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The 15 Winners of the 2023 ArchDaily Building of the Year Awards

After another successful selection process, with over 150,000 votes cast during the last 3 weeks, the collective intelligence of our community has helped us to highlight and recognize the best recent architecture projects. The 75 finalists, which is already a winners list, are a testament to the innovative and diverse ways in which architecture responds to the challenges of our built environment.

The scale of this award is a reflection of how important architecture is today, as the deepening complexity of our world places increasing pressure and demands upon our built environment. To deal with issues such as the climate crisis, energy scarcity, population density, social inequality, housing shortages, fast-moving urbanization, diminished local identity, and a lack of diversity, architecture needs to open itself. We are happy to see how the question posed by this award has gained global attraction. Voices from outside of the architectural profession stated: “This is what we consider good architecture”, due to its impact and symbolism, as seen on Globo or El País. Architectural recognition goes beyond its usual professional borders, and is able to motivate, rejoice and excite an ever growing number of people who understand the importance of our built environment and its impact on quality of life.

The winners are a concrete example of what society recognizes as good architecture, but also of what it demands from it. We take the responsibility to continue building on the spirit of the award, strengthening the expert’s choice and the contribution that our community makes based on their preferences and selections throughout the year, together with the voice of a wider community.

The ArchDaily Building of the Year Awards is brought to you thanks to Dornbracht, renowned for leading designs for architecture, which can be found internationally in bathrooms and kitchens.

Remote Architecture Education: How To Study Architecture Through Drawings

Now that traveling is restricted and mobility is limited, having the ability to get a sense of the space in person is somewhat impossible. Naturally, if we were to choose between being present in the project or skimming through images online, the choice would be the former. But luckily, we still have books and architecture websites to keep us well-informed.  

In a new Youtube video, Archimarathon’s Kevin Hui and Andrew Maynard explain how we can understand architecture without being physically present in the project, but by letting our visualization skills and imagination do the investigations instead.

Venice Biennale 2014: Australia to Showcase 11 Unbuilt Projects

Australia’s creative team for the 2014 Venice Architecture Biennale, felix._Giles_Anderson+Goad, has announced 11 unrealized projects that will be showcased as part of the Augmented Australia 1914-2014 exhibition. Ranging from an inner-city cathedral to a treetop activist shelter, the country-wide selection of projects will be brought to life using three-dimensional augmented models, images, voice overs and animations.

AD Interviews: Advice for Young Architects

Since ArchDaily started, we have interviewed close to two hundred architects to understand the diversity of our profession, and to give you insights from the most successful practices in the world.

Architecture: Work/life/work balance by Andrew Maynard

Architecture: Work/life/work balance by Andrew Maynard - Featured Image
Courtesy of Andrew Maynard Architects

Australian architect Andrew Maynard, co-director of Andrew Maynard Architects, has shared with us his article “Work/life/work balance”, published first on Parlour. “Many women leave the profession due to the difficult combination of poor work cultures, long hours and low pay. But these conditions affect everyone – women and men – as well as the viability of the profession as a whole. Andrew Maynard sets out the issues and challenges the profession to end exploitative and exclusionary working practices.”

It is time for architectural work practices to grow up. We must stop deluding ourselves that architectural employees are anything other than a contemporary exploited labor force.

Epicurus argued that humans needed only three things in life to be happy – friends, freedom and an analyzed life. All evidence indicates that Epicurus had a rather good time while he was around. Now he is dead. I wonder if Epicurus became a senior associate at Philosopher & Associates Pty Ltd before he died? Surely this was a priority. Does contemporary architectural employment deny us our happiness; our friends, freedom and the opportunity for an analyzed life? Many would argue that being employed in architecture and the pursuit of happiness are irreconcilable. It can reasonably be argued that most architects, and almost all recent graduates, are working in conditions that are unhealthy, unsustainable and exploitative.

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Butler House / Andrew Maynard Architects

Butler House / Andrew Maynard Architects - Image 15 of 4

Nestled within the undulated roofline of one of Fitzroy’s famed MacRobertson warehouses, sits a roof terrace with a difference – complete with canopy and turf. This, the vertical and architectural pinnacle of the Butler House, fills the void that effects so many inner-city dwellings – a lack of outdoor space. Further to this, the warehouse apartment had a number of innate thermal and acoustic shortcomings – making it less-than-ideal for occupancy by a family with 2 rambunctious young boys. Balancing intimacy with privacy came to be a significant consideration for this young family and is achieved via shrewd adaptability of spaces.

Architects: Andrew Maynard Architects Location: Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia Project Team: Andrew Maynard, Mark Austin, Tommy Joo Project Area: 85 sqm (new works) 44 sqm (works existing) Project Year: 2010 Photographs: Kevin Hui

Butler House / Andrew Maynard Architects - Image 46 of 4Butler House / Andrew Maynard Architects - Image 45 of 4Butler House / Andrew Maynard Architects - Image 36 of 4Butler House / Andrew Maynard Architects - Image 34 of 4Butler House / Andrew Maynard Architects - More Images+ 42

AD Round Up: Andrew Maynard Architects

Andrew Maynard Architects was established in 2002 following Andrew’s receipt of the grand prize in the Asia Pacific Design Awards for his Design Pod. We’ve been featuring several houses of this Australian office, all of them in the state of Victoria.