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Rubber Skin Buildings: A Malleable, Seamless Architecture

For the most part, rubber isn’t considered a conventional building material – at least not to the same extent that materials like wood, concrete, or glass are. But rubber is commonly used in interiors for flooring of extraordinary color or brightness, and even more unexpectedly for exterior facades with unique aspects or upholstery effects. This functionality is motivated by unique advantages such as smoothness, elasticity, durability, and color consistency.

Dapstudio’s Music Center Theater Teca. Image © Filippo Romano Benthem Crouwel Architects’ Rubber Holiday Home. Image © Jannes Linders Lenne Office / Kamp Arhitektid. Image © Terje Ugandi Chanel Mobile Art Pavilion / Zaha Hadid Architects. Image © Stefan Tuchila + 18

Designed for More than Work

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Until a few years ago, kitchens were separate rooms where food was prepared, but nowadays their role has changed. With open-plan designs, often combined with a dining or living room, they are a place for coming together. In many homes, they are even the center of everyday life. This multiple-function space challenges designers to produce coordinated room concepts with a uniform look.

Compromises when it comes to design and color? Nobody wants that when planning their perfect kitchen. There is a demand for materials with surfaces that always look the same no matter the use, for kitchen and living room designs with a uniform look and targeted accents.

How to Install Wood Laminate Flooring

The installation of wood laminate flooring may seem basic or even alien to what we do as architectural designers, but that should not be the case. When we understand the characteristics of the materials we specify and their assembly processes, we can design in a more efficient manner, adjusting our proposals to the requirements of the project.

With this in mind, below we present a step-by-step assembly process for EGGER's UNI fit wood laminate flooring—a type of flooring that sits above the slab and does not require the use of screws or glue. The elements of this system join together with "click" system, allowing the installed floor to sit freely over what is below it.

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