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Tuomas Uusheimo


Copper Can Be Endlessly Recycled: 8 Projects With Sustainable Cladding

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It is believed that copper was the first metal to be found by men and used in the manufacture of tools and weapons. This occurred in the last period of prehistory, more than 10,000 years ago, in the so-called Metal Age, when groups, until then nomadic, started to become sedentary, developing agriculture and starting the first urban settlements. Copper has since been used in diverse ways. Used for decorative objects, jewelry, automotive parts, electrical systems, and even for dental amalgams, the material has had huge demand. In architecture, copper coatings are greatly appreciated for their aesthetics and durability. But a factor worth mentioning is that copper can be recycled infinitely, practically without losing its properties.

Helsinki Biennial Pavilion / Verstas Architects

© Tuomas Uusheimo© Tuomas Uusheimo© Pyry Kantonen© Tuomas Uusheimo+ 25

Helsinki, Finland

Bredanportti Apartments / Playa Architects

Helsinki, Finland
  • Architects: Playa Architects
  • Area Area of this architecture project Area:  3680
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year:  2020

Kaarlo Sarkian Katu Apartments / Playa Architects

© Tuomas Uusheimo© Tuomas Uusheimo© Tuomas Uusheimo© Tuomas Uusheimo+ 35

Maritime Design: Rare Coastal Libraries Around the World

As architecture has evolved to include advanced building envelopes, innovative structural systems, and hybrid programs, new boundaries have been drawn. Sustainable practices and passive strategies have led architects to re-imagine building skins and the relationship between interior and exterior. While different typologies are designed with varied levels of permeability, libraries demand rigorous attention to performative facades and protected programs. This holds especially true when libraries are placed within radically changing landscapes.

© Tuomas Uusheimo© Fernando Alda© Luc Boegly© Taisuke Ogawa+ 10

Daycare Center Lauttasaari / Arkkitehtitoimisto Luutonen Oy

© Antti Luutonen© Antti Luutonen© Antti Luutonen© Tuomas Uusheimo+ 47

Helsinki, Finland

Kirkkonummi Library / JKMM Architects

© Tuomas Uusheimo© Tuomas Uusheimo© Tuomas Uusheimo© Pauliina Salonen+ 38

Kirkkonummi, Finland
  • Architects: JKMM Architects
  • Area Area of this architecture project Area:  4700
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year:  2020
  • Manufacturers Brands with products used in this architecture project
    Manufacturers: Aurubis

Helsinki Olympic Stadium / K2S Architects + Architects NRT

© Tuomas Uusheimo© Tuomas Uusheimo© Tuomas Uusheimo© Wellu Hämäläinen+ 37

Helsinki, Finland

Think Corner Helsinki University / JKMM Architects

© Tuomas Uusheimo
© Tuomas Uusheimo

© Mika Huisman© Tuomas Uusheimo© Tuomas Uusheimo© Mika Huisman+ 19

The Same People who Designed Prisons Also Designed Schools

According to architect and academic Frank Locker, in architectural education, we keep repeating the same formula from the 20th-century: teachers transmitting a rigid and basic knowledge that gives students, no matter their motivation, interests, or abilities, little to no direction. In this way, says Locker, we are replicating, literally, prisons, with no room for an integral, flexible, and versatile education.

"What do you think of when you're in a space with closed doors and a hallway where you can't enter without permission or a bell that tells you when you can enter and leave?" asks Locker.

"March of the 100 thousand umbrellas," protest in the context of the student marches of 2011 in Chile. Image © Rafael Edwards [Flickr CC]Lucie Aubrac School / Laurens&Loustau Architectes. Image © Stéphane ChalmeauKirkmichael Primary School / Holmes Miller. Image © Andrew Lee  Saunalahti School / VERSTAS Architects. Image © Tuomas Uusheimo + 9

Amos Rex / JKMM Architects

© Mika Huisman© Mika Huisman© Mika Huisman© Tuomas Uusheimo+ 47

World Architecture Festival 2019: Watch the Live Stream

Follow along during the twelfth edition of the World Architecture Festival through ArchDaily's Live Stream. As the world’s biggest architectural awards program, WAF brings together more than 2,000 architects and designers to Amsterdam for three days of conference programs, awards, and exhibition events from December 4-6. Tune in to our Facebook live streams for a selection of lectures.

© Rasmus HjortshojCourtesy of JKMM Architects, WAFCourtesy of Mecanoo Architecten, WAF© Safdie Architects, WAF+ 5

Embassy of Finland in New Delhi Renovation / ALA Architects

© Tuomas Uusheimo
© Tuomas Uusheimo

© Tuomas Uusheimo© Tuomas Uusheimo© Tuomas Uusheimo© Tuomas Uusheimo+ 22

New Delhi, India

Kumpula Student Housing / Playa Architects

© Tuomas Uusheimo© Tuomas Uusheimo© Tuomas Uusheimo© Tuomas Uusheimo+ 23

Helsingfors, Finland

Kohta Train Station / Aalto University Wood Program

© Tuomas Uusheimo© Sandra Park© Sandra Park© Tuomas Uusheimo+ 20