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Léon Blum Viaduct Bridge / RFR

  • Architects: RFR
  • Location: Poitiers, France
  • Architect In Charge: Jean-François Blassel / RFR
  • Project Year: 2014
  • Photographs: Courtesy of RFR

Courtesy of RFR Courtesy of RFR Courtesy of RFR Courtesy of RFR

Canopia Park Housing / BABIN+RENAUD

  • Architects: BABIN+RENAUD
  • Location: Mail Haroun Tazieff, 44300 Nantes, France
  • Area: 4185.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2014
  • Photographs: Cécile Septet

© Cécile Septet © Cécile Septet © Cécile Septet © Cécile Septet

Reims Archives / Hamonic + Masson & Associés

© Sergio Grazia © Sergio Grazia © Sergio Grazia © Sergio Grazia

EURALIS Headquarters / LCR Architectes

  • Architects: LCR Architectes
  • Location: Lescar, France
  • Associated Architect: Laporte Konikoff
  • Technical Office: OTCE Aquitaine
  • Area: 86455.0 ft2
  • Project Year: 2013
  • Photographs: Sylvain Mille, Courtesy of LCR Architectes

© Sylvain Mille © Sylvain Mille © Sylvain Mille © Sylvain Mille

Cachan Covered Market / Croixmariebourdon Architectures

  • Architects: Croixmariebourdon Architectures
  • Location: 5 Léon Eyrolles Avenue, 94230 Cachan, France
  • Collaborators: Thomas Bourdon, Nicolas Croixmarie, Cédric Goury, Pierre Mouton
  • Area: 1800.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2014
  • Photographs: Luc Boegly

© Luc Boegly © Luc Boegly © Luc Boegly © Luc Boegly

Anglet South Coastline / Debarre Duplantier Associés Architecture & Paysage

© Arthur Pequin © Arthur Pequin © Yohan Zerdoun © Yohan Zerdoun

52 Social Housing Units in Nanterre / Colboc Franzen & Associés

  • Architects: Colboc Franzen & Associés
  • Location: Hoche Avenue, 92000 Nanterre, France
  • Architects In Charge: Benjamin Colboc, Manuela Franzen, Arnaud Sachet
  • Area: 3800.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2014
  • Photographs: Cécile Septet

© Cécile Septet © Cécile Septet © Cécile Septet © Cécile Septet

Dojo / de Alzua+

  • Architects: de Alzua+
  • Location: Villeneuve-d'Ascq, France
  • Area: 840.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2013
  • Photographs: Sergio Grazia

© Sergio Grazia © Sergio Grazia © Sergio Grazia © Sergio Grazia

Tiny Apartment In Paris / Kitoko Studio

© Fabienne Delafraye © Fabienne Delafraye © Fabienne Delafraye © Fabienne Delafraye

"Surprise Us!" City of Paris Invites Architects To Propose Innovative Urban Projects

The City of Paris has called upon the architects of the world to propose "innovative urban projects" to reimagine the city's urban future. As the first competition of its kind in the world, Mayor Anne Hidalgo and her Deputy, Jean-Louis Missika, will "select and implement the new forms of buildings that will shape the future of Paris," putting innovation at the top of the criteria. Offering 23 sites, located in the centre of Paris and on the peripheries, the City is convinced that "the challenges faced by the world can be addressed through local answers." According to the Mayor, "from today, world creators are given carte blanche to reinvent the ways of living, working and trading in Paris." "Surprise us!"

Centre Pompidou To Open Design and Architecture Gallery

Yesterday, during the opening of a new photography gallery, Centre Pompidou president Alain Seban announced the contemporary art museum will soon open a new design and architecture gallery inside the famed Renzo Piano- and Richard Rogers-designed building. “Eventually, there should be almost no offices in the building, and we'll keep only the technical facilities that are strictly indispensable," said Seban. “When allocating the spaces, the works and the visitors have to take precedence."

Chipperfield's Musée des Beaux-Arts Nixed for Being too Costly

The French government has cancelled its £8 million contribution towards the £43 million Musée des Beaux-arts by David Chipperfield Architects, causing the Reims’ mayor to “shelve” the museum for being too costly. As reported by the Architects’ Journal, the funds will be reallocated towards the redevelopment of a recently closed sports complex. The museum, originally awarded to Chipperfield following an international competition, was intended to be built on an excavation area and display mediaeval relics. You can review the design, here

Regional Court and Industrial Tribunal at Montmorency / Dominique Coulon & Associés

© Patrick Miara © Patrick Miara © David Romero-Uzeda © Patrick Miara

Cultural and Sports Center / BRUTHER

  • Architects: BRUTHER
  • Location: Saint Blaise, 75020 Paris, France
  • Partenaires: Altia, Batiserf, Michel Forgue, Louis Choulet
  • Area: 1300.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2014
  • Photographs: Courtesy of BRUTHER

Courtesy of BRUTHER Courtesy of BRUTHER Courtesy of BRUTHER Courtesy of BRUTHER

Video: French Cities Come to Life in Mayeul Akpovi's Time-Lapse Movies

These mesmerizing time-lapse videos by photographer Mayeul Akpovi allow you to see several French cities like never before. Combined with captivating soundtracks, the videos show the architecture of ParisMarseille and Lyon throughout the day with changing light and varying levels of activity. Above, Part I of Paris in Motion displays shots of clouds moving across the sky, reflections on the Le Grande LouvreLa Grande Arche. Check out the remaining six videos after the break.

Diller Scofidio + Renfro's "Musings on a Glass Box" Opens in Paris

In celebration of the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain’s 30th anniversary, Diller Scofidio + Renfro has installed an immersive exhibition that encourages visitors to experience the Jean Nouvel-designed, glass and steel museum building in an entirely new way. 

“The Fondation Cartier building designed by Jean Nouvel will be used as raw material for their work, a first in the history of the institution. Musings on a Glass Box is a complex work occupying the entire ground floor of the Fondation Cartier, where a disturbance in the ceiling will trigger a surprising reaction. The result is an immersive environment, including an integral acoustic component by American composer David Lang and sound designer Jody Elff, that works with the building’s architecture to raise questions about transparency, perception, and one’s relation to space.”

A statement from Diller Scofidio + Renfro, after the break.