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Ricardo Bofill's La Muralla Roja Photographed Through the Lens of Sebastian Weiss

Marking the 80th birthday of architect Ricardo Bofill last December, photographer Sebastian Weiss recently captured the designer's iconic La Muralla Roja in Calp, Spain. The housing project references popular architecture of the Mediterranean and was inspired by the tradition of the casbah. The striking colors that cover the outer and inner facades are selected to both contrast nature and complement its purity.

© Sebastian Weiss© Sebastian Weiss© Sebastian Weiss© Sebastian Weiss+ 18

Gallery: Chinese Blue by Sebastian Weiss

Name: Chinese Blue

Photographer: Sebastian Weiss

Location: Beijing

Year: September 2018

Bumps / SAKO Architects. Image © Sebastian WeissCCTV Headquarters / OMA. Image © Sebastian WeissNational Centre for the Performing Arts / Paul Andreu. Image © Sebastian WeissMandarin Oriental / OMA. Image © Sebastian Weiss+ 20

Gallery: Monolicious by Sebastian Weiss

Name: Monolicious

Photographer: Sebastian Weiss

Location: Milan

Year: 2018

Sheraton Hotel Malpensa Airport / King Roselli Architetti. Image © Sebastian WeissUniversita Luigi Bocconi / Grafton Architects. Image © Sebastian WeissChiesa di Maria S.ma Immacolata di Longuelo / Giuseppe Pizzigoni. Image © Sebastian WeissPalazzo Mondadori / Oscar Niemeyer. Image © Sebastian Weiss+ 12

Gallery: City of Light by Sebastian Weiss

Name: City of Light

Photographer: Sebastian Weiss

Location: Lisbon

Year: March 2019

Hospital de Santa Maria / Hermann Distel. Image © Sebastian WeissGare do Oriente / Santiago Calatrava. Image © Sebastian WeissNational Archive of Torre do Tombo / Ateliers Associados. Image © Sebastian WeissChampalimaud Center for the Unknown / Charles Correa Associates. Image © Sebastian Weiss+ 17

Sebastian Weiss Reveals The Public Personalities of French Landmarks in Paris, Nanterre and Arcueil

© Sebastian Weiss
© Sebastian Weiss

For Hamburg-based photographer Sebastian Weiss, buildings are dramatis personae, or "characters". Inspired by Ash Amin and Stephen Graham's 1997 book The Ordinary City, in which the authors described the city as the "theater of life", this photo-essay of architectural landmarks in the French cities of Arcueil, Nanterre, and Paris examines the personalities of public buildings.

© Sebastian Weiss© Sebastian Weiss© Sebastian Weiss© Sebastian Weiss+ 13