Exhibit in Tokyo: Architectural Environments for Tomorrow: New Spatial Practices in Architecture and Art

Haruka Kojin, Contact Lens; Photo © DAICI ANO

The computerization and urbanization of the 21st century is creating new lifestyles and forms of public space. Architectural Environments for Tomorrow presents the spatial experiments of 23 architects and artists from around the world responding to the transformation of their surroundings. “The metaphors of the world-views suggested by the artists resonate with the practical proposals of the architects, presenting images of future humanity from a variety of different angles.” Architects featured include Toyo Ito, Frank O. Gehry, Sou Fujimoto and many more.

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El Anatsui, Garden Wall; Photo © DAICI ANO

The creative minds participating in the exhibit react to natural disasters, such as the 3.11 earthquake or current political and social unease felt throughout the world. The exhibit will “present the discoveries that are made when universal architectural expression, inspired by the diverse experiences and ideas of people, nature and society, both in and around the world, are fused with local wisdom and technology.”

Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa / SANAA Rolex learning center EPFL; Photo © DAICI ANO

Architects + Artists Participating:
AMID.cero 9
El Anatsui
The Ministry of Culture of The Kingdom of Bahrain
Petra Blaisse
Doug+Mike Starn
Sou Fujimoto
Antón García-Abril
Frank O. Gehry
Hiroshi Hara + Roland Hagenberg
Akihisa Hirata
Junya Ishigami
Toyo Ito
Christian Kerez
Haruka Kojin
Tetsuo Kondo
Luisa Lambri
Office Kersten Geers David Van Severen
Piet Oudolf
Smiljan Radic
Matthew Ritchie with Aranda/Lasch, Daniel Bosia & Arup AGU
Kazuyo Sejima+Ryue Nishizawa/SANAA
Matthias Schuler+Transsolar
Studio Mumbai
Fiona Tan
Wim Wenders

The exhibit will conclude on January 15th, 2012.
Visit the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo for more information.

Matthew Ritchie with Aranda/Lasch, Daniel Bosia & Arup AGU, The Dawn Line; Photo © DAICI ANO
Cite: Rosenfield, Karissa. "Exhibit in Tokyo: Architectural Environments for Tomorrow: New Spatial Practices in Architecture and Art" 18 Nov 2011. ArchDaily. Accessed 28 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=185401>
  • Tim

    That mirror installation is extremely effective. The rest is… forgettable in light of other firms who did that stuff in the 70′s. But the mirrors are very interesting – simple but incredibly effective.

    • Archreviewer

      They ain’t no mirrors! There are two types of lenses here – flat and curved.

      • DJ Gandionco

        They are more like convex lenses, I do not think there are flat mirrors there :)