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Two Young Architects Redesign a Lifeboat to Sail the Arctic

When architects Guylee Simmonds and David Schnabel bought a Scottish survival lifeboat for a voyage to the Arctic, they dreamed of setting sail to Norway and beyond. Called Stødig, the 100-man vessel was purchased in 2018 and converted over a one-year period. Capturing their inspiring journey, filmmaker Jonny Campbell created a feature film that explores the expedition and what it means to discover adventure in the everyday.

Courtesy of David SchnabelCourtesy of David Schnabel© Luke TaylorCourtesy of David Schnabel+ 13

Snøhetta Designs Arctic Visitor Center for Svalbard's Global Seed Vault

Snøhetta has designed a new a visitor center for Arctic preservation storage called The Arc in Svalbard off the coast of Norway. At 78° north of the Earth’s equator, the project referencing its location in the Arctic and its function as an archive for world memory. Commissioned by Arctic Memory AS, the visitor center will showcase content from the Svalbard Global Seed Vault – the world's largest secure seed storage.

Courtesy of Snøhetta and PlompCourtesy of Snøhetta and PlompCourtesy of Snøhetta and PlompCourtesy of Snøhetta and Plomp+ 9

CEBRA Designs New Museum Dedicated to Greenland and the Arctic

Danish firm CEBRA has released images of ARCTIC, a new museum and research center dedicated to the study and education of Greenland and the Arctic, to be located along the Hundested harbour in Halsnæs, Denmark. Although Greenland has been a part of the Kingdom of Denmark for over 600 years, ARCTIC will be the first museum or center that communicates the relationship between these countries through historic, contemporary and future perspectives.

Courtesy of CEBRACourtesy of CEBRACourtesy of CEBRACourtesy of CEBRA+ 7