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WXCA's Polish Pavilion for Dubai Expo 2020 Features Kinetic Flocks of Birds

WXCA and Bellprat will design the Polish Pavilion for the 2020 World Expo in Dubai, having overcome more than 30 other proposals. The winning scheme seeks to create an “open, tree-like modular structure” inspired by Poland’s rich wildlife.

The pavilion will feature an integrated exhibition with “kinetic flocks of birds floating over visitors’ heads,” referring to the many migratory birds which settle in Poland each year “inspiring legends, connecting minds, and creating the future.”

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WXCA Architects' Polish Museum Proposal Wins First Prize in Open Architecture Competition

WXCA Architects’ proposed building has been chosen as the winning design of the Muzeum Książąt Lubomirskich in Wroclaw, Poland. Over 100 designs from all over the world were submitted for the project. However, the winning firm’s proposal provided a homogeneous balance of contemporary design with classical elements, a concept that led to their first-place prize.

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