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How to Design Partitions for Healthcare Architecture: 9 Details of High-Performance Walls

Concerns about the hygiene, durability, and healthiness of interior spaces have increased considerably in recent years, drawing extreme attention to hospital and health-related projects. Consequently, the choice of materials becomes essential from the conception of each project, guaranteeing that each space performs effectively on all fronts, from resistance and safety to environmental comfort and aesthetics.

In particular, the enclosures in hospitals and health centers must conform to a series of predetermined guidelines and dimensions, which respond to the standardized sizes of different types of equipment and to the needs of each medical procedure. Within the robust framework of the structural walls, the partitions – which are essential for subdividing the space – must be especially resistant to impact, fire, and humidity, in addition to effectively mediating the acoustics between rooms and inside each one of them.

Tabique F-60 / Zona Húmeda-Seca. Image Cortesía de Etex Chile / RomeralTabique F-60 / Zona Húmeda. Image Cortesía de Etex Chile / RomeralTabique F-60 / Zona Seca. Image Cortesía de Etex Chile / RomeralTabique F-120 / Zona Húmeda. Image Cortesía de Etex Chile / Romeral+ 25

How To Improve Acoustic Comfort with Perforated Cardboard Plasterboards

There are many ways to solve the acoustic comfort of the interior spaces we design, using materials and solutions of different prices and appearances. Perforated cardboard gypsum boards are an economical and efficient option to incorporate into projects, absorbing the sound and reducing the noise level generated by the reverberation through different patterns and shapes.

Applied mainly in schools, offices, shopping centers, restaurants, lobbies, and hospitals, gypsum boards are easy to install and can deliver high-quality aesthetic results in ceilings and coatings.

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Shanghai, China
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