
Project Designers: Mark Gumienny, Javier Oddo, & Bridgett Cruz
Structural Engineer: Efraim Goldstein, PE PC
MEP Engineer: A Joselow, PC
Lighting Design: PHT Lighting Design Inc.
Photographs: Arctangent Architecture + Design, Peiheng Tsai 


Lot 4 – ZAC de la Porte de Gentilly / ECDM

Courtesy of

The Lot 4 – ZAC de la Porte de project by ECDM is primarily a proposal to articulate two territories, two urban landscapes separated by the influence of the device. This context of urban fringe releases a vast expanse where the vacuum is dominant, where the eye can see far. This work on the perception and interpretation of the landscape gives a facade gable major pivotal role. Whether from the device or from the streets of Gentilly, pine nuts are present, dominant in the interpretation of the building. More images and architects’ description after the break.

New Church of Vaaler Proposal / CEBRA

Courtesy of

The design proposal by CEBRA for the New Church of Vaaler is based on the most widespread symbol for the Christian church: the cross. Located in the south eastern part of , it is a strong visual symbol, which beautifully combines the horizontal with the vertical in its simplicity – and in its meaning the worldly with the heavenly. In the same way, the cross also represents the church’s fundamental function. More images and architects’ description after the break.

10 Ken House / Coordinate House NOGAMI

Courtesy of

Architects: Coordinate House NOGAMI – Yuki Nogami
Location: Mathuyama, Ehime,
Site Area: 274.00 sqm
Total Floor Area: 217.12 sqm
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Naoto Kawai, Yuki Nogami