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Join "Architecture for Fashion" and Work with David Chipperfield Architects and Global Brands

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Join "Architecture for Fashion" and Work with David Chipperfield Architects and Global Brands - Featured Image
Courtesy of YAC

Architecture is a privileged tool for brands that are characterized by a high-end positioning and that, beyond the quality of their own products, needs to feed an imaginary of prestige, style, and refinement. From the showrooms to the stores, fashion needs architects as much as stylists, photographers and modelers.

Sou Fujimoto, AMDL Circle, Alvisi Kirimoto: Discover the Internships and Lectures of 'Architecture for Landscape' 2021 Edition

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From Stonehenge to Greek temples, architecture is the signature of humankind on landscape, the artificial element that has always been connected to the natural environment. Architecture and landscape are linked by a fundamental continuity that is now starting to fade, damaging the quality of the space we inhabit.

AMDL CIRCLE, Michele De Lucchi and YACademy Students Join Forces for Milan's Suburbs

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Inoltre, a new project by Unipol Group, aims to revive Milan's suburbs with art and beauty. Three suburban areas, belonging to the municipalities number 5, 8, and 9 of Milan, will be the focus of the project. Unipol will conduct research, host events and interventions to begin the rehabilitation, in a context which can typically be complex and of difficult management. The project will have an international scope, with coordination by the University of Pavia and interventions led by YAC. These will include the realization of 3 micro-architectural and tactical urbanism interventions, intended to bring authorial architecture where it is not usually seen; quality where there are economically-led decisions; and beauty where it is not usually searched for.

Chipperfield, Sejima, Tresoldi: Discover Internships and Lectures of "Architecture for Heritage" 2020 Edition

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Architects have always been asked to breathe new life into ancient architectures inherited from the past or into historical –often monumental– artefacts that no longer respond to the customs and needs of the contemporary society. Nevertheless, the ancient architectures tell our story, therefore deserve to be restored with interventions that bring along a hint of modernity and show the trace of the design activity. The Architecture for Heritage course has been created on these premises.

BIG, De Lucchi, Snøhetta: Discover the Internships and Lectures of 2020's "Architecture for Landscape"

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“Architecture for Landscape” was created on these premises: it aims to train designers to meet the diverse needs of transforming territories. The course encourages an attentive and productive dialogue with the surrounding landscape to respond to the needs of clients' unique contexts. Via a thorough analysis of the natural world, light and geomorphological terrain features, the designers will become increasingly able to reconnect human design to the natural environment. In becoming inspired by the landscape, they can design outstanding, sustainable and impressive architecture.

BIG, Chipperfield, Libeskind: Discover the Internships and Lectures of 2020's "Architecture for Exhibition"

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Due to the recent pandemic situation, for the courses held between September 2020 and January 2021, YAC has taken extraordinary measures to ensure the best performance of its activities and to facilitate access to its courses. In accordance with safety criteria, participation in the courses will be possible through a remote connection. Five scholarships are available for the full cost of enrollment and the full rules of the course are available on YAC's website.

YACademy Courses Offer Immersive Design Experience

Bivacco Bredy is the title of the project designed by Claudio Araya, Natalia Kogia, Iga Majorek and Maria Valese, a young team of architects who attended the latest edition of YACademy’s course in Architecture for Landscape.

Architecture for Heritage: YACademy's Course Offers 8 Scholarships and Internships in Internationally-Renowned Firms

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YACademy launches the second edition of Architecture for Heritage, a high-level training course offering 8 scholarships and internships for internationally-renowned architectural firms.

106 hours of lessons, a 32-hour workshop and internships/lectures held by internationally-renowned architectural firms like OMA, Mccullough Mulvin Architects, Aires Mateus E Associados, Claudio Nardi Architects, and Carrilho Da Graça Arquitectos.