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11 Ways to Become a Better Architect (Without Doing Architecture)

04:30 - 2 May, 2019
11 Ways to Become a Better Architect (Without Doing Architecture), © Ariana Zilliacus
© Ariana Zilliacus

Architects are often noted for having bad work-life balance, a lot of stress and little free time. How can you take time off while still improving your skills as an architect? Can that time off even give you an extra edge? Compared to other fields, architecture stands out as a field in which you need to “know a little bit about everything." Thus, in order to live up to our name we must also do a little bit of everything, and as they say, a little goes a long way. So with that in mind, here are 11 activities which, while not obviously architectural, just might make you a better architect.

Keys to Implement BIM in Your Architecture Office

07:00 - 22 July, 2018
Keys to Implement BIM in Your Architecture Office, © Planbim
© Planbim

After noticing a huge inefficiency and disarticulation in their processes (working separately in design, modeling, and documentation), David Miller Architects (DMA) decided to immerse his company into the BIM (Building Information Modeling) world in 2008. Despite their success, this experience of trial and error gave them a series of lessons that are important to consider when rethinking the way we do architecture.

'BIM gave us an opportunity to reimagine the practice, in a much more structured and organized way. Then, it allowed us to have more quality control, [and be] more organized and thorough, which is really important for a small practice trying to grow. And that really increased the confidence in some of our clients,' says David Miller.

We spoke with the British architect at a conference in June 2018 in Santiago, Chile, which included the seminar "Why Implement BIM in 2020" organized by Planbim. This seminar identified 7 key points that can facilitate the implementation of this paradigm in an architecture office.

The Condestable's House / Tabuenca & Leache, Arquitectos

01:00 - 9 August, 2013
The Condestable's House / Tabuenca & Leache, Arquitectos, © Luis Prieto
© Luis Prieto

© Luis Prieto © Luis Prieto © Luis Prieto © Luis Prieto + 37

  • Architect Office

  • Location

    Pamplona, Spain
  • Category

  • Authors

    Fernando Tabuenca González, Jesús Leache Resano
  • Collaborators

    Arturo Pérez Espinosa, José Luis Sola, Susana Iturralde, Raúl Escrivá, Mikel Landa, GE & Asociados, Gabinete Trama, Sagarte, S.L., Asunción Orbe
  • Construction

  • Area

    6819.0 sqm
  • Year

  • Photography

    Luis Prieto

ArchDaily Interviews: The role of the Architect at the Audi Urban Future Initiative

18:21 - 24 May, 2012

Last week we went to Ingolstadt, Germany, to attend the launch of the Audi Urban Future Initiative. The program, now in its second version, invited a group of six architecture offices from different regions of the world, all with big urban populations, to think about the future of mobility. During this stage, the architects presented their initial research and diagnosis of their respective regions. In October, the architects will present their projects and an overall winner will be announced.

During the event, we had the chance to talk with the architects and ask them about the role of the Architect in our contemporary society.

The first edition of this program took place in 2010, and included Alison Brooks Architects, BIG, Cloud 9, J. MAYER H. and standardarchitecture. You can see J. Mayer’s winning entry previously featured at ArchDaily. More info about the program after the break: