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Video: Stanton Williams Explain Their Design for the Nantes Musée des Beaux-Arts

In 2009 Stanton Williams won an international competition to transform the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Nantes, one of France's six largest Fine Art Museums outside of Paris. Their design for this, the London-based practice's first major project in France, connects a number of historic buildings through one new "monolithic extension, glazed with thin layers of Portuguese white marble and glass façade." The museum is slated to open to the public in 2016.

Video: Crane.tv Celebrates the Work of David Rockwell

© Crane.tv
© Crane.tv

"In architecture, in buildings, in a restaurant for instance, we extract the story."

In the latest from Crane.tv, New York City is examined through a miniseries highlighting the work of David Rockwell in celebration of the Rockwell Group’s 30th anniversary. The retrospective collection visits the original Nobu restaurant, industrial Shinola store, innovative Chef’s Club, and groundbreaking Imagination Playground, while Rockwell shares his approach to creating spaces that are responsive to their occupants.

Watch all four short films, after the break.

Video: Agence Chartier-Corbasson Talks Organic Skyscrapers

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© Crane.tv

Video: vPPR on Working in a Male-Dominated Industry

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© Crane.tv

Video: Hawkins\Brown Go Underground with Crossrail

Video: Wilkinson Eyre on Architectural Practice Today

Video: Gaetano Pesce on Architecture as Art

In this video from Crane TV, Italian architect and designer Gaetano Pesce talks about his philosophy of art and architecture as an expression of reality. His philosophy raises the question of whether architecture itself should become symbolic of its time and place or express an idea in the way that art often can. Beyond a symbolic nature, Pesce also suggests that architecture could be humorous or act as an extension of artistic expression. “Architecture is the king or queen of the arts,” he says, summarizing his beliefs.

Last week we brought you another video from Crane TV on Vito Acconci, which explored why the goal of architecture is not always a completed building. As another architect who blurs the lines between buildings and art, Pesce’s unbuilt projects are an important tool through which he continually seeks new discoveries to prompt further design innovations.

Video: Vito Acconci on Why Unbuilt Projects Are as Important as Built Ones

In this video from Crane TV, writer, poet, artist, and architect Vito Acconci discusses why his goal is not always to have his projects realized. Beginning his career with an education in creative writing from the University of Iowa, Acconci expresses his longtime desire as an artist for art to become “part of the world,” explaining that this eventually led him to extend his creativity beyond words and artworks. Architecture was the perfect vehicle for this because, unlike art, it is inescapable: "there isn't any place you can be where you aren't in the middle of architecture," he says.

However, unlike many architects, his projects push beyond the constraints of realistic structures, and he estimates that only 10 percent of Acconci Studio’s proposals are realized. To some architects this would seem like a failure, but to Acconci it means that his creative ideas are unprecedented, perhaps paving the way for what architecture could be in the distant future.

Video: Peter Murray of New London Architecture Outlines his Cycling Vision

In the latest video from Crane.tv, architectural journalist and planner Peter Murray ruminates on the benefits of integrating cycling into the urban fabric of the world's biggest cities. "For the last half century, we've bowed down to the god of the motor car and have destroyed cities across the UK," says Murray, Chairman of New London Architecture and the London Society. Murray and his team at New London Architecture are charged with analyzing and advocating for the improvement of London's Built environment, acting as advisors to Mayor Boris Johnson on an array of projects including the overhaul of cycling infrastructure in the city.

Video: Sheppard Robson Underlines Importance of Hand Sketching

Video: Autoban Design For Heydar Aliyev International Airport

Video: Umbrellium At The Barbican

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Video: 14th Venice Architecture Biennale

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